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  1. And why would you like to make it easy for player to max out all of his skills? If it's going to take you a while to acquire a skill point, you're more likely to think twice before spending it on something that doesn't require upgrading. That also increases replay-ability as you are more likely to try again with different skills in mind (not only starting, but gained as well).
  2. It isn't in the changelig, so doubtful.Not sure about the compatibility, but as for the water - you can take a peek at SirTwiggy playing the new build - creating rod, going out to WestPoint for fishing ... and at the end why it's not out yet http://www.twitch.tv/sirtwiggy/b/520460426
  3. Last camping I remember you didn't have to use "special grill" all it required was some sturdy stick or metal rod. You could hold it by hand, feet (leverage) or fee well placed stones to keep the end in air. I suggest you go over to the suggestions and bump the thread about grill tho if you want it to happen. But I do have to agree about different type of "heat" each of them produce that does influence food. I think they might change it later on, because currently toaster, microwave, oven and grill to the game are one - a heater type of furniture. The biggest issue I have ATM is that you can cook anything in the toaster
  4. I don't even remember being sad when starting the fire that way - quite the opposite
  5. I could swear that my character did kindling using bandage. Do I remember that correctly? As for your suggestion - you are proposing using material (bandage, sweater, sheet, etc) to use for starting the fire? In that case I think plastic bag should be used as well, I remember that it was easier to light wet wood using plastic bag than paper.
  6. My bad - haven't specified, I meant the happiness/boredom "reduction" in that case, so for example if you want to make "tasty" soup with skill 0, you still can, but in that case it will only have limited hunger reduction and not so good bonus. In case you overdo it, then it will be more nutritious, but less tasty. Oh and forgot to add, that it looks a lot better than the previous system, so thank you.
  7. Can cooked chicken that has more hunger reduction, still be used in a soup? Think there's a bug with double 45. In other words if someone want good reduction, it's best not to overdo with number of ingredients? What about recipes that aren't falling into these generic groups or require some sort of special pre-made ingredients (like roasted meat for gulash)?
  8. Kurruk


    I think that cutting down the tree is a simplified process of taking it down and then cutting to logs of around the same size, getting rid of branches and leafs (shame as it could be used for fire). So while potentially it could be broken down to cutting a huge log (that can't be moved) and then while it's on the ground using axe would break it to normal size logs (that can be moved around), that in turn potentially will allow at some stage to cut them still on the ground to planks ... is a more complex process and would require more changes. But after the tree is cut, instead of removing it completely from the world, replace it with the stump - now that should be relatively simple and will by glance tell you a story that somewhere around here, there is a safe place with someone who managed to survive for a long period of time, enough at least to think about it's safety to barricade the place and clear out surroundings in order to notice incoming threat sooner rather than latter.
  9. I don't know haven't asked him that - but he said that it was the first thing in the morning he had, the rest of the day he stayed on the water, which I assume he drank a lot, considering cycling and sweating. It wasn't every day - at least when he was going down south as he took a day or two every once in a while for sightseeing and all, but on his way back he was on the bike almost every day, from what I remember. He's going for 5 months off work to cycle from France towards Finland and then get back Sweden (maybe Norway), so I'll probably will hear some new stories once he's back
  10. But there's this other suggestion of an "survivalist skill" wich was received pretty good afaik. This skill would play into this pretty well i think. So there woulnd't have to be a New "loot skill" created. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6671-new-skill-survivor/ Every other skill I think is connected to one visible trait/action, but that one might be too overpowered: - panic - food/water - sleep - looting noise
  11. This is what most colonists were doing back in a day, that's why most cities are located around river area, so I don't really see why it would be game breaking. I mean you are still able to live away from the water and survive, either going house by house with pots and gathering two-use water supply from them, or having a rain collector thingys, which won't change. My english teacher would have a fit, doing a double "not". I meant to say without it, is not a game breaker. Adding it would be fine by me.
  12. I agree here with deprav - there is no point in adding searching specific skill as it's not vital and not sure how would you get better at it anyway. The best way would be just like with loot itself - leave it to RNGods.
  13. Kurruk


    When looking at new map from blincode, I noticed something that made me wonder - why aren't there any stumps after cutting down the trees. I think it would look a lot better to see where exactly were the trees you used to expend your safehouse, instead of having just an empty land.
  14. Road issues. http://pzmap.crash-o...5.4900095147479 http://pzmap.crash-o...5.4900095147479
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