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  1. One of things which really irks me is the GUI for crafting. It's just massive and not in a good way because of all the redundancy ( unpacking an item is "crafting " ) Crafting Tables - which can be made or found in garages of houses \ industries \ etc would help clean up alot of the crafting GUI. Especially if you had specific recipes for benches and improved efficiency recipes for said tables. For example player with a log + Saw can only make 2 planks for 1 log. If you use a Carpenter Bench you make 5 planks for 1 log.
  2. If one or two fall and crawl under ok fine, but hopefully the video isn't showing second a zombie sees a car obstruction they are all going to stop drop and crawl would just be annoying. That removes a lot of creativity players do for setting up defenses. Survival in the end of the end of the day is about being creative with solutions, make those solutions meaningless then all that is left is just running.
  3. They are also against the idea of Solar Panels - so that's out the question.
  4. That is Slang British not Proper British. Proper British Fanny means butt also.
  5. Considering how the fuel system currently works in the game - you would run out of juice so fast it would be virtually pointless without a modded fuel system I am all for it mind you, just saying it wouldn't be viable in vanilla.
  6. Right now it feels Zombies are still way to attracted by players inside buildings. The reason being in real life there is a lot of ambient sound especially in the 70s - 80s. Crickets \ Frogs \ Birds \ Wind \ etc. When a Wall is involved there needs to be a bigger decrease in sound propagation beyond the wall. As well as improving it by Having 3 Zombie States. 1. Wandering - does no damage to structures 2. Curious - Minor damage to structures 3. Agro - starts damaging structures but on a cool down if it has no visual confirmation. Aft
  7. Updating previous Cells Randomly to add "events" as opposed to adding events only in "non explored cells" would make the world feel more "Alive" As if other survivors unbeknownst to the player are also there. For example you loot a house and two weeks later you go back to the same area and you notice the windows boarded up. The player knows they didn't do it, and explore it to find an abandoned house with some supplies. It may result in a chain where they find a note with a map, as if telling someone they are expecting to go to "x" location. When you ar
  8. In a future update at an unknown time ( though still being worked on ) NPCs will be added to the game. So I am guessing that will be more Endgame focused where you can "Rebuild" humanity sort of thing.
  9. With the new animation patch hopefully coming out before December, I hope Build 42 does a UI overhaul. To put it frankly it is extremely inefficient especially crafting. Where you are looking through hundreds of recipes some with simple variations of actions. Using Flags as filters for recipes to hide irrelevant recipes and only showing them at the appropriate time would go a long way. Especially recipes only showing when interacting with a "Crafting table style objects" instead of simply being near it. The Hotslot system was a great improvement but agai
  10. Using Client \ Server prediction means there is always going to be a chance of Desync especially with authority is based on the server. One possible option in dealing with Desync instead is to treat pathing more like a Bullet hell projectile path based on velocity instead of a homing missile that constantly changes path. That way the faster the zombie is moving the more likely it is expected to "Overshoot" the target instead of making a drastic course correction. The Red Dots = Zombies The Blue Dot = Player In this model the Server gives A Shotgun
  11. I am not saying the idea isn't necessary, I am saying there are unnecessary redundancies. Of course in Hypocrisy there isn't a better example than you is there? You complain my suggestions are not "realistic" - now you argue when I suggest corrections to make them realistic. You seem to want the cake and eat it too.
  12. But you are suggesting it - but not actually doing it. What you are doing is listing diseases and symptoms. There really doesn't need to be disases at all to begin with - because most diseases are not going to get confirmation without a trained medical professional. Nor would it add any value to the game. That is why many games have simple alternatives like Back Ache, Headache, Fever Then do simple treatments based on the severity. There is no point in having 50 diseases if only the symptoms in the end of the day matter. A
  13. I am always a fan of alternate building options
  14. So are you saying "Stomach Flu" is stomach influenza? While it can be caused by Influenza - Gastroenteritis ( again more common ) can be caused by many things. That is why we deal with the disease based on the symptoms when we don't know the cause. In a non medical environment the person does not know the cause - especially in this case establishing cause is usually unnecessary unless severe. You would instead break it down to symptoms like "Stomach Ache" with associated "Diarrhea" "Vomiting" or "Stomach Ache with Heart Burn ( Gastric Reflux ). Again the disease it se
  15. That is because the origin of the term got muddled - the one used by fire arms is simply a modification of the original concept. A rack is essentially a place where "items are kept for storage" Racking is the action of "putting that item on a rack". In the case of guns - the rack is the chamber. So the definition would be placing the bullet into the chamber. If I was putting an item on the shelf - if I use one hand, two hands, a fork lift in all cases I am racking the item. The same applies to a weapon. It doesn't matter the steps in
  16. You are describing the full set of actions in order to move the round from the magazine into the chamber of a standard pistol \ rifle. In case of revolver none of those steps exist. Instead the procedure is simply putting the bullet directly into the chamber. To put it as an analogy. "Walking through the door" You would normally give instructions as stop at the door, turn the handle, open the door, walk through the door. But in case of Automatic doors it would be - stand infront of the door and walk through. The action is the sam
  17. It is technically right term. Normally when you have a gun you have a single Chamber. With a Revolver though each hole in the cylinder is a Chamber. Unloading and Reloading should happen in a single gameplay action and not 2 separate actions. Unless you are saying there is no option only to unload the bullets without reloading ( haven't found revolver yet )
  18. Design philosophy it self is wrong. Cold and Flu are both Colloquial terms. We name the disease based on the type of infection it is. Things like Strep Throat, Streptococcus Pneumonia, Pneumococcus Pneumonia, Etc. But for sake of gameplay design the philosophy should be based on "stage" and not blind treatment. If the early symptoms can be treated with supportive care - it should end at that. If it keeps progressing - you would give antibiotics. That would be a more ideal non medically oriented order of operations in dealing with the c
  19. Pain killers for shivering? Maybe Beta Blockers - but Pain killers? Only time pain killers are going to stop shivering is the person is suffering from an addiction to pain killers and suffering withdrawal symptoms. Otherwise they have a serious injury and preventing them from full functionality of the limb. Also you would never want to treat an ordinary cold with Antibiotics - especially since most of them are Viral not bacterial. Mostly supportive therapy and decongestants. You are more likely to get Salmonella or E.coli infec
  20. These are Special "Events" that has a chance of spawning that add an "ambiance" to the world. Essentially small little "mini stories" that have a chance to randomly spawn ( may or may not spawn in the current world ) That let's you relate to "survivors" by having a skyrim-esque books \ letters \ notepads laying around .to read and find out about what happened. They may even tell of hidden loot stashes that spawn and their location. For example the event, "Fisherman" A dead female body spawns randomly in one of the houses with a notebook. i
  21. You really don't need advanced skill level, just put them in a glass jar or cup.
  22. I always found it weird Candles weren't a light source to begin with. Kerosene Lamps were pretty common in the 90s in Rural areas ( my friend lives in a small farming town ) where power is not consistent or reliable. So Kerosene lamps would be often as a source of alternate power - mostly because it was cheaper than Emergency lights.
  23. Actually Real life ironically is the best example of why it doesn't work. When a large property is split - many times to save time from redoing the entire map they add letters. So you get things like 2407b and 2407c The problem is there is no "logical" order on naming convention at that point as it could be infront, behind, or even on the other side of the street in cases where a new road goes through the property.
  24. It sounds easy - but when you change the map by adding new structures many things suddenly changes - when it comes to numbers. Street names of course will be less affected by future changes. Instead what might be more useful is if maps have a Grid System drawn on the map. So you can say I am in Area B6
  25. I agree - I think street names would help a lot. With a sort of unobtrusive information system - similar to cold fear. Where you just mouse over an area and tells you what that room is.
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