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Thuztors Mapping Tutorial Videos


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Hi there!

I've just opened my new Youtube channel with a kind of a Mapping Tutorial.

Visit me while I'm building a clubhouse for a golf course or watch the general tutorials, if you need help. ;)


Playlist: Beginner Tutorials


01/B | Simple Start

02/B | Different Methods

03/B | Internal Names

04/B | Outside Of Your Building


Playlist: General Tutorials


01/G | Random Mapzoid

02/G | Your Map In The Game

03/G | Settings in TileZed

04/G | Detailed Implementation

05/G | Spawnpoints


Playlist: 01 - Golf Clubhouse (PZ/Mapping)


01/1 | Tee-off!

02/1 | Cut off, sorry! (the recorded screen resolution was a bit to small)

03/1 | VIP Rooms

04/1 | Roof Creation


Hope you like it. :-)

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Hey Thuztor. I don't want to sound pushy and all, but I probably will, so sorry for that in advance.


What I would propose when watching first part:

- increase your audio level as it's really quiet in comparison to other yt or stream sound

- I know it might be hard with foreign language, but do _own_ your video and speak with confidence as what's going on (what do you want to archive and how are you doing it)

- at the beginning show to the viewers what are you aiming for - either paint or finished object, then start from the beginning and try to explain a bit more where are these magical values coming from and how to measure them


I hope that feedback would help you in improving videos as I do plan on get into some sort of modding at one stage.

Best of luck in keeping it long and successful series.

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Thank you Kurruk for your help.


I thought, the sound is okay, because for me it's not much different from other youtube videos (on my pc and also smartphone).

But I can increase my audio level a bit.


To speak with confidence is not as easy as it sounds.
Watch paulsoaresjrs very first youtube videos. They sound much different as the videos from today. :)

Lots of nervousness and excitement plays a role. :D


And your last point.

Well, in this series, I'm trying to create something. I can't show something, what doesn't exist. :)

And I've explained the "magical" values very well. The two values are just the size of the ground for the building (the grid) and the second one for the parking area. If you want to know how I get this values, then okay. I'll explain it in the next episode.




Something else to everyone: If you have any question about the Mapping Tools or something else about Mapping, leave your question here and I'll try to answer it in the next episodes.

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