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  1. I never experienced this. the heli event does attract zeds as it is supposed to do. BUT i have to admit I never slept through it,simply because it always seems to happen during the day while I am active doing stuff anyways.
  2. here´s my 2 cents: open up the project zomboid folder on your pc. there you want to go to this location: Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts (if it´s a steam install that is) in this folder you will find the base game items and recipes, in those files: newitems.txt recipes.txt now for the mod part (adding new stuff into the game). it is never adviced to alter main game files. in case of an update, all your changes would be lost. instead, go to this folder: (main os install drive)/user/<enter your user name here>/Zomboid in there, should be a /mods folder . if there´s none, simply make one. in there, create the following structure: /mods-name (folder) in that folder, you want /media (folder -> all your new stuff goes in here) a png graphics file for your mod. its not mandatory but sure is helpful if you ever want to publish your mod) a mod.info file. its a basic editro based file that includes the following: in the mentioned /media folder, you would need this: structure: /scripts (folder -> your new scripts , like items.txt or recipe.txt files go in here) /texture (folder -> your new png item icon graphics etc go in here) now down in the /scripts folder, you can create one .txt file that has all items and recipes you want to make. you COULD also separate items and recipes. this is your choice really. depending on complexity choose as you seem to be comfortable managing it. when it comes to the actual item properties, the original mentioned game files include almost all info, but of course we do not know (yet) what all the infos mean. I can refer you here:- this section is also pretty good when it comes to basic stuff. most info is still valid, other info has changed but you can easily reverse engineer thoe changes from the main game files if necessary. getting past that (for example world items, building objects that can be placed and used etc etc) is a total different beast altogether though. I hope this helps. have fun!!
  3. Hey guys since the scope is both beyond my own scope of expertise and my level of patience to learn coding, I am offering a reward for someone willing to make the following mod: - ability to metal weld the metal drum barrels already in the game files. - ability to modfy the existing metal barrels in the game (world objects) into the same barrels. those seemingly shoulöd be usable as heat sources or as water collectors, as the textures are also already available in the texturepacks. - lock the recipe behind skill level 4 - put the recipe on the metalwelding skillbook 4 I personally dont care so much about the blacksmithing, but cutting the top off a metal barrel with a blowtorch shouldnt be so hard... and being totally dependant on garbage bags to collect enough rainwater is also kinda meh. if someone´s willing to do this, please drop me a message. as a sidenote: the "reward" will be more a token of appreciation, rather than a real developer wage. I just wanted to make that clear thanks in advance
  4. psykikk

    recipe formatting

    thats too bad. I also went the way of making two separate recipes because I have no clue on how to operate with functions whatsoever thanks again
  5. things I came across in older builds but havent found anywhere yet in the latest patch (.41 that is) - mousetraps - garbage bags in kitchen counters -- the following seems to be in need of a weight adjustement: screws. nuff said awesome game. love it
  6. psykikk

    recipe formatting

    hi another question aand I havent found an answer yet: I wonder if it is possible to format recipes in the way that several items of the same kind are posible, yet there are others that would work as well meaning (as an example) make item { Nails=4/Screws=4, } I have only found recipes where there are singular items that can be used for the same purpose, not multiple. does anyone have an idea ? thanks in advance again
  7. Hi there I recently made a mod that lets me build makeshift machetes out of metalsheets. works very well and dandy. after someone asked I decided to add onto that. I added additional recipes for metal pole handle plus icon, and a metal pole arm plus icon. its all in the mod folder and I dont get any errors, YET the recipes wont show up. I tried adding them into the existing .txt as well as adding a new txt to the scripts folder. no success. what am I missing ? here´s the txt for anyone wondering: thanks in advance
  8. sweet. thank you so much.
  9. Hi could someone please tell me where to find the recipes for rain collector barrels ? i scavenged through all lua files I could find as well as txt files and couldnt find them. thanks in advance
  10. some are probably already annoyed by me, as I am constantly writing about the same crap.. anyways : I am stilll trying to make it so that self fabricated metal barrels can be used as water collectors, PLUS act like world objects (being blocks you cannot move through). much like those... except witrh the added funcitonality of the mentioned collector barrels. I found a metal Drum in the recipes.txt and newitems.txt. I also found several lua scripts, mainly SMetalDrumSystem.lua, SMetalDrumGlobalObject.lua, ISMetalDrum.lua, CMetalDrumGlobalObject.lua, CMetalDrumSystem.lua I suck at lua and have no clue, but it seemed to me those functionalities are already in the scripts. only thing blocking us using those is the fact that the recipoy requires blacksmithing, which is not in the game (yet ? ) so I though heck, lets try it out. I changed the recipe to a welding one. added some stuff, subtracted some stuff. and it works. kind of. the object is created, YET it cannot be placed int he world. and it cannot be created via GUI. it certainly does not have the right attributes... it inherited all icons and weight and such. but it simply is not a world object but just somethign on the floor. so if anyone is actually reading down to here, PLEASE, help me out here. what am I missing ? thank you guys so much in advance
  11. psykikk

    Metal Barrel Maker

    I ven been looking around for a mod that lets me (US ??) weld our own metal Barrels for rain collection. Its not meant to be cheaty, but to be an alternative if not enough garbage bags can be found, carpentry skillbooks and skill time is not avilable or people want to concentrate on metal welding a lil bit more. I ve got the recipe down, plus the icon. if anyone could point me in the direction to accomplish the following: - same behavior that rain collector barrels have I also would love them to be barriers like the organge ones currently are. if anyone wants to help me out, please lte me know. I would really appreciate it. thanks in advance
  12. I would do it myself if I had the slightest idea how. I would love to have a mod that lets me - convert existing barrels ingame into collector barrels. (maybe metal crafting level 3 ? or even tie a skillbook into it ? ) - make building of new barrels possible at level 5 metalcrafting (recipe : 5 large metal sheets, propane torch (20 units), welding rod apart from that they would need the same characterisitics as rain collector barrels, except that they dont need garbage bags and the empty barrels only weigh 10kg. could someone whip something like this up ?
  13. Hi I want to be able to make metal rain collector barrels. since icons are already available in the texture packs, I will go the fastest and dirtiest route to get those items and make them available I know I would need: new items (at least one -> the finished empty collector barrel) a new recipe, allowing to make the new item. i do not need to change any spawn distributions, since i will work with what ever the map will give me when its rolled. the metal barrels already spawning in thw world will do. the idea: you need to have metal working level 3. you need a propane torch + welder mask. you need a metal barrel in inventory. then you can create the new item. now the catch: it´s been YEARS since I dabbled in PZ modding. I forgot everything. could someone please point me in the direction on how to get this done the fastes way possible ? thanks in advance
  14. shouldn´t it be possible to plant trees ? at some point i mean ? was wondering about constant need of building material / fuel for cooking. also, I am not an expert but how hard is it really to make charcoal ?
  15. i do prefer muldraugh, but I hate the fact that fishing is only viable in west point and planning my migration over there soon. will take a lil bit of time though but I was thinking about establishing a little foothold / base right here
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