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  1. Why not just add a crosshair to the game?
  2. I've been mentioning horses for a while now but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I can't believe something simple like a bicycle hasn't been implemented yet.
  3. 36.4 is public now? 35.6 is mine when I try loading it. I can't seem to get 36.4 on public.
  4. How common is that? Because I'm always a cop and never spawned at the Police Station (I always start in Mulg)
  5. At the very least, a simple Bicycle that is about 2-3x as fast as normal running speed would be a nice addition. I can do without cars as long as a Bicycle is in the game. You could even have one with a basket or two on it to carry extra loot. Also, Bicycles are quiet and wouldn't exactly attract Z's And what about Horses? A horse mount to ride around would be nice too. Have horses been discussed? I smell another trait here with horse riding
  6. Has anyone successfully made the Prison into a base in SP via clearing it all solo? How did you go about it? How did you clear the corpses out of the buildings? I'm guessing kite them outside and kill them outside instead of inside?
  7. Now that I get to play finally, I love the new areas! My only caveat is that travel is a bit annoying now. Expanding the map means walking even further. Some kind of transportation would be nice. Even if its just a simple bicycle or a Minibike. ....or even a horse!
  8. FINALLY! I can play again after the VCREDIST 2015 update didn't allow me to! Thanks Devs!
  9. Will it be announced first? Or just go live out of the blue at some point?
  10. So when is this going live to public? I assume this week?
  11. I assume this means the new build will be public soon? Before Christmas maybe?
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