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  1. They ban people for what? For saying they dont think they will finish the game?
  2. All i really want is caterizing wounds, caring for your sanity and NPCs like they said at launch.
  3. What is there to look forward too? The games been in a state of stagnation for years and years and years. I feel the same about dwarf fortress, i look forward to every new release, but thats cause every new release feels special. PZ has been promising some very basic features for almost a decade.. every update just seems to make the game worse, ( at least worse than the initial demo ) with the world seemingly more empty and bland.
  4. I wish the world was a bit more interesting, it feels sparse and empty, when the game first launched the mall map they had was packed to the brim with things to explore and was very recognizable in shape and design.
  5. It just feels like from playing it no big changes have occured in years.. I cant help but feel the devs are sick of it by this point devoting nearly a decade of there lives to this one project and just dont have passion for it anymore. Honestly I wish the changes were apparent from playing the game cause it feels stagnant and i just want one of the cool features they said they would add to come.. NPCs, Sanity, Normality, Cleaning wounds like.. the way they had this pitched to me initially was like Zombie survival sims with a bunch of meters and goals and fun little events. but instead it seems there priorities have been on the least interesting aspects of PZ for god knows how long.
  6. I just remember the old days with the steller little tutorial with your wife and having to fight off the gunman from shooting her, and just being able to see how amazing this was going to get, thinking they would just start adding things and improving on it.. but instead focus seemed to shift to changing the artstyle, expanding the world to a less interesting more sparse and empty one ( which woulda been one of the last things id expect to add only after the other more important features were in place ) And than just meandering around with that for like 8 years.
  7. I have been playing this game since the very first demo ... which must have been 8 years ago or more now.. almost a decade. And I played the hell out of it at first thinking it would only get better, thinking they would be improving on that little charming map and world they first showed us.. But since the game has not added almost any of the features that it said it would have that got me excited like NPCs, Quests, Dynamic wounds like cauterizing and amputations, Human enemies, Diseases, Sanity. It was shaping up to be an amazing little girl but i feel like the game has only gotten uglier since the old days of wife smothering... The graphics have been downgraded from the charming pixel art it had, the wordl feels empty and unchanging and prone to glitching or exploitation. Every year that crawls by i see almost no changes in the development.. No closer to the game they promised. It feels like the game has been abandoned. It just gets uglier and buggier with every year with no end in sight. Why they didnt build on that initial framework i do not know. But can somebody please tell me what the state of this game is.
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