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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    # # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: # # EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x00007ffc819496d5, pid=15928, tid=0x0000000000003be0 # # JRE version: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (8.0_121-b13) (build 1.8.0_121-b13) # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (25.121-b13 mixed mode windows-amd64 compressed oops) # Problematic frame: # C [PZBullet64.dll+0x96d5] There's the other subtle crash. No errors in the game's normal console.
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    A few have posted the same NullPointerException issue you had on Reddit and Steam, at least. It all seems to be the same bug, rather you collide with an object or it just happens spontaneously. There's also an OOM on Mac systems, because the game's somehow using the entire 768m it's given by default, that may be reported as the same issue.
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    @King-Salomon Not quite what i mean, Salomon. Here's a neandering reply that might or might not make any sense. If we just look at cars, there was little need to make trunks removable, for there two be three different tires, or for there to be two separate 12v batteries. It doesn't really seem to accomplish the goal of making it simple,. Some of it isn't realistic, or based on the American reality when it comes to car parts (vintage-appearance white-wall radial tires exist, balloon / ply haven't really been in use since late 70s). It's odd to have such a degree of detail and choice for seats, but not to consider the removal and installation of an engine, or some basic tinkering options in the right-click menu. To be fair to RJ, I think he will consider it and I'm not saying any of the above is bad. It just needs to take a bit more inspiration from reality and get polished up a bit. Maybe shake out some of the over-complexity. It's a great start. Complexity itself isn't bad. There's a ton in the game that's just over-simplified and, while I disagree with certain additions for this specific skill, they could really benefit from additional detail. For example, changing carpentry to foundation -> frame -> sheathing material and basing the max height / quality of the result based on the options. We got the start of that with 2x building, but then it just kind of faded into the background as other things were worked on. Electrician and engineering are prime examples of this. You basically have one method to gain XP (disassemble things) and you can only do one specific thing with them. Medical professions are even more lacking. They just give debuffs to healing. No unique recipes or actions. These are entire professions that won't have anywhere near the depth of the mechanical skill, but could be expanded to be consistent with other skills, like cooking. It really should be -- aside from whatever the Meta Director thing does in the future, this is the meat of the game. Some of this is just because PZ's setting is a bit too realistic, by choice. Cars aren't likely to feel that unique or customized because a lot of this is going to be behind the scenes (invisible stats, limited physics model and terrain, not a racing-sim), cars will be relatively plentiful (quarantine, so it's not like there's anywhere for them to go), and TIS is going to be limited by how much customization they can do to the 3D models (unlike a rogue-like, such as CDDA). Complexity, in the right places, is really fun. It gives us the ability to make choices. Customization for customization's sake, like three different tires in a game where it won't really have much of an impact, is just kind of pointless (we're not going to be drifting corners in extreme head-to-head races) . . .
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    You know what'd solve this, Kim? A cutting torch. We'll just cut these cars in half and weld them to other cars.
  5. char and map saves not sinking on game crash

    This is by design. The game only saves map data every couple of minutes, or when you sleep. Prior to this, it'd save every few seconds, causing more lag.
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    But RJ, you've already made a system that has too much detail in certain places. This is the problem with most of the game; the detail's inconsistent and unplanned. Why are there three types of tires, three types of brakes, three times of seats, three trunks, yet "remove engine" is going too far? No one is replacing the bed of their truck by themselves, without at the very least an floor crane, anyway, same as a bunch of other stuff you just added, so trying to keep it "simple" while not pissing off people who are into cars is already a failed mission. Not that it needs a separate UI. I don't think PZ needs to be Street Rod 2 from 1990, with separate distributor tuning, though it was fun: You're putting a mechanic profession in the game. Have them do mechanic things, such as pulling one of three or four classes of engine from the three or four archetypes of vehicles. Randomize their power/condition stat to some extent for each vehicle on spawn, similar to CDDA, if you want to make it more fun. It doesn't need to be detailed either. You're not pulling out the alternator, the fan belts, decoupling the transmission, removing the radiator hoses, draining the oil, hoisting the engine, removing the mounting bolts .etc. None of that needs to be represented.
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    Trunks Vehicles should have a realistic, fixed "cargo space" that fits their real-life counterpart. Space should only be gained by removing the trunk lid or doors, assuming PZ is going to represent vertical space (fridges in trunks) Space should only be lost in a rear-end collision. The chance to lose items should only occur if the floor has rotted out or the cargo is not secure and a collision occurs We're really just talking about "repairing" a flawed trunk (welding torch + sheet metal, sheet metal + screws, tarp, hammer, or wood) to plug gaps or remove a dent. Past a certain point, it would not be fixable. Replacing a trunk on a unibody car isn't possible. The only vehicle that'd let you swap the rear would be pickup trucks, but not in the way depicted in-game (e.g. adding a camper unit or a flat-bed), since most have a ridgid frame. Tires What are these supposed to represent? Vintage: balloon, ply tire? Standard/modern: radial? Or is it supposed to be ... consumer enthusiast / racing / performance light commercial heavy-duty The first two would only apply to cars. The third would be for small vans (including mail vans and delivery vans) and larger pickup trucks. The fourth would be for things like the firetruck or a large delivery truck. A few nice mechanic skills would be ... Checking a tire's pressure with a pressure gauge Removing the tire and plugging leaks Removing the inner-tube (if applicable) and replacing it) Removing the rim from a tire Placing a tire on a rim Batteries I take it "heavy duty" is just marketing? I don't know why you couldn't take the 12v battery out of a light-commercial van and install it in a sedan, but for some reason you can't. Batteries come in two flavors: wet cell batteries: these require the addition of electrolyte and water periodically, or they "dry out." They generate hydrogen gas while in use. Sealed batteries: these require little maintenance and will only vent hydrogen gas under extreme duress, or leak only when rushed There's not really much you can do with them aside from ... changing the battery cleaning the battery terminal checking the alternator output checking the voltage charging a battery (trickle or speed charging with a 120v appliance) jump starting a battery with another vehicle Moving the battery to a different location Adding additional battery(s) to run accessories Brakes There's two kinds of brakes: Drum (common in all four wheels right up to the 80s) DIsk (common in the front of more modern, mid 80s cars) They can probably be swapped by changing the hub for most cars. Light-commercial brakes and truck brakes can't be swapped to cars, I imagine. Check brake fluid Bleed brake lines Replace brake pads (or shoes) Remove emergency brake (common to have them seize, needing welder to remove them) Seats Removing seats should increase storage capacity for that area Fancier seats should simply give the player more comfort or protection in a collision. They could simply be called "bucket," "racing," and "captain's" Windshield Reinstalling windshields is probably not practical for most players, including mechanics, excepting some much older cars. Missing No exhaust system? These cars are noisy. Crappier cars should have crappy mufflers that need to be swapped. Not to mention removing the catalytic converter to increase engine performance (at the expense of back pressure in diesel vehicles). A faulty exhaust can be deadly, as can be a poorly altered one. Fuel injectors? Carburetors? Distributors (or electornic distributors)? Spark plugs? Oil pans? Oil changes? Radiators (the most likely thing to be broken in a collision with a zombie)? If we're going with the 70s - 90s line of cars, then having a nice mix of tech would be fun. Suspension?
  8. Random building

    Migrant workers.
  9. Turbo has fixed the error, regardless. Not sure if it'll be out today or next week.
  10. Game Crashes on startup if no microphones are found

    The only time I've been able to reproduce this is with a laptop that had a microphone installed in the first place, so I was more so curious if this was actually a desktop computer. Perhaps there's a different cause though: a microphone that was previously installed on the system has been unplugged, but the game still looks for it anyway. That could be interesting
  11. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    Agree. It'd be a nice bit of detail to have a chance of infection from bloody (zombified) bandages. It simply makes sense that wrapping an open wound in the blood of a zombie would transmit the disease.
  12. Ah, damn. Might be an issue with the armor mod Incorporated into it then. Did you have armor on when you got bit?
  13. Trouble Launching the Game.

    My dog takes priority. I won't be around until Friday.
  14. Game Crashes on startup if no microphones are found

    This it happens on certain hardware, so it's not as easy a fix as it sounds What model / make is your system?
  15. Map Progress Wiped

    Yes. There's a "save every X" option in server settings. Not sure what the name is, offhand.