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    A Good Day

    Oh, looking forward to the foraging and fishing UI updates. Aslo 'Yuri continues work on fire' is some damn dedication!
  2. Oh wow, I knew about the videogame mod, but hadn't seen the Cd one yet. Should probably have checked beforehand. I have about 200 Cd items ready so that'll be a nice base to experiment on the implementation. Thanks a lot! I will check them out, see how easy they would be to appropriate and contact the authors!:D
  3. Hm, so, some basic questions about ItemZed and distribution: -First, does the functionality still work? Reading the generated .lua seems pretty straight forward so I'm guessing it does. -When I add new items to containers in this way, does it overwrite the container or does the DataManager merge any mods that touch the same container? -What is the difference between this and the ProceduralDistribution lua method and is this preferable? -If yes, can I just copy the code for appropriate containers and add in my own items? -What it s the Rolls/chance value? A percentage?
  4. Yeah, that was a quick ride to death-town. Even as a ranger i caught a cold while sleeping in a bed in decent clothing when it suddenly dropped below 10C. Sure these changes are harsh and need tweaking, but I do like that the temperature actually has an effect now instead of making you uncomfortable.
  5. ACDCC: Artfactial's Compact Discs & Cassettes Collectables.(Working title) Alright, I posted a Mod suggestion yesterday, but got anxious so went ahead and started working on it. So, here’s the idea: inspired by the BookMod by Simulatedbyalgorithm and Maska_zgz this is going to be a collectable CD/Cassette mod. I don’t want to overcomplicate the project and burn myself out and this should be a straight forward learning introduction into Zomboid modding. Things I'm working on: -Every item will come with their album cover art. -Every included artist will ha
  6. I’m a big fan of BookMod, the collectible element to rummaging through bookcases and going after certain authors/genres for RPing is wonderful. I have been thinking about doing a similar thing with collectible music, mainly CD’s and cassettes. It would be, initially, without purpose as there is no functionality to CD-players (or existence of cassette-decks) but I figured, starting this up In anticipation of the functionally would be fun. I’d like to add custom art for all albums, as that is a large part of the hobby, but am not sure how taxing this would be on the engine, I’d imagine
  7. Vehicles test Version 38.1, multiplayer hard mode. Reporting in a similar issue as SonaGX. While we do nor appear to be losing car keys as much (do not think we have since the new version) we are suffering from this new duplicate car bug. I happens with vehicles driven by the both the host as well as joined players. I had not connected it yet to hitting zombies; the duplications appear fairly random. Inventory will always be the same as when it was duplicated (only when returning to the location will it be there) but fuel and keys seem to fluctuate. Sometimes still havi
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