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  1. First few minutes I ever played with cars - no freezes - really impressive what I got is this: player character + zombies are behind the front right of the car even if standing before the car ! - if the player is standing behind the car - he is hidden in the front 2/3 of the car - the last 1/3 of the car the avatar is fully seen and the car seen through
  2. there is also something "strange" in this picture: the one part is totally blacked out even if you could "see" it at least in parts from the positition but the part behind the player is not blacked out at all even if THIS place couldn't be seen at all... guess the blacked out part is not working as it should also, with the 2nd picture the room wall is getting transparent way to late to work right (but that is a minor one)
  3. great job guys some little things I wanted to mention: 1) when you are running against a house wall - you get a clipping bug with the wall files even if you are not running anymore but walking along the wall (picture) 2) in the picture there are most of the roof files missing (not sure that is wat) 3) if you look through a window, you have to stand nearly right in front of the window.. shouldn't you be able to look into a house through a window without curtain at least a little bit? Edit: 4) other roof-tiles are missing also sometimes 5) also you can see single white pixels sometimes.. which is irritating sometimes 6) also roof bug which is irritating: 7) were you be able to drink nonstop for hours before? I THOUGHT you could only drink if you were a little bit thirsty? Could drink from sink for hours again and again...
  4. Yes, the whole medical system/screen should be updated with the new illness systems Maybe making the skill more useful too... or better combine it: the more skill you have the more information the health screen will give you - with that it should be easiest o get medical skill points of course without breaking your bones to get something to bandage.. Guess there are a lot of great possibilities to balance it
  5. let's hope they don't reduce the illness-factor too much with this perk ... it's great that the perk isn't "free points" anymore but sound of flys would be great ! A more direct "Danger!!" indicator I would not like so much as it should be an uncertain risk ... but there should be some protection (but definitive not 100%) like a breathmask to reduce the chance of infection. I really like the idea.. looking forward how it will be balanced !!!
  6. there is even a picture of it here
  7. well, as they should be US-cars, which are always on the big side.. but other than that you seems to be right... looks like a car is slightly higher street-to-roof than the player and ca 4x as long... could be that the player shown is only 1.50m high.. so... maybe it's just that but it looks like I have some problems with iso-perspective per se ... have a "problem" (looks odd) about "paralell lines" with the cars .. but it seems to be only me and i DO HAVE problems with my eyes/glases atm.. EDIT: to be said: regardless of my previous comment, they look great I am looking forward to get them ingame
  8. This!! The Animations will change nearly everything I guess - how the game feels, how combat is fought and not last how the game will look like - (hopefully) lots more different clothes, weapons, bags on charakters, etcpp - so it would be important that the cars match with the future look of PZ
  9. thats the most suprising part for me but I am looking forward what you guys get together for 38
  10. +1 extra bags for foraging, electro stuff etc would be great or at least, let the stuff drop to the floor so you have to pick it up ... same with electro pieces from dissabeling of radios etc - if you deconstruct other objects like doors, chairs etc the pieces are also not in your inventory automatical - especially dropping all the electro stuff when you just want to skill is.. let's say... unconfortable...
  11. if they implement syphoning from cars - so why not add syphoning from the stations too instead of "repowering" ... so it would even work without power - ok.. maybe you should use a handpump/other pump instead of sucking... on the other hand... a normal car can go 500-900km with a full tank (ok, maybe less in the USA and with the pickups) ... so fuell would only be a problem if the devs balance it very stricly... (reminds me, there should be a tank truck (? truck wich has stored gas) in the game :D)
  12. for vehicle types: not sure, but it SHOULD be possible to get an information about what kind of cars are registered in the real towns from the local administration - like %-rate of pickups, how many busses, how many uitility cars, how many police cars, hospital cars, school busses etc so you could balance the "special cars" with the "normal" cars with real numbers - but wouldn't help with balancing the car-stats...
  13. not sure if they should do this - other than with glas-fronts it would be VERY tough to drive through a housewall .. ok... the USAs are building everything with wood instead with stone/congrete ... hmm... hard for a european to not forget it.. hmm... so it may be an idea but I would like it better if you could only drive through a shop-wall with lots and lots of windows EDIT: more realistical a problem... I am courios how the "problem" with collisions with "minor obstructions" like postbox, streetsighn, trashbin" might be solved... I have not tried but I GUESS they are not destructible at all atm are they?
  14. one other point: the "radial menue" is a complete other UI type than before... do you guys are thinking about changing the other UIs to the same style? I like the UI for the Radio/TV etc so it would be sad if they would be changed.. on the other hand, to have a different UI style for every feature might be a little problem...
  15. real cool video guys like it a lot.. quick point about OP: maybe it would make sense to make it very unlikly to kill a "not crawler zombie" with a car but make them INTO CRAWLERS after hitting them... you most likly will brake it's legs and hips when you hit them with a car, with some additional injuries with the "flying over the front/to the side" but not Zombie-killing head-wounds (other than from the fall on the head or the hit with the frontwindow if they fly into the front row through the window)... as everyone HATES crawlers, it might be a way to use this that Zombies you drive over will BE crawlers now guess people will think a little before they create hordes of crawlers at there front door