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  1. Good job on the new forum layouts m8. cheers
  2. granted. that is all that you remember is to buy sugar. you eat sugar you wash yourself in sugar you drink sugar you date sugar you have sex with sugar you have sugarlettes and live in a sugar condo. you are...sugar. i wish to become the definition of corrupt.
  3. I GET A DONALD TRUMP FISH...SWEET. (is danald twump supporter :3) granted. but they are dinosaur t-rex arms i wish for a speck of dust
  4. Granted. But as you wipe the shmotz off of your monocole it screams in terror saying "PLEASE NO. GOD NO PLEASE NOT IN MY EYES AAAAH" But you continue to do it...you know why? Cause you love to wipe it down Hardee and harder until it begs for it. It has also seen everything you have seen and starts talking about it out loud. EVERYTHING. I wish for my fish back. :C
  5. granted. your computer explodes. i wish for a fish but not a fish on a dish but a fish that really likes fine finnish wine.
  6. So i went on the corrupt a wish thread on the forum games and somebody wished for more bernie sanders in their life..and somebody did this... can we please make a mod like this including donald trump XD (EthanWdp did this btw) Granted. Every person you know is replaced by Bernie Sanders. You wake up and your significant other is now a wrinkly, old man who won't stop talking to you about trickle-down economics. You enter a Starbucks, the smell of $1000 perfume ripe in the air, with a loud atmosphere of normal people talking. You sigh in relief, only to turn around and see that your barista is now Bernie Sanders. He gives you a "#feelTheBern" mug with extra-extra-extra-extra-extra-steeped tea and hands you a "Vote for Bernie 2016" pamphlet. The Bernening has started. You look over your shoulder and you see a group of Bernies viciously tackling and turning survivors. The sound of police sirens fills the air and floods the store with pulsating red and blue. Not sure whether to be relieved or afraid, you avidly watch the police cruiser. After a tense ten seconds, a Bernie Sanders opens the door and steps out. The customers of the restaurant you are in turn to look at you with hunger in their eyes - they have all felt the Bern. You yell in disbelief and fright before bolting off in the other direction, only to find that the doors have been sealed shut with "#SandersForPresident2016" stickers. Suddenly, the horde starts dissipating in two opposite directions as a holy light permeates through the room. It's Bernie Sanders. He bellows in a deep, deep voice; "Embrace the light." Your vision fades to black. You have felt the Bern.
  7. Hey guys while i was gone for a year i found a really intresting looking game. its called astroneer and its a polygon game which takes place in space where you build space bases and land on other planets. heres the link to their trailer video :3 and a link to their sub reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Astroneer/ Enjoy
  8. Granted. your blood turns to ice. i wish for a bagel
  9. the blood was poiosnous so you die. thought i was dead.
  10. im back and im better then ever.....

  11. [hi guys im back after getting banned for a month...and getting kicked out of That Which Must Not Be Named] you die because lol you die lol lol you die
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