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  1. Hey mate can't seem to add you, could you send me a pm and add and your steam nane


     need some help filming a new film if you're game 

  2. I suppose any threads like these are the result of no one ever clicking on and reading( Save Yourself a Post (Announcements, Info, NPCs .etc) link in the discussions tab
  3. not sure really, as far as i know the creator wanted to wait until the game was more developed before he made his next series or volume. I loved making voices for this dude. I was doing pretty good, then i ended up moving and diddnt have internet for awhile then was working dam near every weekend so having the time would have been rough. Either way im as egar as you are for the next series to begin
  4. Pink Floyd always gets me in the mood
  5. Got a few good laughs with this series haha good work.
  6. Its been awhile since i played this and when i fired it up today i was like dam, i thought i was good at this game. Good work! This whole killing you before the long, self sustained end game is indeed hard for me now, found that out quick when i fired a shotgun......
  7. Any thoughts on selling merchandise,so you have some extra revenue? Honestly these days you can have a costume emblem posted on shirts,coffee mugs and all that crap you can think of. I know their is a lot involved on your part, since what you would be paying has to be less then what your making obviously. Have you guys thought about it? I would love to have a shirt of spiffo or some zombies with the logo and all the stuff. Now i can see why Heisenberg from breaking bad had such a hard part to complete. He made a product but always had trouble in distribution.
  8. When are NPC's coming out? Worst Ban/Lockedthread Question of all time.
  9. A final end to the Webb saga at last....man that guy was a dick. In a way its as if i died as well,haha. Thats when i had a sudden thought, Dr.Webb should have a twin brother that terry meets down the line, talks the same, looks the same, but is actually a good guy. Or even at times have Terry haunted by Webb, not actually a ghost but every now and then hear his voice as if hes talking to him, just as a chillful reminder of how evil he really was. Kinda like on the walking dead, where the black dude is seeing the governor and what not. Just a idea though.
  10. I love the zombie system now. I was impressed when I played survival, after many have seems it to easy. Yea the grouping mechanic needs a few tweaks but alps good I think. Last game I played I fired a shotgun, wow what a major difference indeed holy shit! But. I like it cuz my whole opionon on sound in this game is simple. If your the only one making noise in a world that's finally noise free from humans. Then any gun shot would indeed be heard from miles away. So all the zombies comming to you in this build for fire in a weapon is realistic.
  11. if toots is good then rootin tootin gotta be the best then
  12. So is it right to have that " this is coming to an end" feeling. Your have running this since last August and its almost a year going now. I can only hope you keep this kind of movie ordeal going. It may be nothing like this story or a subbranch of it( cough, cough, gag Dr. Webb spin-off, cough.....) but its something ive followed though and love it, i can only say as far as it getting out, with views on youtube. for example. Its all about the tag names, and if you agree to have ads in your videos. There's lots of ways to get your art out in the world just gotta start diggin.
  13. I would ask you some "how to" stuff but that be like trying to explain math to a dog so don't bother. Lol
  14. Volume 4 and 5 I played with a group of guys all huge Romero fans lol I started chucking in some lines for Terry from land of the dead to get a few laughs. With clever editing I've cut out the countless times we typed 'loool' during these volumes. Get ready for volume5 where most of my friends jump in constant line snatching and quoting. One of my mates even makes the Jamaican guy as a character lol Volume 5 was the hardest one to edit due to the amounts of times each character laughs . Was great playing with Romero fans lol! yea im settting there about to take a drink and i hear a line and im like, really,lol. Its funny for me cuz at work i theres times i speak in movie lines for no apparent reason at all. But yes im a romero fan as well, as if i did not make that point on the last post, hehe.
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