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  1. It could be anti-virus/firewall programs blocking access either on the client or the server. But that's just a guess.
  2. The diagonal roads might just work. I'm using Photoshop to edit. I have a brush set up for each road size type so if I need I can edit the roads manually. Other then that this tool will be invaluable! When I have the base map I'm working on done I'll post it here too.
  3. Is there any way to rotate the map or can that only be done in the image editor?
  4. Lets hope this can be fixed one day.
  5. I know that much, but I do not want to lose a character I have put so much time into.
  6. I was playing on MP and my computer crashed (not due to the game) and shut down. When I tried to log back into the server I will not download the map and will just wait for ever trying to re download the map. I have tried deleting the map_meta.bin but it does not help. I tried removing some of the other files but most of them just end in me needing to make a new character. Is there any fix for this? Cheers
  7. Going to have a look at this. Been doing this by hand and eye so far WoW! This is great!!
  8. TheGmork

    Mac Trouble on MP

    well, after all the frowning and frustration and the reading it seems it was fixed by using a direct connect ip (instead of internet ip) >.> I should have thought of it sooner. Silly me.
  9. TheGmork

    Mac Trouble on MP

    Yes she is connecting through wifi, to the internet and then too the server.
  10. TheGmork

    Mac Trouble on MP

    Hello I started a server on a dedicated win 7 pro computer. It's an older I3 intel, quad core 3.45 ghz with 4 gig ram. No special add-ons or hardware, just kept the machine simple. Other then Java and Steam it has no other programs running on it. I have removed the security and firewall services as well as some other bloated windows services like themes. My router is configured to send the server information through the right ports and I added enough range to handle a lot of players (though I set the server to accept only 50 connections.) I have it running 30.10 iwbums build. I have no trouble connecting and playing apart from the occasional lost packet ending in the map cell not to load. I have not heard of any one else having trouble with the server (yet) and quite a few people have joined it so far. However, My wife has a mac book pro and is constantly failing to load map cells. The only thing she can do once a cell does not load is kill the application and reload. This is happening a lot to the point she cant play. We have removed all the anti-virus apps of her mac as well as opened the built in fire wall for PZ. The real kicker is that she can play on other servers with out this happening. Is this a mac/windows connecting issue? Should I bite the bullet and use Linux even though I have no experience with it? Can any one think of a what might be causing this? Please help. Cheers. Oh, my connection is Cable internet. Download 30+ Mb/s Upload 1+ Mb/s
  11. When it comes to cooking though, unless you are just tossing the food into the coals, you will need a good support to put, say, a pan or pot on or rocks to hold up a spit, so on and so forth.
  12. Perhaps then a Spade/Trowel + stones in your inventory, then place fire pit from the right click menu
  13. Change to Camp-fire Craft Recipe With the introduction of the scavenging skill and the ability to find stones, I think it would be a good idea to change the camp-fire craft recipe from Plank + Riped Bandages to Stones x 4. It makes much more sense then the old one now. If you really wanted it to be 1 step more complicated then it could be Stones x 4 + Twigs, bit I think the stones are enough. After all, the camp-fire is just a ring of stones
  14. Sure, but stop and the end of dawn of the dead. That intelligent zombie crap that Romero keeps pulling needs to be ignored. As an aside, my favorite zombie of all time was in the original dawn of the dead. One of them grabs a characters m-16 by the barel and keeps carrying it around like that for the rest of the movie . Yeah, that was a good one. But remember, even in Dawn of the dead they ask the question 'Why are they coming to the mall'? and they seem to agree it must be some sort of residual memory.Sure, I like the idea that a zombie might go to the mall or something because they spent a lot of time there as a person. It would explain all those zombies in the bathrooms and even gives a good reason for zombies to tend to stay in and around a town when the lack of food would more logically cause all the zombies to eventually just leave in search of food elsewhere. It would even be amusing to see a zombie in a less serious movie sitting in a car and making vroom vroom sounds. That being said, personally, I draw the line at zombies being trained and especially do not support the fully sapient zombie crap he pulled in land of the dead. Lol a la Shaun of the Dead style when his Step Dad shuts off the music in the car? I agree with what you are saying though. The intellegent zombie thing just breaks too far away from the original quality of Romero's original zombies. The ease of movement in the mall in Dawn of the Dead was quite hilarious though. Yeah, like Shaun's Step Dad Watched the original Dawn of the Dead now. Yes they all concur that there must be some form of residual memory though all higher thought is gone and only instinct remains. I don't think they were moving around the mall that well, falling over fountains, freaking out on escalators falling down stairs... falling down just because
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