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  1. what mode do you guys normaly play on?

    You jump into the deep end its rewarding
  2. Why i turn off music/ do you play with or without music?

    i think it sould be something else because when i first heard it was scared because it was like "Oh dear am i going to die?" i think it sould be replaced with a nicer little beepboop sound like it can still be that but i think it sould be like "Haawahaaa" like a holy sound not *AWOOO AWWOOO YOU GAINED A SKILL POINT* Also by the by i'm talking about the music in gentral just to infrom y'all
  3. Why i turn off music/ do you play with or without music?

    i listen to music on loop for like hours man one song all the time but project zomboid is a game of listing not *AWoo awoo AWOOO*
  4. Look project zomboid is fun and all but the music is like really loud and kind of just like *A OWAOO WAWOO* while your just standing there like ??? i normaly turn it off so i can make sure zombies are there or not because the game is just fine with music its how i play it makes it harder to play because its like "I'm listing for zombies not this" do you play with music if so why?
  5. reactions to 2 items in the game

    The only way i can see a gun as "useful" is just makeing pop shots away from your safe house makeing a horde come there thus makeing your safe house well... safer other then that Most npcs that use guns (because they will be used in the earily days) will most likey die. because i'm pretty sure the zomboid devs are gonna code npcs to be dumb smart and all that jazz or not But oh will it be bug free
  6. I'm not new to zomboid i was just unable to buy it

    I just hope project zomboids dev team doing good because at this point of they rush it out it would be like "then why diden't ya rush it sooner" also i like the love and care being put into it
  7. Old NPC Mondoid Post

    to be host i was messing around with them and the modder did do a good job but there half baked really... like... idk... they just feel useless
  8. To be host i'm from the kate and bob days and guys its been a long ride like hosty i'm from 2013 - 2014 whitch i mean yeah thats werid 2013 - 2014 days like when project zomboid was just starting i watched all the youtube videos anyway but i've been on this ride for one long time and i'll tell ya its doing wonderful Fun fact: project zomboid was my first ever steam game and i've clocked about 163 hours on it
  9. What i'm assumeing emojis mean

    Like - This is likeble Pie - wow this is something i love Spiffo doll - This is gold Pillow - this post died
  10. Old NPC Mondoid Post

    idk if your talking about this but i hope it helps
  11. Y'all like goats and or punks?

    just... goats and punks man
  12. Project zomboid players

    Player 1: I just came here because i heard survival mode is hard and i wanted a "dark souls but with survival games" player 2: I came here to listen how to *SURVIVE 4 REAL*/the game feels real player 3: i just kind of play the game on normal/easy noting specal player 4: I'm modding the heck out of the game because thats fun Player 5: Where the hell are npcs??? I want my npcs. Let me go post about it player 6: has lived 6 years alone in the woods in the game player 7: I like sandbox *edit everything* player 8: dang where on earth did i put my keys? *while in the middle of a zombie horde stabing them with a knife* player 9: i play mutiplayer alot i'm a social human player 10: liveing in a car driveing around
  13. i play on survival my self (been playing it ever est i've started and and i'm to stuborn to change it to something easyer) however i wanna know what you guys do
  14. things you'd say about rosewood?

    rosewood is a town a like alot because it lets you get what you need fast (like a car) however i understand some people dislike rosewood but it treats me rather well because its smallness theres less zombies love to hear ya options on way you hate or like rosewood
  15. Should the zombies eventually go blind?

    i think zombies "rot" because the virus is trying to strip away things the body it views as "not needing" basey it wants that extra flesh gone to the bare minum or it came from a fresh eating virus whitch then idk man :/ however the virus would most likey have this to strip away things it doesn't need this is the only thing i can think of as a reason for it being there and for zombies rotting so if you go with my theory the virus or whatever it is would just alter the dna the legs arms ect to rot away so that way the zombie could move "faster" like fat and such so even if the virus rots away the eyes and ears and around the head area it would killing the virus because its relayant on these sense there however it would rot away the parts of the brain it doesn't need the virus could also just formed a co-dependents with a flesh eating virus and the virus allows to do it job while getting more hosts thus allowing both to live as one however if you belive this theory the eye rot thing would be a thing whitch i don't really think its a good idea i like to think the virus has a thing to turn of the dna that turns off cell copying on "useless cells" (such as fat) however this theory is just my guess if anyone else has good theory i'd love to hear it