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  1. Alex2213


    Loving the look of this, and a release plan separating single player from multiplayer would be something that would work very well. It'll get the update to the community a little bit faster, and probably help you guys iron out whatever bugs are found quicker. Looking forward to getting back into this, hopefully not too long to try this out now!
  2. Alex2213

    Combat Renovations

    Regarding when you get eaten now, I remember a while ago I saw that there was plans for some different death animations eventually, with hopefully some cool looking Romero style deaths. I know this won't be added in till a good while later once the anims are already out as it shouldn't be a priority, but in the meantime I personally think it would be better if when your character dies from getting eaten by like 6 or more zombies, he shouldn't come back as a zombie himself. Something about it just looks a bit weird to me, I'd prefer it if the character just got eaten for a while and then left in a giant pool of blood. Obviously if he dies from getting bit or a couple of zombies it would make sense for him to come back. Idk if anyone else agrees?
  3. I helped the gamevoice group do The Forest film. Hopefully he does more Lakeview Cabin though.
  4. Lol this is a film I was able to help you on! just watched the entire thing now! glad to help I can help on zomboid, when are you back? I also liked Mad Max and your lackview cabin stuff happy to do more voices, you haven't postedin here for ages? still around?
  5. Just realized this bad boy finally went up, looking forward to zomboid again!
  6. Loving the new look. I have a feeling this will make the game much more immersive, hopefully down the line we can get some gruesome character death animations. There will be nothing like seeing the character you spent month with get ripped to pieces. I gotta ask, is there a need for the line of sight system to be in play when you die? I don't know if I'm alone on this but I'd prefer it if when you die you could see all the zombies around the screen.
  7. So creative didn't make it into build 33, does this mean build 34 will have both creative and the new animation system or only 1 of the 2?
  8. So Buzz will turn up in your zomboid series at one point right?
  9. Glad to see lakeview is up, worth the wait! Just in case some of you haven't seen it!
  10. The new lakview cabin update is coming, you gotta hurry with your movie!
  11. How's lakeview cabin going? Will the video be up soon or what? Still looking for a women voice.... its taking ages man
  12. Love the roleplay on this server but there is a serious lack of zombies! There is no threat to anyone!
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