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Project Zomboid Stories - Online Issue 1.

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Hey all I've been recording my online play, the characters I meet. The stories that unfold within the RP.
Sorry about the rough editing and voice overs. hopefully you enjoy.



Volume 1. 

12 hours after the outbreak the ever-growing epidemic spreads throughout Westpoint and beyond. The situation is getting worse as the recently deceased are returning to life. A few weeks into the outbreak The Mayor of WestPoint and he's bodyguard Terry find refuge in Bedford with a small group and begin trying to survive.







Volume 2.
The Mayor is gone but the group continues to go on. Bryce and Rob Wallace have taken over leading the group and are using the Mayors idea with being walls around their homes. They built a safe paradise around a small empty neighborhood in Westpoint. The only danger they meet now is on food runs, but that's about to change as one of the new survivors is not what he seems.

This Volume also shows the conclusion to Dr Webb continued experiments on his family.













Volume 3

Still safe in the Paradise things take a turn for the worst. A group member is murdered and then the assailant declares an all out war on Bryce and Terrys home bringing with him a army of the Walking Dead.

This volume was a game changer featuring many lost characters.
















Volume 4

With Paradise lost, Terry and River find refuge near Westpoint. The zombie have now taken over most of the entire world. Terry and River look back on their past, on the future and wonder if there are any other humans still alive...













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Are the voice overs from the ones playing, if not then you should send a script sometime, I'll do a few lines and send you the audio file. As you can see I'm really wanting to get invo9led in this, since this is the stuff I've been dreaming, someone would do. But who knows how things turn out, just let me know sometime I guess

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Nah the voiceovers are just from people helping out.

Yeah that's fine by me. Ill get together a character bio. Put lines down and email them to your near the weekend.

Could you help me out by passing the link for me video to any friends who are zomboid fans. I'm trying to get my channel more noticed :D

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I also love how the main character is the guy from Seinfeld. Cosmo Kramer? Coincidence? I think not!



Hahaha yeah, I imagine him always sliding into bryces kitchen heading straight for the fridge.

Nice work! I like how the Mayor is his own distinct character and personality. He's a wimp prone to fits of rage.  Right now, Terry and Bryce are also distinct but very similar.  It will be nice to see greater distinction between the personalities in the coming episodes.


Yeah the Mayor has comically crazy, he goes from crying to shouting to hiding. 


I'm not sure who the guy was who played bryce but his character stays the same, pretty much the all round good guy type. Terry hardens as the online play goes on and becomes more dark.


Episode 4/5 on-wards begin introducing much more characters, some funny some evil.


When you get time guys if you can subscribe, like and comment my zomboid videos it would be much appreciated :-D

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