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  1. that would be a very good solution!! =)
  2. Sweet! I understand what you mean about the building, that solved my question, thanks!
  3. My concern was about the engine: When you're behind a building you see transparency, but how does it behave when there are several floors overlapped? That concerns me as well with my (imaginary for now) japanese town...
  4. what i like most it's the diversity in the buildings and their realism at the same time! How are you going to manage the space behind the buildings? won't moving there be quite a pain?
  5. Personally, i do. Indeed.
  6. That's neat! I'll try and report you back! Thanks for the help!
  7. Oook.... where do i find what i have to write inside the spawnpoints.lua? Cheers Jack EDIT: sorry for my neebyness... i'm currently learning two script languages and a phisical simulation program, dealing with different syntaxes is kinda tough...
  8. Ah. I had no idea, since i everytime spawned in the centre of the map i though i didn't need them! And it doesn't explain why i managed to play with the map too. However, i'll fix that too! =) Cheers Jack
  9. Hi everyone! I've been trying to load my custom map on a last stand challenge to test if my buildings are playable or not, but somehow almost every time i try to load it the screen freeze until i'm dead. In the console, i got the "null point" error that others have found as well. What is interesting is that at the end i generated also an empty lot, with only the ground defined, and i got the same error. Yesterday evening i managed to play on my map once, with no errors at all. But as soon i made some changes on the buildings (thus i re-generated the lots and overwritten them in the PZ folder) the error pop out again. I've searched in this section to see if someone else reported the error, if i missed the thread i apologize in advance. Thanks, Jack
  10. Very very very cool! I believe you! Meanwhile, i've "real" models to build for my "real" hobby. Fenris Games is waiting for some new buildings to be sculpted!
  11. custom tiles should be SOOOO lovely for such a project...
  12. it is seriously impressive! Did you already add fornitures to each room? that's the part that takes longer for me atm!
  13. Eh! At the moment i got discouraged by the fact that my sprites might be useless as long as Devs don't implement a modding system in the game... I will concentrate more on the japanese city, with or without those poles!
  14. sure thing! Without sharing the whole project is pointless! Of course we could wait for the Devs to release a "package" system, but if there's a simplier situation it's even better! ^^
  15. OK, in the tile creation tutorial (in pdf) i didn't find anything about that! =( So you just keep your busses - metro for yourself, and you can't play with them, right?
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