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  1. King-Salomon


    exercise sounds really cool :D will there be a decay after reaching say skilllevel 5 if you don't exercide/use the fitness skills (like sleeping for 5 days or reading books decay the fitness skills in a small amount) ?
  2. King-Salomon

    Higher Fidelity

    really great work some small points about the skills: First Aid should be a "Survival skill" and no crafting skill... Firearms are combat skills too.. so it is a little bit confusing to name hand-combat "combat" ... maybe a second skill tab for the combat skills would be a good idea.. one tab for "normal" skills and the other for combat skills - hand combat, firearms etc (will there be a skill for "combat without weapon"? great read
  3. King-Salomon


    clothing looks really cool guys someting I am thinking about when I see all the great clothings... do you have a regulation how often some kind of clothing combnations can spawn on zombies? Thinking about, the small towns into the game should only have 5-10 police officers, maybe 5-10 fire fighter, 5-10 nurses in total etc not spawning 100 police officers ingame in 1 year time frame... Zs should be 99% time ordinary people, maybe nearly 25% of them in sleeping gear (as they were attacked in unaware in sleep) - even a huge % of people with special jobs would have been killed while they were not at there job... how will you handle these?
  4. great stuff does the "lucky" trait affects the "randomNumber" outcome? (not in tzhis code but maybe in an other code were it might say somethink like "randomNumber always +/- 5"? EDIT: sorry, I have absolutly no idea of coding so it might be a silly question
  5. if the engine is running you can hear them too ... so it would make even less sense to make them invisible -.- the whole idea is ... as postboxes, litters, HOUSES etc don't vanish too if you show them your back... -.- it makes sense for Zombies but other than that... I can see that it MIGHT make sense for MP sometimes, but than it should be a server option or a sandbox option and not destroy SP immertion... -.-
  6. as I said before weeks ago.. THIS is soooo true !!!!
  7. you are not wrong with this... but wouldn't it be easier to let the keyes as they are and just add a colored "key ring pendant" ? would also be better seen as any kind of key
  8. please.. NO minigames.. just... no...
  9. guess it is REALLY time to get the washing mashines running (as long as power/water supply is on) with all the dirty clothes/bandages features it's time for that
  10. King-Salomon

    Vlad the Imbiber

    The Collision Update Video is REALLY great - very nice!! Will you chance the mailbox so that it will be destroyed (and the car REALLY damaged) if you drive "through" it instead of blocking the car? can't wait to get the vehicle in IWBUMS and 38.26 out in the open (shouldn't that have happened last monday already?) really nice stuff
  11. King-Salomon

    Pitch Battle

    Aaaah thanks you got me worried for a moment looking forward to try the new build as soon as I get home again in a few days
  12. King-Salomon

    Pitch Battle

    Hiding cars "out of sight" I don't understand -.- atm only Zombies are hidden out of sight wich makes sense and is needed for a game like this - but all enviroment pieces are and should be visible (as they are) - so why hiding cars? looks kind of ... well.. not good to see them pop up again and again... if it is because of MP I would really be glad if you could make them only "get out of sight" in MP as for me in SP it would be really ennoying am immersion breaking :/ I know there is a car, it is not moving so I know it is still there even if I turn my back on it... the DD is great guys.. but this "feature" is not cool -.-
  13. That was my first thought too as I read the DD some days ago... all the ideas I read are great but... sometimes I think there is too much focus on making the cars unnessessary complicated/detailed for the time now the game is about zombie apocalypse not "sim mechanic 2018"... (with all respect to all mechanic sim fans) I would be VERY happy to have a simple but working car system which can be make more detailed later The level of detail the devs are trying to get is great (!!) but when I compare it with the level of detail in your other game machanics it is simply not consistent :/ (farming could be WAY more detailed, as well as diagnostics, tool usage, carpentry, metallworking etc pp - clothing system I will not add as I think it will be made new from the scratch with the anomation system) I can understand that you want to get the cars realistic as possible but that whould not be the goal at this point.. just to make it "work great"... I think you are doing great - no doubt about that - but please don't let yourself get stock in microdetailing the cars at the moment... f.ex. it would be much more logical to add detail to the carpentry system with screws as more robust nails etc instead of all 128 parts of the engine to be simulated real time ... I just don't know... (if I use the same level of details on the "make a plank" action you would have to a) chop down the tree and survive the fall (!! without any knowlage/skill you will most likly just crash yourself under it one way or another) ) b) chop the trunk to logs (or not if you want to build a wall instead of a fence !) and remove all branches c) dry the wood for days/weeks/months ! d) remove the bark e) grind the log smooth f) saw some planks out of the wood g) impregnate the plank to make it weather proof ... and I am sure I am missing some important points... now we have 2 clicks with 2 tools and from tree to plank in nearly no time at all AND IT IS WORKING) there are a lot of thinks that are great for itself but not consistent around the game - like the new vehicle weel-UI (created for gamepad users only) and the TV/Radio device UI with is GREAT for mouse-users and looking great too imo... each is working in it's own way but they just don't belong together imo PS sorry about the confusing post.. not much time and it was really bothering me for days now so I had to give it a try :/ long story short meening: you are doing great per se, but try to be more consistent all in all
  14. King-Salomon

    Grave Harvest

    really great stuff guys and mash of course one point after looking at the video: could you PLEASE make the time you need to install/uninstall components more realistic? (not 100% for gameplay reasons but..) ... it is bothering me with older stuff too that the time to build etc is too short, reading is much better to feel "somewhat realistic" but seeing a whole car canibalised in 2 minutes is ... well... hope you will chance it somewhere in the dev progresss
  15. sorry, tryed with WIN+G but when recording there is no problem.. stopping the recording and it is there again :/ will try again later :/
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