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  1. I'd love to see a change made to climbing sheet ropes. Specifically the player being unable to climb up them while over encumbered. It's silly that someone would be able to climb up a rope with a fridge on their back lol.
  2. According to the Wiki the Pacifist trait decreases weapon XP by 25%. I am assuming this is XP gained per successful action that grants XP in the various weapon skills. If that is correct a great way to balance out this trait is to pick up Fast Learner along side it. Pacifist gives you -4 points where as Fast Learner gives you +6. Even though this is a deficit of 2 points the Faster Learner trait gives you a positive XP gain of 30% to all skills so you actually come out ahead when you have both Pacifist and Fast Learner on weapon skills by 5% plus all of your other skills will have a 30% boost. I usually take this combo because it seems to have an overall benefit. If this is incorrect please let me know.
  3. any chance of a map update soon?

  4. Interesting. I don't recall seeing that listed as a requirement when i attempt to pick them up, but i may have missed that. thanks for the feedback!
  5. for those couples that are a little too close...
  6. Hello, Build 40: I can't seem to pick up a stove/oven other than the wood burning kind. I am not sure if maybe i don't meet all of the requirements? I have the screw driver, i have space in my inventory, all checks seem to be green, but the stove is red on the icon when i try and pick it up. I can rotate it however, but I am unable to pick it up and move it. Do i need a certain amount of electrical skill or metalworking? i have had no trouble using the hammer to pick up the wood burning stove. Not sure if this is a bug or if i don't meet the requirements. Thanks and keep up the great work Indie!
  7. any chance the map website will be updated to the current build? i swear i have found some new places that are not on the build 39 map
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