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  1. Are you kidding? Why would you give your money to such lazy people? They literally promise shit, show it, then never release it.
  2. Zomboid got boring overtime. They promised animations and its been 2 years. It shouldnt take that long to make new anims, they're baiting the community. 


  3. Nice job devs On being lazy fucks.
  4. billwa

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey, thank you man. I appreciate it.
  5. billwa

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hello, I noticed the helicopter sprite that I made for Hicks for the RedBoid server is currently present in the Hydrocraft texture files. Can you please credit me for making it at least? If you want evidence that I've made that, I can kindly pm you the messages with me and Hicks. Best regards. Billwa
  6. hi first post 11one~!

  7. Have you tried to trigger it via an item or an alternative script?
  8. Forget about the custom sound part I figured that out. It was called Pz_enteryourzombiesoundhere.wav/ogg That's what I get for modding till its late.
  9. FIXED DONT RESPOND I don't know if something in the code has changed but I have replaced the default game zombie and music sounds but I can only hear the songs that you hear in-game (main-menu music not replaced), but if I try replacing zombie sounds I'm still left with the vanilla zombie sounds. I hope some people have experienced this before and know how to fix it. Please help! Thanks!
  10. hi, I understand the problems that you are having but I'm unsure if zomboid will allow you to place an overlay. I tried to figure this out before, but I have yet to find an answer to this. cya, Billwa
  11. hi Thank you! But we do need some more help! We cannot figure out how to make another painkiller type item, because there is no value in the item itself! Please help us! @fluffe9911 BIG THANKS M8! cya, Billwa
  12. Here's the problem guys, I get a CTD to desktop when reloading some of my weapons in multiplayer. I will however try out your suggestions guys.
  13. Hey ORGM, I am having the same problem Can you inform me on who to fix this error? Its really pissing me off, because I'm trying to create weapons and it ends up crashing my game. Thanks, Billwa.
  14. The names Heisenburg. And I still have all the old files. I am deeply apologetic for what I've done. There is no time for complaining now. Jesse, we need to mod, not cook. Its been about a good light year but now Im back.
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