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  1. I say it would be much too uncomfortable to run around wrapped up in duct tape. maybe something like a motocross protector made of some material would be more reasonable.
  2. if coconut is added, please add coconut helmet
  3. Heporlathic


    if there will be cars, i want a soapbox racer
  4. I'm not sure man, I wish this game wouldn't consist of so much skill grinding - but more immediate fun
  5. nice idea, but what happens if 2 of them collide?
  6. The way I see a stalking mechanism to be implemented would be if NPC's were building crates/log walls in the area of your base. Maybe some banana peels, too (creepy!) Any other way of giving the player the feeling of being stalked? - items missing from crates? - broken walls/furniture - notes with death threats like that?
  7. It would be a very good running gag if you had 1000 random possible shouts ALOAH OI HELLO AYE YO PSST LISTEN
  8. I think the Q button should not send text, it should put an exclamation mark over the players head? Or something like that? I think that HEY and OVER HERE kind of don't represent what people really mean
  9. Yeah, well I think you don't even need a sound for that - a little notification somewhere should be enough, like a star on the skill-icon ( that does not exist ) I somehow agree that the chant is kind of immersion breaking, for instance when youre making log walls at night. Also the sound plays when you're running around, which feels weird, because you haven't achieved anything
  10. The best thing would be if your character could get fat/thin over time - but that involves too much dynamic belly for now
  11. I think you shouldn't be "artificially" adding the horror to the game. Note that every game gets boring after a while, if you know how everything operates. Maybe the key to surprising/scaring the player is to have unpredictable zombie behaviour, darker nights ( I did a post on this ), and of course psycho npcs that fire their automatic weapons at 3 AM in the forest, hunting deers. I think some sort of a late game stalker would just turn the game into something completely else, not relying on the continuous horror anymore, but a quick scare moment. All in all I think unpredictable things are the most scary Happy times, your heportlathic
  12. Well, I like it, cause I'm all for creativity when it comes to weapons/accessoires. Ideally I wouldn't want everyone running around with the default axe, the default rolling pin, etc. And I think that throwing weapons need some more love, because that would be what I would use to fend off zombies. just my 6845 cents
  13. What I meant with rationing was: Go on for as long as you can without drinking a drop of water. Not wasting any of that precious liquid gold. Do you mean that survival experts are not sure if it is good to wait out your thirst? For the more nomadic playstyles its definetly a must to drink thoughtfully, as soon as the water shuts down/and even before Cheerio
  14. When you posess a container full of water, the character automatically drinks it - wouldn't it be better if you had to decide which fluid you'd like to drink? I think it would make sense for strategically rationing your water supply. Also a slider from 1% to 100% for the amount of food/fluid you want to take from an item would be awesome, with a quick button to eat/drink everything. Which also brings up the question why there is no consumption limit for food and drinks. Ok, thx bye!
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