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  1. Hi guys, sorry for my abscenes, just dropping in to say i have no plans currently to update my mod for newer versions of zomboid, BUT: I made a license for the stuff so you can all use my content as you want to if you credit me. I don't just want to take my ball and go home.
  2. Maybe he updated the way to check traits? I used the desura build.
  3. One of my replys for my Bats mod.. Any chance you could make that? Uhh, making custom AI, even if simple, and finding out how to draw sprites in the game would be hard, maybe impossible since SetX is broken
  4. This trait is going to be used a-lot when basements and sewers come in . When they come in i will definantly make it more expensive or less effective
  5. This mod is very experimental, but it should be stable. SUPER POWERS Features: Sounds! Hear the sound of Brainwaves, the wind of running fast, force of starting and stopping to run at superspeed.No immortality, this is supposed to be fun, not godmode.You can access all these new superpowers by 3 traits. Super Speed - Allows the player to kill zombies by running into them, and run much faster! (Gives you full sprinting, activate the perks and get atheletic and you will run extremely fast)Super Mind - Make zombies explode without a weapon. (While having no weapon you can 1-hit attack up to
  6. Kjulo

    SetY Troubles

    I've tried moving the SetX, and onTick is also incredibly useful.
  7. Kjulo

    SetY Troubles

    local wx, wy = ISCoordConversion.ToWorld(getPlayer():getX() + 1, getPlayer():getY() + 1, getPlayer():getZ()); getPlayer():setY(wy); getPlayer():setX(wx);Do i translate it into this? still can't seem to get it working
  8. Kjulo

    SetY Troubles

  9. Kjulo

    SetY Troubles

    To test it out, i made this code Kmod_Addition_Traits.OnPlayerUpdate= function(player) getPlayer():setY(getPlayer():getY() + 1); --move playerendBut the player dosen't move or change cordinates. I have even tried setting it to 0 instead of adding, but nothing happens.
  10. You can already do that in my mod. Or am i misunderstanding you?
  11. Oh wow, just found out bit.ly did not update my link. Fixed that now.
  12. I like it, very vanilla friendly.
  13. So, i decided i wanted to see exacly on what scale each need is on, and here is what i've collected. Decimal - This means that 1 is Maximum / Minimum, Percantage - This means that 100 is Maximum / Minimum Hunger - Decimal - 1 is starvation Thirst - Decimal - 1 is dehydration Panic - Percantage - 100 is really Paniced Pain - Percantage - 100 is Agony Fatigue - Decimal - 1 is in danger of passing out Endurance - Decimal - 1 is filled with energy
  14. I already did that in version 0.03, but thanks anyways.
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