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  1. Domain name resolution has been brought up in the past, but I am going to bring it up again. Players can save the domain name in their favorites, but they get the "server is not responding" message giving them a false red flag. Of course, they can join just fine assuming the server is up & running. The main benefit of this is server branding. For obvious reasons this is huge. However, there are the benefits of readability for players and, of course, server owners that have dynamic IP addresses. From what I understand, other Steam games can use domain names in their server browsers, but by what means? I have not done the research. I could see vulgar domain names being used, but that could be addressed in the same manner server names are moderated. I assume they are most likely moderated via automated blacklist. Please consider domain resolution for the server browser favorites list. It currently gives the wrong indication to players joining a given server. Something as useful as this would not be requested very often, but then that is due to the small minority of players that admin/own servers.
  2. I certainly hope something like this gets implemented. Especially since the built-in Discord relay breaks on sending messages from Discord to in-game and has seemingly been abandoned.
  3. Without sleep, or being able to pass time, in MP, several game mechanics are impacted. This goes from weight loss, the awesome new workout system and particular traits. There should be server options to change how these mechanics behave. Weight loss should have a multiplier & chance rate that can be altered in server settings. Having a chance to lose 1kg per day can make weight loss near impossible within a reasonable amount of time. Especially with servers that have day cycles that last 2 hours or beyond. Working Out on a server with larger populations where not all players will agree to sleep makes losing fatigue an extremely long tedious, almost impossible, process especially with 2 hour+ day cycles. This renders players to play the game without bothers to ever workout. I suggest adding server setting & mechanic to toggle between standard sleep settings for smaller servers & being able to rest off fatigue for larger servers. Resting off fatigue should not be as easy as resting off exhaustion but should take multiple in-game hours depending on how much fatigue & where the fatigue is. I may make another thread or edit this thread to address traits and lack of sleep. but weight & fatigue are the primary issues for now.
  4. This is also noticed at several row house locations in LV & the 3 story office building east of PD in WP (11984, 6937). The row houses make half the second story inaccessible and this office building makes the 3rd floor inaccessible unless you to the emergency side stairs. Seems to be happening with N/S stairs. Has not been an issue before. Seems to have started occurring with a recent update.
  5. Was going to suggest the ability to spawn in moveables but came across this thread. Necroforge hasn't been updated in ages. So, BUMP!
  6. 41.66 Multiplayer Dedicated Mods: https://pastebin.com/dL378pqt Reproduction steps: - Login to the server. - [Press Start]. - Client loads. Meanwhile, you cannot move & entities in your environment can interact with you. This includes zeds. This results in game breaking gameplay. My idea is that I refuse to waste hours of my life then login & get ravaged without being able to counter react. Last update, it seems you were able to at least move even though you could see your character as you load-in to give you somewhat of a fighting chance. This has been going on for a while but it seems to have gotten worse - the most recent instance was a tipping point to uninstall the game.
  7. Were there changes to aiming skill gain? Seems a bit slower. Not implying that it's a bad thing, if so.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion but neither of these will address the issue. HoursForLootRespawn does not reset the container, but simply respawns more loot based on MaxItemsForLootRespawn restrictions. I am advocating for the loot in a given container to be replaced by new loot with each respawn.
  9. It would be great to have an option to set loot respawn to replace current items in containers. Basically set it as a toggle - true/false. Although, I know there will be future optimization, this could improve performance by removing the need for players to throw unwanted loot on the ground all the time. This can become an issue on dedicated servers.
  10. So far, while testing PvP, we have noticed a major issue where players are basically stun-locked after the first shot. You don't get a chance to run or take cover, you are basically a sitting duck after that first shot hits you. You can, however, counter the player with your own gun. IF you have the range to counter them. Perhaps reduce the delay between getting shot & getting to move quite a bit or add a setting related to this as a server option. Will do more testing so I have more input over the weekend.
  11. I bring this up because I see a lot of complaints in TIS Discord & on the server I play on.
  12. The rarity of cigs is a good thing. As a negative trait, it makes sense. Although, they really aren't all that hard to find if you know where to find them. Even on a server filled at the 32 player cap.
  13. Stashed some gear, Killed myself in WP then re-rolled. After spawning in I got a crash after some HitCharacter & receiveRemoveCorpseFromMap errors. Logged back in fine, kept running, got my stash then got multiple receiveRemoveCorpseFromMap errors & booted me to main menu. Logged back in and I was rolled back to where I crashed w/o the stashed items. Now I constantly crash with the same errors and Im getting rolled back every few minutes. Edit: This is on a highly populated server and did not occur before the update. Edit: This seems to commonly occur when I encounter dead zeds left by another player. Log: https://pastebin.com/cHGPRvZc
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