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  1. Thank you for this helpful answer and please remember about us GOG'ers.
  2. I have a question to the Developers: when we can expect this version to be stable build, so it's available on GOG ? Thanks !
  3. I am all for having an end-game. It does not have to be fancy like researching a cure or military extraction. A simple end score screen would do - let's say after about 4 survived winters. That way I could have an impulse to play again and beat my own score. Alternatively developers could implement some system that would check if the player is self sufficient or not: barricaded house - check replenishable water supply - check steady food source - check reasonable amount of medical supplies - check if all of the above are met then we would be presented an option to end the game (like in Civilization, where you could continue playing after year 2050)
  4. You could drink from toilet if you wish, but I prefer to gather water from reservoir located usually behind or above the toilet bowl. :] So, just leave that water drinkable as it is.
  5. It would be great if that mod was incorporated into the game. Imho it should be a feature related to cooking skill: at skill level 0-2 you would see things just like it is now: food is fresh, stale or rotten at skill level 3-6 you would see something like: fresh for about 7 days, stale in 5 days or rotten in about 2 days above skill level 6 it would work just like in the mod abreu20011 made
  6. I think it would be a nice addition to the game. Just probably a low priority for developers - and possibly fog (and leaves from trees) would require some game engine tweaking. PS. Maybe blizzards and thunderstorms should have some slim chance to damage constructions and player planted crops?
  7. A makeshift roof made of plastic bags or similar sheet could also make nice water collector.
  8. 12h clock just as an option in general settings menu would be ok.
  9. Sitting too long on a toilet is unhealthy. Besides, if you are looking to change the rest mechanics just let player rest anywhere - when tired you can even lay down on naked concrete floor.
  10. And that is good, because we can hunt, skin, cook and eat any animal that we can kill.
  11. Thanks syfy I will keep that in mind. @Trojan_Turps: animals appearing more often in the later stages of the game is a great idea! In early game we have really plenty of food lying around, and in that stage it should be really hard to find wild animal in a city. Later - why not? Just imagine scavenging a house for some canned food only to find that this house is a wolf lair I think animals in general would avoid zombies (and the player) but could attack back if threatened. What's more some animals could be a threat to player's farms and crops (just imagine waking up just to see those rabbits eating your fresh planted cabbage)
  12. You are cutting trees deep in the forest and a sudden roar fills the air. Next thing you see is a bear closing on you. You are foraging in a glade and a hissing sound alerts you to a nearby snake, ready to inject poison into your veins. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you fellow players think about dangerous animals idea? Since animals are already confirmed I think it would make a nice addition to actually have few dangerous species (bears, snakes, wolves, etc.). Those would attack a player only if he is not careful, or if he disturbs their nest. Dangerous animals could injure the player (light to serious injuries) - and that would add some opportunites to use medical skills without worrying about zombie infection.
  13. To add to the suggestion of salted meat: salted food should provide a major thirst increase, so the player can have a choice: not preserve food and risk it spoiling, or salt it - but in doing so endanger his water supplies Also it would be nice, with high enough cooking skill, to be able to see how long your preserved food will be fresh.
  14. When (if) new hunger system is implemented unhappiness rating for bugs (and other shady food) should be directly related to your hunger. I won't mind eating a few earthworms when I am starving...
  15. And that is precisely why we want to point the developers in the right direction mate.
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