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  1. Enjoy his series, heard the whole pasta sauces theory before, interesting stuff. Last sentence to me basically reads as: Step 1. Make Project Zomboid Video Step 2. ??? Step 3. Profit. Sorry had to do it. Nerdcubed was going to make a video, but never think it ever materialised. Aside from that I get what you're wanting to do, but I mean really you can never predict when/how these flash in the pan sort of popularities go and last. You can't really force something to become a trend, I mean look at Twitch Plays Pokemon, and look how quickly that it's faded away. While I admit trends would be a boost in sales, they're usually just that shot of adrenaline before it goes back down to that steady sale rate. I don't think that a trend of Project Zomboid should be manufactured, they usually ring hollow. If it did become a trend it should be done naturally. Edit: Well shit, RoboMat summed it up nicely. Hey dude, I want to talk to you about something. Please add me @Skype: Must Killah
  2. You only need the folder with dates on it - copy it and use it as backup.
  3. Lemme give you some tip - if your saved game is important and don't want to start all over and over again every time...there is a solution to that. You can find your saved file inside the users/username/project zomboid. Copy the saved file from either Survival, Sandbox, or Challenge (whichever mode you have played).
  4. Your rushing things - this is going to kill you early in the game. Crawlers is easy to kill when you know the timing, sometimes your character swings and no hit (some sort of bug) point the mouse button in the crawler's position (possibly in the head) then hit LMB when the crawler is close enough for you to kill it. It is much better though to avoid crawlers as much as possible.
  5. Hey, just for fun - post a funny pics that you can find in the net. --- Rules: - Images that contains nudity is not permitted. - PZ fun pics is appreciated - Resize the image (if your not lazy) to about 160x160 pixels - Copy the image address from image hosting sites e.g imgur, tinypic so when people starts clicking the link - they will be redirected outside the forum - that way we can avoid loading problem and server lag. --- I go first, this might be old or some of you have already seen it but heck I take my chances http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m89lfymU3Q1r1dbm4o1_500.jpg
  6. OP, all sounds good to me. If you can do it - then you gonna make all this people eating their own words.
  7. A fresh start is always good, try to select trait that can help you survive longer e.g light eater.
  8. You can find sledgehammer (very important & essential to have it early) in the "McC-errr-i-forgot-the-name corp" up north if you look at the map. It's not far if you started in Muldraugh. One last thing, don't forget to check out the perimeters before your character goes to sleep. better safe than sorry. Happy gaming dudes!
  9. No, they don't respawn or reanimate, once you killed them - they stay dead, bodies & blood could be everywhere by then but If you were talking about zombie distribution - depends, in survival they are normal in numbers, in sandbox - insane setting could be a problem & a challenge; every streets, backyards, every turn is infested. You best watch out for alarms, gunshots, helicopters or any noise that could make them move - this could be a problem for you later on, sleepless nights and sometimes makes the zombies more aggressive to break down your safe house's windows. Sometimes, bathroom zombies could be worst and mostly considered to be the deaths of most players if you're careless. Okay, so we are a bit spoiling the gameplay here...when I first started playing this game I died like 15 times a day, then figured out that rushing things is one of the biggest wrong decision you could ever make. So be careful, plan ahead, and be smooth everytime.
  10. In my opinion, there is no destination or a place of where you should go next. The game is not linear, it's random...why? first of all the loots is random, zombie spawns everywhere, so you never know what could happen next, one wrong decision could be your doom, one lousy movement could be your end. This game test your survival skills, your decision making, what would you do when a zombie apocalypse ever happens in real life? how would you do it in order to survive? Where you should go next? I can't answer that. I say, play the game a bit longer...roam the map, just be careful though...they're everywhere. How to survive longer? Play it safe, don't rush things, go get a safe house and barricade, up your skills e.g carpentry (it's important), consume your food as few as possible (I always start with light eater trait - this helps a lot), loot more food e.g berries, canned goods. When things gets scarce - after 5 months, then "This is how died" is a big reason why they have put that during load times. Big part right there. Oh, save as much bullets as you can, you gonna need it. Good Luck
  11. Good idea with the funnel to fill bottles faster.
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