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  1. Idk i'm just trossing an idea just add your own ideas to the idea
  2. Called girls just wanna have fun - 3 girls wake up at twiggys very hungover -They wake up due to a radio saying zombies - the 3 girls start to panic Like "Zombies!?" -they freak out You the player character tell them to clam down and we need to get the bar safe -they say "Yeah tell us what to do" - a thing pops saying "Give girl 2 orders to get any food and put it up stairs And give girl 1 orders to find sheets" And "Give give girl 1 one to get any futurer (Once the blocking doors with furuiter happens) And block the door with it" - Once thats done "What now leader girl?" - The game tells you "You where so black out drunk you had a loss of who your friends were" - ask friends there jobs - girl 1 was a nurse,Peaceful (Not qucik to anger)thin skined,dextu,unlucky,disorganized - girl 2 Was a cook,thick skined, quick to anger (She was the manger), lucky, cats eyes, unfit, (Maybe more i think i did my math worng) - you the leader diden't do anything if you diden't pick from the ingame screen (if you enjoy this idea i'll give the girls names and add a part where you send them out to look for food and stuff)
  3. jinoz; Look you can't rage quit at zomboid its gonna say "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" Alot And you gotta learn to live with it viri I wish they had basements lel And thefu3z Yeah i know its perfect Also this hella project zomboid
  4. Oh i've seen a woodstove It keeps your house warm and cooks food but that would be Very very very rare I mean rare Like only one house will have it like way out in the woods
  5. Just you know fire places for indoors so you don't burn down your house with a camp fire
  6. All i tought of was achies weird myestys and the potato zombies
  7. Hella good omg
  8. Day 1: Hmm what to eat A can of beans unopened Or a rat I must eat the rat i need to safe MY BEANS QUICK TO THE WHERE HOUSE NO ONE GOS THERE ITS SAFE ONLY LIKE 5 PEOPLE WORK THERE AND THERES A GATE A horde is there Because no one knowsss (Like for real who gos there why is there a horde i mean hosty it seems like a bad idea)
  9. He's right you know
  10. -Gets eaten alive; Refuses to scream until they are SURE that there going to die -Day 1 into the outbreak; SAY LETS EAT THIS RAT -Refuses to age because -hair doesn't grow because you know THAT ZOMBIE STUFF DOES SOMEING?? -Reads a book once and; Where did it go?
  11. Yes but what can i replace cowardly with? Also dextrous seems worth it i won't really be removeing it because with lucky you can find a bag rather fast Also i'm awhere of the whole knife thing even i do it please stop repeating info i do read your posts Also like everyone knows the space bar thing You have to rember been a fan est the game came out on steam i only just got it but i know my way around
  12. You know like the last one
  13. Yes but how can i pick a new trait that works with how i play? (I try to get around them but good gosh they walk up to you so fast)