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  1. That is true in my online gameplay for volume 5, me and my group met a crew of military men, needless to say we did not get help. One of the dudes got raped as well. Role play.... lol
  2. I still remember you James. Old Nawn Dawners. </3

    1. Jamesonline


      Ill be back on with the crew soon, can i have the link to your server, ill pass it to my guys to sign up

  3. Looks brilliant! Loving the new hair and clothes options, the details of how the zombies move and scramble Very excited!
  4. Is build 34 going to have the new graphics?
  5. I met a group of army men in a base used from the police station. They cleared out the entire surrounding areas and put walls round the place. Would have been s nice safe place if they didn't inprison me lol
  6. IronCoffins did a classic girl voice for Claire, Buzz may show up lol
  7. I need someone to try a voice over, it's for a women if anyone here is up for it, or any guy who thinks they can do a girls voice lol
  8. Will be coming up just trying to get two female voice actors
  9. When I continue the series ill let you all know what server ill be on incase you wanna jump in and join me
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