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  1. Yep, it seems to be the my way or the highway approach. Oh well. What you're doing is basically taking away QOL stuff and adding in things that inconvenience the player. To that end, I guess these new mechanics are meant to make the game harder instead of the content itself making the game harder. That's an odd path to take, but yeah, whatever.
  2. This might be one of those times where attempting too much realism is actually taking away from the fun in the game. But yeah, if you're standing still for example any normal person can turn on a dime. You can also look behind you when running and get a damn good idea of what is chasing after you. This is realistic. Not everyone out there is a fat out of shape slob rolling down hill trying to chase a twinkie.
  3. You seem to be taking offense to player feedback here. I'm far from being alone in disliking how the current turn system is working. Yet every post ive seen you reply in to these particular feedback questions, you get borderline rude in. You're not just trying to listen to what you want to hear and read are you? Because you have some players here and on Steam that have some genuine concern and dislike for the current turn system. I mean, it's your game, so you can do what you want, but I hope you're listening to player feedback and concerns and not taking a "my way or the highway" approach. The way the turn system works in game is extremely jarring to me now.
  4. Turning around on a dime is realistic though. Unless of course you have a bad back or your hips are bad or something like that. Are we to assume our character has a bad back or something? Because i don't know about you, but I can turn around on a dime in real life without any sluggishness or heaviness whatsoever. Maybe make how you turn based on your age in game or something? If you're young you can make quick crisp turns. If you're old, it can feel like turning an M1 Abrams tank like we see now?
  5. Well a lot of people won't give the sluggish turning a chance. That has to be taken into consideration before this goes live. I'd hate to see this game lose fans over something like that. Not everyone is patient enough to get past something so jarring like this.
  6. Yeah, well hopefully the turning problems get remedied before it goes live because it's extremely jarring for myself and seemingly quite a few others.
  7. Especially turning. It's too sluggish and slow and unrealistic and feels heavy when you turn now. You can't turn on a dime anymore (which is realistic) - I thought this game was built on realism. I hope this gets changed before it goes live or expect a shitstorm from many fans. Which already seems to be happening over on the Steam forum.
  8. Why not just add a crosshair to the game?
  9. A Gas Mask is something else I've mentioned numerous, yet again it seems to fall on deaf ears.
  10. I've been mentioning horses for a while now but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I can't believe something simple like a bicycle hasn't been implemented yet.
  11. 36.4 is public now? 35.6 is mine when I try loading it. I can't seem to get 36.4 on public.
  12. How common is that? Because I'm always a cop and never spawned at the Police Station (I always start in Mulg)
  13. At the very least, a simple Bicycle that is about 2-3x as fast as normal running speed would be a nice addition. I can do without cars as long as a Bicycle is in the game. You could even have one with a basket or two on it to carry extra loot. Also, Bicycles are quiet and wouldn't exactly attract Z's And what about Horses? A horse mount to ride around would be nice too. Have horses been discussed? I smell another trait here with horse riding
  14. Has anyone successfully made the Prison into a base in SP via clearing it all solo? How did you go about it? How did you clear the corpses out of the buildings? I'm guessing kite them outside and kill them outside instead of inside?
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