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How to make and load a 3d model (weapon) in game (Video series)


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I have learned enough to pass on the knowledge on how to make your own custom 3D models for Project Zomboid. This is mainly for weapons, but can be used for any model. I have created a video series showing you everything from designing, color, importing, and programming the model to work in game. In time I will release many more tutorial videos on anything and everything with Project Zomboid. I hope you guys can enjoy and more importantly benefit from my videos. If you have any suggestions on things that I have not covered please let me know!


(3D Modeling playlist)



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On 2/2/2019 at 1:03 PM, hollis.m said:

I'm wondering if you can help me work on my ideas for a silent hill like game mode.


First thing is how do I go about changing the zombie meshes?

I'm not sure at the moment. I'm slowly beginning to breakthrough on learning everything. Currently with the new updates coming (soon) to PZ a lot will change. I'm waiting for that to happen before I start updating the tutorials and models.

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Amazing! Watching the videos on youtube now. Currently on the first one " Basic blender Controlls ".

I'm just wondering will all this that I will learn be useful for Build41 and onwards?

As I have a lot of free time now and I have wanted to learn how to create my own weapon models for Zomboid, I will give it a try ^^

Thank you so much for this, appreciating the hell out of this! :D

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