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  1. soylentgreenfood

    Rotten Milk in Cake Receipe?

    I'd love to bake a cake for the inevitable day I succumb to the zombie infection and go out with style lol! No offense to my potato loving friends, spuds forever!
  2. soylentgreenfood

    Rotten Milk in Cake Receipe?

    Is it possible to use rotten milk to bake a cake when you reach higher cooking skill levels? I understand at higher cooking skills rotten foods can be used as ingredients, but the wiki does not mention if rotten milk can be used in cake batter. I am debating if i should use a mod to add powdered milk in the game or just wait to level up my cooking skills and use rotten milk instead if thats possible.
  3. soylentgreenfood

    Change to the pacifist trait?

    According to the Wiki the Pacifist trait decreases weapon XP by 25%. I am assuming this is XP gained per successful action that grants XP in the various weapon skills. If that is correct a great way to balance out this trait is to pick up Fast Learner along side it. Pacifist gives you -4 points where as Fast Learner gives you +6. Even though this is a deficit of 2 points the Faster Learner trait gives you a positive XP gain of 30% to all skills so you actually come out ahead when you have both Pacifist and Fast Learner on weapon skills by 5% plus all of your other skills will have a 30% boost. I usually take this combo because it seems to have an overall benefit. If this is incorrect please let me know.
  4. soylentgreenfood

    Does Trapping Work in Winter?

    Thanks everyone! I'll give it a test once I start my new game today and let you know although it may be awhile since ill be starting in july lol. Thank you Axezombie for the feedback. Trojan_Turps you make a good point I am hoping the developers think the same way as you do about trapping!
  5. soylentgreenfood

    Does Trapping Work in Winter?

    I am aware that you are unable to forage for editable items during the winter months (Nov-Feb) and that fishing is much more difficult as well. However, I have not read anything about how Trapping works in the winter. Does anyone know if trapping still works in the winter and if so are there any penalties with the success rate like fishing and foraging?
  6. any chance of a map update soon?

  7. soylentgreenfood

    I can't pick up an electric oven

    Interesting. I don't recall seeing that listed as a requirement when i attempt to pick them up, but i may have missed that. thanks for the feedback!
  8. soylentgreenfood

    bug on the map

    for those couples that are a little too close...
  9. soylentgreenfood

    I can't pick up an electric oven

    Hello, Build 40: I can't seem to pick up a stove/oven other than the wood burning kind. I am not sure if maybe i don't meet all of the requirements? I have the screw driver, i have space in my inventory, all checks seem to be green, but the stove is red on the icon when i try and pick it up. I can rotate it however, but I am unable to pick it up and move it. Do i need a certain amount of electrical skill or metalworking? i have had no trouble using the hammer to pick up the wood burning stove. Not sure if this is a bug or if i don't meet the requirements. Thanks and keep up the great work Indie!
  10. soylentgreenfood

    Crepe Expectations

    any chance the map website will be updated to the current build? i swear i have found some new places that are not on the build 39 map