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  1. Text too small to read

    Change it to 150% and see if it works better. For some reason with Windows most recent creative update seems to be bugging out when set to more than 150%. If not, there's a few other things you can try to improve readability.
  2. Previous Save CTD with 3D Models ON

    Yeah, any unnumbered HD Graphics card can't handle 3D models. Only HD 3000 and above can. It simply won't work with 3D models.
  3. Yep, I am wrong. Mistook this for a different generator issue.
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Was the loudness (as far as zombies perceive it) increased quite a bit in build 24? Getting lots of zombie pursuit and low FPS (sub 20s in FRAPS) in West Point's down town.
  5. (vehicles) Don't read book

    More of a suggestion, but we'll keep it in mind for our Quality of Life section.
  6. Exit and Rejoin Game looses key for car

    This should be fixed in vehicle build 24.
  7. This should be fixed in build 38.23 or build 38.24 on the IWBUMs branch.
  8. Can't cook water in stove

    Would you be able to check if this is still an issue on the IWBUMS branch of the game?
  9. Indestructible Radio

    Would you be able to find the coordinates of this radio? You can use this mod to display the coordinates in the upper left-hand side of the screen:
  10. Unable to Forage

    The server will only send differences to the client after you've successfully logged on, so you shouldn't have to wait. Were you ever able to get in?
  11. Light command doesn't work with Battery connector

    Should be fixed in build 38.23 and 38.24 on the IWBUMS branch. Let us know if it's not.
  12. Various battery connector bugs (?)

    Should be fixed in Build 38.24 on the IWBUMS branch. Please let us know if it's not and we'll reopen the bug.
  13. If you can make this happen again, can you grab the console.txt file from %UserProfile%\Zomboid? Just drag and drop it over the "Drag files here to attach ..." field at the bottom of your reply.
  14. Cars dissapear and reset when loading saved game

    This should be fixed in build 24.
  15. Game Crashes on startup if no microphones are found

    I'll try reproducing this on the weekend. I've a aptop that's previously given me trouble, but just in case, could you try grabbing the console.txt after making it crash again? It's in %UserProfile%\Zomboid and can be attached to your reply by dragging it over the "Drag files here to attach ...' bar on the bottom of the Reply box.