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  1. Fixed it I was so busy concentrating on the content of the file forgot to check how it had been saved was as a txt not a .lua thanks for your advice put me on the track to find where I had gone wrong once I knew it wasn`t loading ...Many thanks again.
  2. thanks for the reply and No it is not loading .even the new rewrites which are as follows : recipe Walk Your Dog { keep MSYourdog, Twigs=4, Result:Twigs, Time:2000.0, Category:Animals, OnCreate:MSWalkdog, } and in C:\Users\Owner\Zomboid\mods\Medieval Smithing/media/lua/server MSextra my new and even more simplified version of the script: ----walking the dog. function MSWalkdog (items, result, player) x = ZombRand(51); if x >= 17 then player:getInventory():AddItem("MedievalSmithing.MSHare"); elseif x < 17then player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.TreeBranch"); end end No idea why this isn`t loading it is fairly basic your thoughts would be appreciated
  3. I need some advice I started with a complicated idea which no surprise didn`t work first time and cut it back to basics .The mod premise was to add a dog that could be used to hunt rabbits so foraging find a stray works make stray your dog works play with dog works hunt with dog does not work. I cut the item to be hunted in this instance a hare to a minimum have working textures but all starts to go wrong here: recipe Hunt with Your Dog { keep MSYourdog, Twigs=4, Result:Twigs, Time:2000.0, Category:Survivalist, OnCreate:getHuntMSHare, } in game timer works but does keep the dog and get a twig but it will not kick into the server lua here: --- HUNTING MOD LUAS --- --Small Dog-- function getHuntMSHare (items, result, player) local skill1 = player:getPerkLevel(Perks.Aiming); local skill2 = player:getPerkLevel(Perks.Sneak); local skill3 = skill1+skill2; local hunt = skill3+ZombRand(40); if hunt >= 38 then player:getInventory():AddItem("MedievalSmithing.MSHare"); elseif hunt < 38 then player:Say("Oh only a stick"); end end I have obviously missed something really simple but 12 hours of looking at this and still can not see it any help much appreciated
  4. Jal D`aron

    Wind Power

    MMM shouldn`t be able to build inside closed area I can`t replicate that... Yes it can be built on roof ,balcony etc and Zeds should not notice it. Will have to check the upload in case when I added the well I did something stupid with turbine build. Why it`s running on Generator fuel rates is a mystery , I made something similar for build 37 and never had this issue. If in sandbox Generator fuel is set to 0 then there is no problem but that defeats the mod because may as well use in game noisy generators then... still looking into it and asking around to see what I have missed or what has changed in base code from 37 to 39
  5. Jal D`aron

    Wind Power

    Okay run into a few minor problems with this. For the recipe Electricwire refuses to appear in recipe so easy fix has been removed until a substitute is found/made ,Biggest problem is ....although the turbine works, it is still tied to the fuel consumption rate of a normal generator set at the server level. Again, easily fixed by just unplugging and then plug in turbine all power back for set period, however if you are on a 3 day scavenge when you return to base power would have died at some point. If you go on a 2 week scavenge all the food in the refrigerators is spoiled. Any suggestions as to how to fix this as a permanent power supply would be most appreciated.Also now added to this mod is a drinking water well . Basically works with only vanilla items needed for when water is turned off,however, I am not happy with the way it works ... eg IRL you cannot build a well put it where you want by carrying it about and after several months if the base is compromised pick it up and move it 40 miles away. Quite obviously I am rather new to modding and have also been inspired by Hydrocraft Unfortunately Hydrocraft makes the game too easy to "win" (no offense, have enjoyed Hydro on our servers) so I am trying to make mods that I, as a "womble" ,would know how to survive the "Plan B Scenario". For now have updated download PLEASE PLEASE give feedback and improvement ideas and tech knowhow WindPower.rar
  6. Jal D`aron

    Wind Power

    Just a small mod adding a craft able wind turbine to the game using engine parts and electronics, similar to those that can be purchased by mail order for the home for less than $200. so when electricity is cut off refrigerators and cookers can now remain powered. Also stick one in the boot of your car and power the gas pumps at the garages. WIP so not fully tested yet so input welcome WindPower.rar
  7. So if all this work to custom maps is done won`t you then have to restart a server loosing months of player builds and saves or will this just update the current buildings from present server save?
  8. We have several homebrew UK style towns including the typical North of England terraced houses . Once the Roof bug appeared we have been unable to play those towns either sp or mp. Tried the new patch for vehicle build and although some improvement to sloping roof now flat roofs do not clear away eg in industrial complexes so maps are still unplayable expected bugs so not complaining just a heads up Duh have just seen the 36.4 build roll back on steam that works perfectly keep up the good work
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