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  1. I am not saying the idea isn't necessary, I am saying there are unnecessary redundancies. Of course in Hypocrisy there isn't a better example than you is there? You complain my suggestions are not "realistic" - now you argue when I suggest corrections to make them realistic. You seem to want the cake and eat it too.
  2. But you are suggesting it - but not actually doing it. What you are doing is listing diseases and symptoms. There really doesn't need to be disases at all to begin with - because most diseases are not going to get confirmation without a trained medical professional. Nor would it add any value to the game. That is why many games have simple alternatives like Back Ache, Headache, Fever Then do simple treatments based on the severity. There is no point in having 50 diseases if only the symptoms in the end of the day matter. A disease is a combination of symptoms with specific treatment. If there is no specific treatment all there is only the symptom and disease is irrelevant. If I am supposed to recognize specific combination of symptoms to formulate a treatment it is a quite a different situation. Take Bodypain + Fever - most often associated is viral fever. vs Headache + Fever ( most often sinusitis ) In your case you would give antibiotics for both simply because fever exists. In reality the first one is viral and antibiotics is not needed. In the example above - disease association is important. In what you are listing, - there is no need add diseases only symptoms.
  3. I am always a fan of alternate building options
  4. So are you saying "Stomach Flu" is stomach influenza? While it can be caused by Influenza - Gastroenteritis ( again more common ) can be caused by many things. That is why we deal with the disease based on the symptoms when we don't know the cause. In a non medical environment the person does not know the cause - especially in this case establishing cause is usually unnecessary unless severe. You would instead break it down to symptoms like "Stomach Ache" with associated "Diarrhea" "Vomiting" or "Stomach Ache with Heart Burn ( Gastric Reflux ). Again the disease it self is not important - but simply having different symptoms and different treatments is more than adequate. As well as having those symptoms having severity and treating it accordingly before it gets worse. You literally created a giant post dealing with micromanagement of 20+ diseases and conditions. Early Treatment and Prevention is the hallmark of modern medicine. Especially in the zombie apocalypse where you will have limited resources you don't want to waste things unnecessarily. That is why you treat early symptoms differently than actual diseases. When some one starts showing signs of early Diabetes you don't suddenly put them on insulin and call it a day. You change their diet and exercise to decrease the workload on their pancreas. If some one has a a hairline fracture you don't open the leg and drop a metal brace and screws on it. You cast it and tell them to let that limb rest. The irony of course being why have 30+ diseases that do the same thing if the treatment is the same, and claim it is less micromanagement. 1. Not all animals are infected with rabies. Simply being bit by a wild animals will not give it to you. 2. The reason why Rabies incidence in U.S is low is not because we have very little interaction with wild animals. It is because so few of our animals have rabies. We generally kill them and burn the body the second anything is suspected of carrying the disease. In other words we work heavily on prevention of spread in the U.S 3. Africia and Many 3rd world countries on the other hand is not a country known for prevention due to remote villages and their beliefs of harming certain animals. Essentially you have protected "focal" points that have been around for years which is not being systematically hunted down and eradicated. Take Swine Flu for example, the reason it spreads so quickly now is because we cage animals in close proximity with one another. In Rabies case the animals not only do they need to be in close proximity they need to essentially fight each other - spread the virus. The resulting victim needs to survive the fight and be able to spread it to multiple creatures. Or to put it simply, Every Native American would have died from Rabies in that case before Europeans Landed on U.S Shores.
  5. That is because the origin of the term got muddled - the one used by fire arms is simply a modification of the original concept. A rack is essentially a place where "items are kept for storage" Racking is the action of "putting that item on a rack". In the case of guns - the rack is the chamber. So the definition would be placing the bullet into the chamber. If I was putting an item on the shelf - if I use one hand, two hands, a fork lift in all cases I am racking the item. The same applies to a weapon. It doesn't matter the steps involved - what matters in the end is the the end result of the bullet in the chamber.
  6. You are describing the full set of actions in order to move the round from the magazine into the chamber of a standard pistol \ rifle. In case of revolver none of those steps exist. Instead the procedure is simply putting the bullet directly into the chamber. To put it as an analogy. "Walking through the door" You would normally give instructions as stop at the door, turn the handle, open the door, walk through the door. But in case of Automatic doors it would be - stand infront of the door and walk through. The action is the same - the steps slightly differ because one action is no longer required.
  7. It is technically right term. Normally when you have a gun you have a single Chamber. With a Revolver though each hole in the cylinder is a Chamber. Unloading and Reloading should happen in a single gameplay action and not 2 separate actions. Unless you are saying there is no option only to unload the bullets without reloading ( haven't found revolver yet )
  8. Design philosophy it self is wrong. Cold and Flu are both Colloquial terms. We name the disease based on the type of infection it is. Things like Strep Throat, Streptococcus Pneumonia, Pneumococcus Pneumonia, Etc. But for sake of gameplay design the philosophy should be based on "stage" and not blind treatment. If the early symptoms can be treated with supportive care - it should end at that. If it keeps progressing - you would give antibiotics. That would be a more ideal non medically oriented order of operations in dealing with the cold. That would reduce the number of icons players need to remember. The chance of Rabies it self is extremely rare. You have a higher chance of getting Tetanus with a bite than rabies. That is why we give Tetanus shot every 10 years. In my lifetime I have seen 1 Rabies case, in my professors life time he saw 3 cases. In my Aunt and Uncle who are both Biome Researchers who works in Forests \ Jungles \ Swamps - they have seen 2. Unlike Botulinism which has 200 cases per year. Rabies is 3 per year in U.S. Tetanus should replace Rabies. As it is easily treatable and Tetanus shots are found everywhere, schools, hospitals, clinics.
  9. Pain killers for shivering? Maybe Beta Blockers - but Pain killers? Only time pain killers are going to stop shivering is the person is suffering from an addiction to pain killers and suffering withdrawal symptoms. Otherwise they have a serious injury and preventing them from full functionality of the limb. Also you would never want to treat an ordinary cold with Antibiotics - especially since most of them are Viral not bacterial. Mostly supportive therapy and decongestants. You are more likely to get Salmonella or E.coli infection than Botulism. Rate of Botulism is only 200 cases per year.. in the U.S there are almost 200 million people in the U.S in the 90s. More importantly you don't treat Botulism with Antibiotics unless it was from injury, you would give Anti-Toxin. The Muscle spams are so severe in Rabies that it is not something you even are able to move with. Once symptoms start to appear you are bedridden and good as dead. The persons body will literally start bending from the severe muscle spasms. It has no gameplay value.
  10. These are Special "Events" that has a chance of spawning that add an "ambiance" to the world. Essentially small little "mini stories" that have a chance to randomly spawn ( may or may not spawn in the current world ) That let's you relate to "survivors" by having a skyrim-esque books \ letters \ notepads laying around .to read and find out about what happened. They may even tell of hidden loot stashes that spawn and their location. For example the event, "Fisherman" A dead female body spawns randomly in one of the houses with a notebook. in her Inventory. A second male body can spawn randomly with fishing gear Can either be next to the body, next to the lake, or somewhere between. In his inventory contains an ID card that says George Example of Text First Entry "I don't know how long it has been since George and I were chased out of the house by those things, I no longer keep track of the days, to me it feels like an endless nightmare. I keep wishing it is just a bad dream and keep pinching my self to wake up my arm covered in red welts from fingertip to shoulder as if an army of red ants decided to climb across my arm. While George and I were scavenging I found this book in a little girl's bed room, the flowers the, bed, her little clothes, oh the horrors that little one has to suffer through. I hope and pray she is a better place now and not have to face life through this hell on Earth. Look at me, praying for some one elses death. I have never would have imagined a day when death would be better option than life. As my sanity wanes I decided to write once again, and hope one day someone, may look upon my words and be thankful that it has come to an end. That some one will remind others never to repeat the mistakes of the past to cause what ever did this. That some one will still be alive to read this when me and my George are gone. Second Entry. "It has been a while since I last wrote, we have to be careful anytime we move from house to house. Those.... those... things are everywhere, behind every shadow, around every corner, behind every door. I don't know how much longer I can do this. George though, god bless him, he tries to put on a brave face for me, giving me that somber smile telling me everything will be OK." 3rd Entry: "It has been 1 day since George left. He found a tackle and pole in the last house we were at. The smile on his face when he found it, it was as if all the worries in the world just disappeared for him. He signed to me and pointed at the map where he was headed. A lake east of Malborough, he and his buddies used to go fishing there before the outbreak started. He refused to let me go, he said it wouldn't be safe. To be honest I don't even know if my legs could muster the courage to reach that far. I pray he will be OK, I have nothing left. 4th Entry It has been almost 3 days since he Left. I ... ( pages too destroyed by water damage to make out the text ) 8th Entry If you are reading this George, I am sorry. I am so sorry. I couldn't take the screams anymore. Night after night they claw on the doors, the howling the screaming, the howling and screaming. This madness will it never end? Why did you have to go? I am so sorry for what I am about to do, but i hope you were able to find peace. Know that my last thoughts were of you and only you. I am sorry, I truly am sorry.
  11. You really don't need advanced skill level, just put them in a glass jar or cup.
  12. I always found it weird Candles weren't a light source to begin with. Kerosene Lamps were pretty common in the 90s in Rural areas ( my friend lives in a small farming town ) where power is not consistent or reliable. So Kerosene lamps would be often as a source of alternate power - mostly because it was cheaper than Emergency lights.
  13. Actually Real life ironically is the best example of why it doesn't work. When a large property is split - many times to save time from redoing the entire map they add letters. So you get things like 2407b and 2407c The problem is there is no "logical" order on naming convention at that point as it could be infront, behind, or even on the other side of the street in cases where a new road goes through the property.
  14. It sounds easy - but when you change the map by adding new structures many things suddenly changes - when it comes to numbers. Street names of course will be less affected by future changes. Instead what might be more useful is if maps have a Grid System drawn on the map. So you can say I am in Area B6
  15. I agree - I think street names would help a lot. With a sort of unobtrusive information system - similar to cold fear. Where you just mouse over an area and tells you what that room is.
  16. Heliicopter can't find you if you are indoors Also this thread is from 2017
  17. While a Flame thrower would be pretty devastating to a human, I doubt it would have any real affect on a zombie. Moltovs right now take almost 30s to kill a zombie even though it can take out a horde through spreading. It is actually much easier just to carry multiple moltovs instead of a flame thrower It would pretty much have same effect with drastically less carry weight involved.
  18. I think the issue here there is a big difference between drawing a curved sprite and actually having a functional curve. A Sprite serves no function - simply an image. In Zomboid the roads are actually functional - you drive on them you do less durability damage to your tires than grass or zombies. Also more than likely they cheat this by having the sprites take up a full tile so simply road paint. They may add it in the future - but just want to point out it won't be as simple as drawing a curved sprite.
  19. Ya I agree with that - one shotting a zombie on the gorund with a foot just makes things too eay. If I was using a 2 handed Sledge Hammer or a bat or essentially any 2 handed weapon it would be fine. It would also give players a motive to use carry the extra weight of a 2 handed weapon - giving the weapon types more value.
  20. Till the point NPCs exist - they are all dead. After all you were the one you said don't consider NPC balancing until they are added into the game. The only pressure loss from a closed system is only going to be from leaks along the system. Which of course would be impossible for the player to repair but at the same time minimal. With that said Water Towers distribution area is extremely small , unlike a water pump station, These serve communities and municipalities. So even with NPCs you would only have a handful of people using the water. But none of that really matters - it still in the end about gameplay and giving players something to do. and new ways to interact with the world. A water tower makes for an interesting Event area scenario. Player notices the tap water is contaminated by getting sick from drinking from it. Goes to investigate the local tower - finds it full of zombies. Maybe there are dead bodies in the tower - which would make it hopeless Maybe the pump is broken which needs repairs - so it circulates Maybe all the Gas reservoirs are empty. It does add an interesting long term goal the player can do temporarily fix a problem. It wouldn't be mandatory as you can always collect rain water \ river \ lake water It gives players new ways to level up their metal working \ engineering skill beside crafting and repairing items in a repetitive manner. Currently the way players level up first aid is constantly cutting them selves and stitching them selves. Hopefully in the future the players can level it up by healing sick npcs etc. New ways to interact with the world, level up skills is always going to add toward the diversity and reduce repetitiveness. That is a really interesting and smart solution I wonder who came up with that. But 300 people for 1 week sounds about right.
  21. You are confusing the difference between a hydroelectric dam and a Water tower. A water tower is far simpler - it is simply a pump which in many cases come directly from the river with little to no pretreatment. Based on the size of the tower it is usually 3 - 4 diesel powered pumps. It is the pressure of the water in the tower which essentially keeps the pipes loaded. You do realize everyone else is dead in the game besides the survivor right? These zombies when you aren't killing them aren't taking showers and having pool parties when we aren't looking. ( If they were I totally missed out and didn't get a zombie pool party invite )
  22. Farming should probably change to add it's own challanges. But not so much that it feels terrible. Maybe along the lines of - takes 1 season to grow plants ( 3 months ) but you only need to water plants once a week. As well as certain plants can't grow in certain seasons. These changes would; 1. Reduce maintenance 2. Reduce amount of food gained 3. Force player to find alternative food sources 4. Would require larger amounts of stored water before they can grow reliable farms
  23. That is the thing I honestly don't mind if it "takes more time" to kill. Even if I had to stomp on the head 3 - 4 times ( like in build 40 and before ) I never had a problem with that. It added a little more danger. But with build 40 it honestly didn't matter where i stomped so no feedback was necessary at that point. Now it actually matters where you stomp. That is the key difference between the two.
  24. When I talk about bars - I am simply using it as an example of "visual feedback information" When you see a bar you know damage is being done and more importantly how much damage is being done. I don't think Zomboid needs bars, I am simply giving an example of one style of feedback. Also "intensity" of sound isn't really a great feedback indicator either, as intensity is most often used to denote distance and not damage. Usually when it comes to different damage types - different sounds are used entirely. Finally you have the problem of sound pollution - when multiple sounds overlap. Which makes sound intensity again less meaningful. With animation variation there is no confusion it is a visual feedback indicator that immediately tells the player if they need to move or not or just keep hitting smash. Animation variation can be anything,; When stomping on the chest causing the zombie to bend ( raising head and legs in response ) Different kick \ stomp styles Kicking in Chest suddenly causing the zombie to turn and get up Essentially a "Reaction" of some sort. P.S On a side note can we please change the text from grey to something with more contrast? It is quite difficult to see.
  25. When its skill based - you get feedback. Reposistioning your character isn't really skill. Take the new batman games for example, you time the hits perfectly your combo meter goes up - you miss time it and all of a sudden your animation cycling stops. In this case the animation for stomping chest and head is same. But the issue is stomping the chest serves no purpose. Some games cheat by turning "kill events" into "quick time events" - Cold Fear ( Zombie game on a boat ) is an example of that. Knife Aiming is essentially a quick time event also - because if you time it perfectly it rewards you. It was extremely satisfying to the player to get that "Reward" and "Feedback" from the game. It would be nice to even see it expanded where you can do sneak attacks from behind. In 1 v 1 situation you have all the time in the world to realize if you made a mistake. In a 3 v 1 situation you need that "visual feedback" to know if you are screwing up or not. That is where having 2 separate animations based on where you are helps a lot. Otherwise if you hit the chest thinking you hit the head and wasting time trying to kill something you aren't doing any damage to. You struggle unnecessarily in a situation where reality speaking there would be no struggle at all. Tldr - Reposistioning feels clumsy as players have to guess if they hit the head or not if standing near the chest. Since the game doesn't have "Health bars" ( Doesn't need them - for sake of explanation ) or other methods to communicate clearly what the player is hitting - it is essentially guess work, unless player physically moves toward the head side.
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