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  1. hollis.m

    WTF is the answer

    It's been annoying to say the least that there's no clear answer. CAN YOU CHANGE MUSIC. That's all people want to know. not some alternative "i turn youtube on" Can someone just answer who knows if this is just too hard to make into a mod or not?
  2. hollis.m

    Xonic's Mega Mall

    Let us know when its finished, wondering if i can use this sort of thing for my silent hill 3 shopping mall. Definitely giving me great ideas thanks
  3. Someone please tell me how I could mod sounds to change just a few sounds
  4. I'm wondering if you can help me work on my ideas for a silent hill like game mode. First thing is how do I go about changing the zombie meshes?
  5. I'd be happy for any help and be glad to start it with someone
  6. Hey hopefully someone here can help me out Looking at ways to do these things. Make radios into proximity sensors for zombies Constant fog Snow but no cold effect (like ash fall) Change zombie means and music as well as maybe random event sounds If I can get some ideas or help I can slowly make a pack to transform the game. Other ideas would require 2 types of zombies so I could make different silent hill monsters. Anyway I hope someone gives me some ideas or help on how to get started
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