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  1. Elmore

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Should we expect an update to the mod for the long-awaited 41 PZ version?
  2. Elmore

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Unusable Metal - no recipe for processing into something useful? Metal is metal ...
  3. Elmore

    Enhanced Armor Mod

    The author of the mod is gone. No information on whether this mod will appear at all?
  4. Debug gives information, but it is too much and it is of a different type. Okay, forget the numbers. A small offer list: 1) In the previous version of the mod there were more varieties of bullets. Now FMJ and HP remain ... shared\4DataFiles\ORGMData_Ammo.lua Their difference: FMJ - lower damage but higher piercing HP - higher damage but lower piercing Why not add such information to the description of the bullets in the game. 2) The list of weapons to which the module fits - the text is written in 1 line and it does not fit on the screen "15" with a resolution of 1366x768 3) I think WD-40 needs to add at least some description in order to understand what it is and what it is used for. Especially important for players with Hydrocraft 4) Add some kind of designation, how many and what modules can be placed on the weapon. For example, that on a clean shotgun there can be 5 such-and-such modules. This can be added to the weapon inspection menu. Now only the already attached module is displayed. 5) Add interaction with modules and bullets in an open vault. So that if modules (in large quantities) and bullets are in the ..table, you could use the menu to install them without transferring everything to the inventory.
  5. I understand your point of view. The mod is made for maximum realism. Here is something that needs to be “finalized” and why the “numbers” here, as for me, are necessary: There are many modules and this is great, even in several types for a single weapon slot! But how to understand what is more effective from this in % and where are there any advantages (for different situations/playing styles, etc.) if there is no exact data? I think the overwhelming majority of players will simply use the “about the best / any suitable” available to choose from, without really bothering. It is because they have no data for a deliberate choice - and this seems to me to be wrong. The importance and availability of this variety of modules and the need/choice are almost completely lost. Changing 0-5 modules on a shotgun, the game strips of damage and range do not even move. In games, therefore, there are always numerical values, so that the player can think, analyze, choose. Or other visual designations that are not appropriate in this case. The mod is great, but for example, I know nothing about the types of bullets. Seeing such a variety in the game (mod) - used Google, found a hunting site that describes the difference of bullets, carefully read it and concluded that I will simply ignore their diversity. This is not very pleasant, but there is no data on the basis of which in the game you can simply determine for which situations to use these or other bullets. A very rough example - if for each type of bullets there was indicated something like +- % to the base damage to the weapon in the description (or else it was added under what conditions this % changes), then it is already possible to draw conclusions and choose. Similarly with modules. It must be remembered that players have very little knowledge of real weapons, ammunition, etc. And for them you need to adapt the mod, for example by adding information in numbers, which can be disabled if desired. You can specify the base value of changes and in addition how much % this value will change in a certain situation (if there are several influences, you can specify an average % for each situation - indicating that % is average (in color, text))
  6. Hey. Where can I see detailed information on weapons such as: http://ormtnman-real-guns-mod.wikia.com/wiki/Weapons There is information - build 32 of 12/09/17 To understand in numbers what the base damage of guns. On the game strips, it is sometimes very difficult to understand (the impact on the damage weapons - modules, cartridges ...) It is a pity that the game does not have information about damage/range/"loudness" in numbers, and there would be changes from modules / silencer.
  7. Elmore

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Craft -> Terrain -> Tin Vein, Iron Vein, Silver Vein etc.. (all recipes in the section) http://undeniable.info/pz/wiki/recipelist.php?cat=Terrain All recipes required "Prop Cone" Does this mean that all these recipes are not working at the moment? And all kinds of ore cannot be obtained? (Tin, Iron, Silver etc) A looong search for information gave no results ... where there is no information about it. P.S. I just built the initial mine, ore mined randomly with a chance for any of the ores?
  8. ORGM Rechambered compatibility with Hydrocraft?
  9. Elmore

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Can someone upload a new version of this wonderful mod for GOG users?
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