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  1. Me when the car update happens

    However do we get more ram that is the importen qusetion pz is runing just fine without cars but when cars are added i'll be froced to stop playing do to lag
  2. Me when the car update happens

    But we all have one thing in common
  3. Me when the car update happens

    i'm a male a cis one at that I feel dat
  4. Me when the car update happens

    my game works just fine without cars speedy and the like but cars just lag it down
  5. Me when the car update happens

    it becomes unplayble due to lag (whitch maybe the team is working on that i don't know but my potato can't handle the cars update it lags to death it tryed it)
  6. useing peanut butter jars as preserve jars???

    Hmmm lets see if they do it (I feel like it might make it TO easy for players Maybe like less items can fit or something but if players want it they may have it) Theres noting online about it but i've seen people pickel peppers with said jars
  7. useing peanut butter jars as preserve jars???

    Yes i think it would help if you could get a jar from eating peanut butter but it would make it to easy?
  8. The title says it all i've seen people use them
  9. Project zomboid is 4 its gonna be a while Also i don't think they have started work on npcs theres still a lot to add a lot of code npcs are the big bomb Its gonna be a while
  10. I'ma say sometime around 2021 to 2024 Why? the devs still have ALOT TO ADD Also i'd like npc to be fine tuned
  11. You know lipstick or eyeliner options make female character a bit more indept You for real just add a red line to a female chacter where lips would be maybe nail polish if your fancy (Like as a replacemen t for chest hair) but you know we'll see
  12. Tablecloths (More Sheets)

    Oh my gosh I need it
  13. You know just not letting them spawn in your base Geting in Yes But spawning in No (I know some mad people would want to build a wall around the map but yeah sure why not let them try)
  14. Story idea for leading a group

    Idk i'm just trossing an idea just add your own ideas to the idea
  15. Story idea for leading a group

    Called girls just wanna have fun - 3 girls wake up at twiggys very hungover -They wake up due to a radio saying zombies - the 3 girls start to panic Like "Zombies!?" -they freak out You the player character tell them to clam down and we need to get the bar safe -they say "Yeah tell us what to do" - a thing pops saying "Give girl 2 orders to get any food and put it up stairs And give girl 1 orders to find sheets" And "Give give girl 1 one to get any futurer (Once the blocking doors with furuiter happens) And block the door with it" - Once thats done "What now leader girl?" - The game tells you "You where so black out drunk you had a loss of who your friends were" - ask friends there jobs - girl 1 was a nurse,Peaceful (Not qucik to anger)thin skined,dextu,unlucky,disorganized - girl 2 Was a cook,thick skined, quick to anger (She was the manger), lucky, cats eyes, unfit, (Maybe more i think i did my math worng) - you the leader diden't do anything if you diden't pick from the ingame screen (if you enjoy this idea i'll give the girls names and add a part where you send them out to look for food and stuff)