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Tracker Upgrade V1.0.12

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* Introduced My Issues

Issues created by the user will be shown on the index page of the tracker, only if they have created an issue. Sections have been seperated for solved and unsolved issues.


* Searching

Issues can now be searched from the search bar, and results can be narrowed down to the issues themselves. (Search might be incredibly spotty for the first day.)


* Following Content

You can now follow issues and wait for responses. (Status changes will not trigger a notification yet.)


* [ADMIN] Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode can be enabled on the tracker which will prevent users who do not have the relevant moderator permission from entering, while displaying a message. Maintenance mode is currently indicated by the tab title prefix (Maintenance) to tell user if tracker is in maintenance mode.


* [ADMIN] Some Other Features





* Misc language string fixes.

* Index tracker page showed tab title as "Projects" this has been fixed.

* Follow buttons no longer causes errors.


If you hit any configuration error messages, shoot me a PM or a reply here and tell me what you were doing and I'll see about fixing it!

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