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1 hour ago, Elmore said:

needs to be “finalized” and why the “numbers” here, as for me, are necessary:
 no exact data?

majority of players will simply use the “about the best / any suitable” available to choose from, without really bothering. It is because they have no data for a deliberate choice - and this seems to me to be wrong.


 It must be remembered that players have very little knowledge of real weapons, ammunition, etc. And for them you need to adapt the mod, for example by adding information in numbers, which can be disabled if desired.



This mod is about as unforgiving as the REAL world it's designed to portray is going to be... You said yourself, that you are not inclined to even Google the information you seek... The data gives me a headache too, and it's one of my favorite hobby's...


You can usually read on the barrel of any given firearm, what kind of ammo it uses.... And that's about all you get for free... It doesn't say anything on there about how far it can shoot, or how many plates of 1/4" steel it can penetrate...  (You find that info on YouTube)


The Box the ammo comes in, will usually specify the weight of the projectile & velocity its loaded to fire at with whatever length barrel they use for testing. And with that information you can calculate the amount of energy it delivers at the muzzle...  But anything beyond that would require a fair amount of research unless you happen to have ballistics data handy...


I'm going to go out on a limb and assume Fenris disabled the Debug option he mentioned above to preserve this Realism....


No info bubble pops up when you pick up a firearm.... If you want to know about it, you read the manual, go out and shoot it at the range, and research it on the internet, etc...  All of which takes time and it not automatically available upon contact with the firearm.


The reason I like to peek into the Debug info, and in prior versions, the script data, is to verify what I already know to see how far (realistic) this mod is taking it... To this, i'll just say weapon weights are scaled from real values...  This alone is mindblowing!! because weight capacity is such a commodity in this game, and it just adds to the realism...


So back to my point....  Most people including myself at this exact moment cant tell you by how much a 30-30 round will hit in terms of joules of energy compared to a .357 magnum if fired from a 16.25" barrel carbine with a manual breach at a distance of 50 yards...  A good portion of people from reading things online, in magazines, or playing video games, can tell you which one is MORE powerful.... but not necessarily by how much...  With the modern internet, you can with minimal effort look it up on some ballistic data source and take their word for it.... Or you can go out with all the stuff, a chronograph, and get real numbers that you could take to the bank....


Now I've only done that with a few calibers I shoot frequently.... and some of what I have, I have no data for at all.... Except a mainstream idea of which one is more powerful than the other, and some paper targets and/or video to chronicle accuracy with certain handloads...  This is state of things in terms of readily available information for myself, whom I consider, as Fenris put it.... an "Enthusiast"


SO.....   In the spirit of realism....  If you pick something up and start using it.... (like a .38 snubnose)  and find that you can't hit shit with it. You'd have to make a mental note of it....  if you pick up an SMG/Pistol Caliber carbine, that uses the same ammo as your handgun, and find that the effective range is still lacking compared to rifles that use larger caliber "rifle ammo"....   again, make a mental note of it....


There is simply no "instantly available" Cliff notes other than the internet, and the internet is DOWN because of the zombies !!!



If I understand your post, All the info you seek is in the Debug window should you choose to enable it...





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Debug gives information, but it is too much and it is of a different type.
Okay, forget the numbers.


A small offer list:

1) In the previous version of the mod there were more varieties of bullets. Now FMJ and HP remain ... shared\4DataFiles\ORGMData_Ammo.lua
Their difference:
FMJ - lower damage but higher piercing
HP - higher damage but lower piercing
Why not add such information to the description of the bullets in the game.


2) The list of weapons to which the module fits - the text is written in 1 line and it does not fit on the screen "15" with a resolution of 1366x768


3) I think WD-40 needs to add at least some description in order to understand what it is and what it is used for. Especially important for players with Hydrocraft


4) Add some kind of designation, how many and what modules can be placed on the weapon. For example, that on a clean shotgun there can be 5 such-and-such modules. This can be added to the weapon inspection menu. Now only the already attached module is displayed.


5) Add interaction with modules and bullets in an open vault. So that if modules (in large quantities) and bullets are in the ..table, you could use the menu to install them without transferring everything to the inventory.

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3 hours ago, Elmore said:

1) In the previous version of the mod there were more varieties of bullets. Now FMJ and HP remain

There was never 'more' varieties, in fact the older versions had quite a bit less. The number of bullet types has effectively doubled from the older versions.


2) The list not displaying properly is annoying but its hardcoded into the java files. Without implementing completely new tooltip code (something I plan to do at a later point anyways) theres not much that can be done about it.


3) WD-40 and its intended use is set to change for the v3.10 branch, currently it works as a 'repair item', where in the next major update when cleaning the firearm becomes important its more of a 'maintenance item' (sort of)


4) As mentioned before, the attachments/components (aka: 'modules') is going to be completely redone. At the moment all guns technically have those 5 slots as they are part of PZ's base code (canon, scope, recoil, clip, stock).

The new planned system will work much different, where these components will be more like a branching tree structure: those components (modules) will have slots for attaching more.

Using a shotgun as a example, a recoil pad attaches to the stock, that stock can be removed and replaced with a pistol grip, and suddenly there is no more spot for a recoil pad. Barrels on many shotguns can be swapped: Some have a built in choke that can not be removed, some barrels have threads allowing you to attach a threaded choke.

The current attachments/components I do not waste time working on these when I have such a massive over hall on how that system works planned.

As for the Inspection Window, the current version was very much a early prototype and no where near its final version, and will hopefully go through some drastic changes in v3.10.


5) The reason it doesn't allow for this is it seriously complicates the code and runs the risk of creating some extreme bugs.



As I said the upgrading of this mod from the old legacy version is still very much a work-in-progress. Many parts of it have been ignored or left under developed while I work on more important parts that need to be developed first. The parts that I do still need to work on will be gotten to eventually when its their time.

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I would like to suggest that making so you cant get bored if you are reloading a magazine, you shouldnt get bored by doing that imo :P

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