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  1. I still remember you James. Old Nawn Dawners. </3

    1. Jamesonline


      Ill be back on with the crew soon, can i have the link to your server, ill pass it to my guys to sign up

  2. I still remember you SuperJack. </3

  3. I still remember you Karen. </3

  4. Me and my mate are going to recreate the last two episodes with the big zombie war on the base, then I'll just continue Terrys story on another Server. Bean bros if you're watching this, IM me and ill tell you my server so i can film some of your stuff. Dr Webb please do the same as you... well you remember what goes down in Volume 5 lol No I just need someone to take Rob Wallaces role as he was still around. Cheers man! You should try New Dawn RP!
  5. XD, I'll send him it,he'll laugh. cheers dude. Good things are to come. Just waiting for Brandon Steel Voice actor to send me some clips and ill be able to edit it and upload the new episode hopefully next week. XD, I'll send him it, he'll laugh.
  6. Yeah, I'd imagine you'd lose lots. Considering probably every single byte (That how you spell it?) on your computer is taken up by seventy hours of Project Zomboid XD!
  7. They were all recordings from Picking up the Pieces, with Dawn Reed and the rest. The guy says he has like almost seventy hours of footage or some ridiculous amount XD.
  8. #1 Webb is the most evil bastard on the planet XD #2 Webb isn't to good at the whole 'Losing someone you love,' thing is he? Haha, great episode as always though.
  9. Lol after seeing those lines at least you get to see how creepy Webb becomes, just wait till The Bean brothers arrive, they are twisted redneck zombie shagging guys. Whoever played as them brought some funny twisted stuff to the server http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tqxzWdKKu8
  10. I mean it's like a New York accent meets a Chicago accent.
  11. Oh Lord, for sure I thought Elwood Blues was Dr. Webb when he first talked XD. But other than that it seems pretty interesting on what's coming up! Looks like Terry is going to assume the leadership position of the group and that one of the group members are gonna' get captured or something by Webb, but those are just my predictions! Also I love how they still called Cosmo the "Mayor" even after he resigned XD. Great episode though! Can't wait to see what's in store!
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