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  1. I love the stuff you guys added on to my suggestion. Maybe there can be a way for survivors to have certain clothes/stuff as a profession. Also the new weapon ideas really make sense with my suggestion. Killing a police officer zombie and finding a nightstick for example not only makes sense but is very useful.
  2. First of all, I believe this is way too complicated and random. Some senses are just way to complex when delved deeper into such as tastes, which are completely random with every human being. Secondly, it doesn't make sense to lower the stats of foods when you get "sick of them" and I will explain with basic science: Lets take your peanut butter example. Lets say that every container of peanut butter has the same amount inside. Now assume you always eat a whole container of peanut butter when you decide to eat one. Even if you get "sick" of eating peanut butter, you are still eating the same amount, therefore hunger reduction can't change. It is impossible for they way you feel about a food to affect how much space its filling up in your stomach. Unhappiness and boredom is a possibility but as stated in my first reason its very complicated. Finally, in a survival situation, you would not care if you eat the same thing every day as much as you would in a current, modern world setting that is completely normal and crisis free, because you are following instinct at this point. Your idea of tastes goes against what being a "survivor" and "surviving" means. If I were a hungry survivor of a zombie apocalypse I would not be thinking "What would I like to eat today?" and instead "I need to eat something pronto!", resulting in me grabbing the nearest fresh food available, regardless whether I ate it or not multiple times in a row. This form of taste you mentioned seems too civilized in a game where civilization is pretty much non-existing all around your area.
  3. I have played it. You made me think of a way to add on to this idea: Searching for useable items within trash. We could find empty cans and bottles, sheets (and ripped sheets), and other useful goodies, kind of like foraging, except you are searching through mostly inorganic materials instead of natural material found foraging in the woods.
  4. Never gets burnt? Is it a bit too overpowered? How about we change that to "takes less damage from fire" instead. Human bodies are not immune to flame... ever, (unless you use one of those coatings and stuff people use on TV shows to emulate being on fire, but where would anyone find that in the apocalypse?)
  5. To make this clear, this is NOT talking about special, mutated zombies of any kind nor will it affect their behavior and stats. This would simply add more variation to zombie appearance and would affect loot drops and such depending on the variation. In the zombie apocalypse, not everyone is going to be at their homes in plain colored clothes when the outbreak spreads. People will be killed/turned at their workplace or while performing a specific service. These zombies had professions/jobs at the time of the zombie apocalypse. Once they turn, they will wear and hold (but not use) items that go with their profession or job and join the horde of the undead. As a result, looting a zombie of a certain profession has a chance to have certain items on them. I will show some examples of some "professional" zombies: Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, and/or EMTs: Chance to have useful medical items such as disinfectant, bandages, or needles. Fireman: Chance to have axes and fire extinguishers Policemen:Chance to have a weapon (a bat, crowbar, pistol, shotgun, or ammo for said guns) Construction Worker: Chance for hammer,nails,screws,screwdriver,glue, and wood glue An issue of this would be how the clothes would drop. They would be wearing uniforms, not plain clothes. However maybe we can have uniforms act similar to basic clothes and act as cosmetic variations.
  6. The traps in the game so far are great for a food source, but I believe that there should be traps/structures that can slow down and/or damage the undead. Using traps on zombies would be useful both defensively and offensively. I have a few examples that could be viable: Bear Trap: Can be scavenged in the world and placed down (like a mouse trap). It can be used to hunt some animals, but can also stop a zombie completely for a short period should a zombie happen to be walking into it. Once a zombie is trapped it can be killed a bit more easily, or if you use a few near hordes, can lower the number of zombies chasing you, so you can fight them or run away with more ease. Spike Fences: These are like wood fences, but with wooden spikes pointing upward. Climbing this has a chance to injure you from a scratch to a deep wound (like a barbed wire). Should a zombie happen to climb this, they will take some damage, get slowed down slightly, and have a chance to do the following: become crippled and forced to crawl around (become a crawler), or they will end up dead from tripping and/or getting stabbed by the spikes (killed but would be an extremely low chance). Can be made by adding wooden spears to wooden or simple wire fences. PvP wise I don' want it to be used for this purpose because I feel it would end up with a lot of trolls on multiplayer.
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