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  1. Also, selecting the transform/scale arrows fail insanely often.
  2. The other components to vehicles, tires, passengers, attachments, are anchored to the center of the model but areas are not.
  3. The IsoGameCharacter methods related to movement seem to be very hit or miss as to which works with IsoPlayer and IsoZombie. I was only working with movement so I don't know if this extends to the whole class. Some examples: getMoveSpeed() works fine with IsoZombie returning a float which reflects their speed, the float for IsoPlayer is always 0.0599~ regardless if they're sprinting or not. isSprinting()/isRunning() only works for IsoPlayer and not IsoZombie - IsoZombie seems to have their own set of variables related to their running/speed. There is no isWalking() and I couldn't get `IsoGameCharacterj:getVariableBoolean("isWalking")` to work. isMoving() only works for Zombies consistently, as it is actually checking to see if the IsoGameCharacter is moving on a path or not and there doesn't seem to be a point in which its changed to true for player inputted movement. I don't know if this will help but I ended up copying the underlying math used in getMoveSpeed() and got the correct floats even from IsoPlayers.
  4. I opted to use Vector3's but there seems to be a few issues with how they're written in Java. A few Vector3 methods (like aimAt(), distanceTo(), etc) have params/args typed to Vector2 - is this intentional? Cause it prevents some usage in Lua due to the above stated bug. edit: even tostring refers to Vector3 as "Vector2" and is missing the Z. Furthermore, Vector3's lack getters/setters for XYZ so it, even if you opt to circumvent the broken methods, becomes extremely limited.
  5. I appears Vector2 is meant to be exposed but it can't be utilized because of this lua file: `ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Util\Vector2.lua' The lua file in question defines Vector2 (={}) and includes two functions which can't really be used and are already within the Vector2.class. So it is probably safe to remove this file.
  6. Totally not a big deal (and easily fixable with a mod) but wines/beers have a few issues. 1. BeerEmpty use the Wine2Empty icon. Beer bottles do not have an unused empty icon that I can find. 2. Wine2 uses the WineEmpty icon. 3. Wine2 does not have a equivalent to the WineWaterFull item so the item turns into Wine(1) empty bottle/water bottle. 4. Unrelated to Beer/Wine but PopBottleEmpty is translated into "Empty Orange Soda Bottle" so it does not stack with the rest of the (Beer/Wine/Whiskey/Water) Empty Bottles. item WineEmpty { ReplaceOnUseOn = WaterSource-WineWaterFull Icon = WineEmpty, } item WineEmpty2 { ReplaceOnUseOn = WaterSource-WineWaterFull Icon = WineEmpty, } item BeerEmpty { ReplaceOnUseOn = WaterSource-BeerWaterFull Icon = Wine2Empty, } item BeerBottle { ReplaceOnUse = BeerEmpty, Icon = BeerBottle, } item Wine { ReplaceOnUse = WineEmpty, Icon = WineFull, } item Wine2 { ReplaceOnUse = WineEmpty2, Icon = Wine2Full, } item WineWaterFull { ReplaceOnDeplete = WineEmpty, ReplaceOnUseOn = WaterSource-WineWaterFull, Icon = WineEmpty, }
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