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  1. The IsoGameCharacter methods related to movement seem to be very hit or miss as to which works with IsoPlayer and IsoZombie. I was only working with movement so I don't know if this extends to the whole class. Some examples: getMoveSpeed() works fine with IsoZombie returning a float which reflects their speed, the float for IsoPlayer is always 0.0599~ regardless if they're sprinting or not. isSprinting()/isRunning() only works for IsoPlayer and not IsoZombie - IsoZombie seems to have their own set of variables related to their running/speed. There is no isWalking() and
  2. I opted to use Vector3's but there seems to be a few issues with how they're written in Java. A few Vector3 methods (like aimAt(), distanceTo(), etc) have params/args typed to Vector2 - is this intentional? Cause it prevents some usage in Lua due to the above stated bug. edit: even tostring refers to Vector3 as "Vector2" and is missing the Z. Furthermore, Vector3's lack getters/setters for XYZ so it, even if you opt to circumvent the broken methods, becomes extremely limited.
  3. I appears Vector2 is meant to be exposed but it can't be utilized because of this lua file: `ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Util\Vector2.lua' The lua file in question defines Vector2 (={}) and includes two functions which can't really be used and are already within the Vector2.class. So it is probably safe to remove this file.
  4. Totally not a big deal (and easily fixable with a mod) but wines/beers have a few issues. 1. BeerEmpty use the Wine2Empty icon. Beer bottles do not have an unused empty icon that I can find. 2. Wine2 uses the WineEmpty icon. 3. Wine2 does not have a equivalent to the WineWaterFull item so the item turns into Wine(1) empty bottle/water bottle. 4. Unrelated to Beer/Wine but PopBottleEmpty is translated into "Empty Orange Soda Bottle" so it does not stack with the rest of the (Beer/Wine/Whiskey/Water) Empty Bottles. item WineEmpty { ReplaceOnUseOn = WaterSource-Wine
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