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  1. Heh. I think that is probably my fault. I bet I left the mod in debug mode when I was testing out the items to make sure things were working. I will check on that and update the download link when it is fixed. Edit: Yep that was it precisely. If you would like to fix it on your own, just edit the mods/NCYawMod/media/lua/client/NCYawMod.lua file and change debugItems = true; to debugItems = false; and you are set. I have updated my download link as well. As for the 223 ammo, 308 ammo, hunting rifle and varmint rifle, I can probably remove them from the world if that is what people would like. Or not. Either way.
  2. Download links have been updated. Let me know if anything doesn't work but, as always, no guarantees. Enjoy!
  3. I'm taking off for most of the weekend, but I'll see if I can dig them out and post them on Sunday or early next week. I'm sure I still have them here somewhere. I'm also pretty sure they should work fine with the newer versions. I was using several of them with build 29 and didn't notice any major problems, so unless build 30 threw a major wrench in for mods they should still be ok. If it's something easy I can probably fix it too, but if not then we might be out of luck until someone with more time and skill can get to it.
  4. Hey Piemonster11. I did a quick test and the Yet Another Weapon Mod seems to be working fine as far as I can tell in build 26. Let me know if you find anything specific that is not working though and I will take a look.
  5. I think I may have actually fixed this when I was updating mods to work with version 25. TraLaLando, if you like you could try out the version of the mod I posted here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7184-mods-updated-for-build-25/ No guarantees or anything, but I'm pretty sure I remember running into the same problems and getting it worked out with a couple of code changes.
  6. Hmm I'm not too sure what to say then unfortunately. I just downloaded the mod from the site I posted it to, unzipped it to my mods folder, and then started a new game with only that mod enabled and in my starting house I found a metal bat and .22 LR ammo. The textures didn't work right away but apparently you must have to restart the game with a mod already enabled to get it to load textures properly.
  7. Thanks RoboMat! Lemme check again - I maybe have put it in a wrong folder. oh btw next time quote my post to ring my bell. Edit: I have activated the "Yet Another Weapon Mod" in the mod loader and nothing has been replaced. The 9mm pistol, shotgun and shotgun shells were still in the game. PZFanatic: Hmm I tested that mod and it seemed to work just fine. Did you start a new world or apply it to an existing one? If you turned it on for an existing world anything you had already explored would still have the original weapons in any containers, and weapons you had already found would still be the old versions as well. All this mod does is change the loot distribution. You would have to explore new places to find any of the new mod items. I would suggest starting a new world (if you hadn't already) to start with, at least as a test.
  8. Scorpio: I think the throwing mechanic in the recycling mod might just not really work in general. Not sure on that though. I can look at it if I have time, but as I said I'm not really going to be maintaining the mods themselves. Cremo: The xbow is from the recycling mod I think. Never tried it myself so I don't know if it actually works or not. SolariZ: If the mod is getting loaded correctly you should just get an option to hide the body when you right click on a zombie's corpse. No bleach or any other items are required.
  9. Yes I don't personally use YAW or ZSpawn but hey you requested a weapon mod and ika requested a spawner so there you go . The spawner is out of date so new items aren't in and I think the molotov crashes the game when you try to wield it, but it should get you the basics. I'm not going to go in and fix mods I don't use at this point. I definitely don't have time to take on responsibility for maintaining all these mods completely. Anyway, enjoy
  10. Hey scorpio. I found the problem and got it fixed. If you re-download the mod the loot tables should be applied correctly now. Unfortunately that means you will have to explore places you haven't explored yet or start a new world to find the new items. Sorry about that.
  11. Oops sorry about that Enigma . I am not really active in the modding community itself so to be honest I never noticed those permission levels. Sorry! I'll work on getting permission on any that I can. Thanks for the heads up too. My fault for being less than diligent there. Scorpio: Hmm I seemed to have toolboxes spawn just fine. I ended up finding quite a few of them actually. I will see if I can run some tests over the weekend. Maybe they were already spawned in my world before things broke.
  12. Ika: Which mod are you talking about exactly? Zspawn? If you can point me to a specific mod (link maybe?) I will take a look and try to get it working. No guarantees though. GunJamann: Glad to hear I helped someone out
  13. So I spent some time and updated a few mods to work with build 25. I figure a few people out there might get some use out of them before they are officially updated at least. I have gotten the following mods working: BasseriDriedFruit (link, removed until permission received. Updated version posted here anyway. Oh well.) CraftHelper (link, all credit to the original author: peanuts and Omegapl. Removed since Omegapl's version is updated and works) DestroyItems (Written by me. Special thanks to RoboMat for his mod tutorials) HideBodies (link,credit to johndough. This was a very early version of his corpse mod found here before he added more items, chance of infection, etc) KinyoshiModsPZTransmorpheringBatsMod (link, all credit to kinyoshi) Recycling (link, all credit to Ramibuk) RMLockpickingMod (link, all credit to RoboMat) RMUnpackBags (link, all credit to RoboMat) RMUtility (link, all credit to RoboMat) WoodenDowels (link, all credit to Onkeen. Out of date. Some newer items not available for construction.) Yet Another Weapon Mod (link, all credit to NCrawler. Spawn chances seem low. You may want to look into adjusting them.) ZSpawn (link, all credit to Spyder638, dylan1313 and EcentriCreation. Out of date. Newer items not included and trying to wield a molotov cocktail caused my game to crash. That's what happens when you spawn an item that isn't really supported by the current version of the game though. Basic item spawning seems to work fine. Removed since Necro Forge seems better and more up to date, though still pretty dead at this point.) Lots of text to follow. TLDR: No rights reserved. Credit to the original authors. No guarantees anything will work. DestroyItems was a script I made (after basically stealing it from a guide RoboMat wrote. Thanks RM!). I was ending up with a huge number of useless broken items after surviving for long periods of time (first world zombie apocalypse problems, I know) and I wanted a way to just get rid of them. I used to make a fire pit and put them inside it and put it out (role playing like I was burying them) but that doesn't work anymore. With the recycling mod and eventually composting hopefully that will be a thing of the past for me. For now though just select any number of items or item stacks, right click, select destroy item(s), and they are gone forever. I have it set up so bags are ignored and won't be deleted to avoid unfortunate accidents as well, because who wants to delete bags with (potentially) all their stuff in them? Just to avoid any responsibility I will say I don't guarantee that to work (even though it most definitely should), so be careful too just to be sure. HideBodies was something johndough wrote that removes zombie bodies so I can maintain some semblance of my ocd composure and keep my safe house corpse free. The blood still gets to me but something is better than nothing. Just right click a corpse and you should get an option to hide it. ANYWAY, wall of text aside, all credit goes to the original authors of course. Hopefully they don't mind my modifications. It was mostly just moving files into their respective client or server folders. I haven't tested everything so no guarantees they will all work perfectly. I have also not tested anything with multiplayer (and I have no idea how MP modding works) so these are provided without any guarantee or warranty. If anyone would like to adjust other mods that I have not included, try putting the lua folder in a folder called 'client'. Any mod that adds new items to the world itself (like the recycling mod) would need the part of the file that adds those items to the SuburbsDistributions and has a require "Items/SuburbsDistribbutions"; line (or any similar line for other map areas) in a folder called 'server' instead of 'client'. Well that is more than enough typing. Let me know if you have any problems and I'll try to help. I have links to the mods below that shouldn't die anymore. Enjoy External links: DestroyItems HideBodies Kinyoshi's Transmorphering Bats Mod Recycling RMLockpickingMod RMUnpackBags RMUtility Wooden Dowels Yet Another Weapon Mod Edit: looks like that file upload size limit is pretty rigid. How smart of them Please use the external link for any I couldn't attach. I'll upload the rest here if there is interest, I can figure out how to do it, and it is allowed. Edit #2: I've removed links to mods I wasn't absolutely sure I had permission to post. I will see if I can get as many as I can back up shortly. Edit #3: Recycling distributions weren't working. Fixed now. Edit #4: Put the older mods back up with proper links and credit given, still working on permission for others Edit #5: Added ZSpawn, YAW, and external links. Edit #6: Added RoboMat's Lockpicking and Unpack Bags mod as he changed permission to "Credit where it's due" Edit #7: Removed mods which are no longer necessary for me to maintain, fixed the download links, and removed the TIS forum hosted files since the new links shouldn't die on me. Most mods should still work with build 30, though I haven't tested much.
  14. First of all, good job Onkeen. Great idea for a mod! Jconn3r, I haven't gotten far enough in a game to actually make something with dowels yet, but I have crafted the dowels themselves and the construction menu is there in so I think it is working just fine in See here for a full description of how to get it working with the latest mod loader yourself: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2011-how-to-use-the-modloader/ Really though, just go to your mods folder, make a file called mod.info inside the WoodenDowels folder, and write something like this in it (note that only the 'name' line is required and the rest is optional): name=Wooden Dowelsposter=poster.pngid=WoodenDowelsdescription=Wooden Dowelsurl=http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1091-handmade-wooden-dowels-realistic-nails-alternative/ Save that, and if you want put an image called poster.png in the same directory (I just used the one from the examplemod folder), and that should do it. Set Zomboid to load the mod at startup and you should be good.
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