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  1. Whilst I don't have any issues with reversing the roles, (you can choose to be male or female in survival/sandbox so why not in the tutorial) a woman being the recipient of something negative isn't sexist. You have no idea how Kate broke her leg. She could have broken it being a total badass, singlehandedly killing 40 zombies to save Baldspot who was cowering in the corner somewhere. We all need assistance from time to time. We can all get hurt and break our legs, regardless of gender. I've broken mine, my friend Poppy broke hers, in separate but equally stupid incidents. There's only 2 choices, woman or man. Someone was going to draw the short straw.
  2. I'm completely against solar panels and here's why. Apart from the initial "struggle" of finding parts and installation on your base/fort, there's zero negative consequences for having them. At least with a generator it's loud, thus drawing zombies towards you, and would be used sparingly. A generator would also run out of fuel, forcing you to go scavenge for more and enter dangerous situations. Unless something physically smashes into the thick glass and damages the modules, the only maintenance required with solar panels is cleaning the glass to keep efficiency as high as possible. Even this is only necessary about 4-5 times annually, totaling 20 hours maximum, if I'm being quite generous. Solar panels would just make the game easier, power would just be one less thing to worry about. The game is supposed to be a challenge.
  3. I never realised that this was called a wolf hole. The description got grim towards the end. As if landing a big spike wasn't bad enough, "Sometimes rotting meat or feces would be smeared onto the points to cause serious infection and quite often death." That would be an awesome addition. Being able to build wolf holes, but also having to treat infection if you land on a shitty stick.
  4. Not necessary in my opinion. Has the potential to cause a lot more controversy than it's worth.
  5. Personally, I don't think this is a necessary addition. When taking the deaf trait, people should be aware of its consequences and accept the fact they need to be more vigilant. In real life, a window frame shouldn't move when you bang on the glass pane. In my opinion, if this was to be included it should come way down the pipeline once NPCs, vehicles, stealth, hunting, different clothes, wearable bags and all the other things the devs mentioned have been added.
  6. I think the most you can hope for is being able to ride a skateboard. Anything else involving tricks or ramps I really can't see being implemented. But hey, that's just my opinion. I'm not a dev. I could be proved wrong.
  7. I was OK with this suggestion until doing tricks was mentioned. This is the zombie apocalypse, not Tony Hawk's Trick Tips featuring Kris Markovich. Navigating the streets quicker on a board, fine, as long as it's loud! Anything else would be farcical. Skateboarding takes a ridiculous amount of time and dedication to get good. You wouldn't have time to practise skating and the only dedication should be survival.
  8. Zombies (crawlers included) are meant to be a threat. If you add shin guards, it eliminates the only threat crawlers have. You might as well just remove crawlers because they'd be purely for show.
  9. The only one who sounds "butt hurt" is yourself. People are allowed to disagree with your opinions and explain their reasons why. I like some of the other ideas you have. Being able to hit zombies whilst moving makes sense. Kicking doors, cool. I really like the idea of your character tripping over, especially if they were panicked. I can see myself screaming at the screen "GET THE F UP!! THIS IS NOT THE TIME!!"
  10. I agree. Average dog can hear a ticking watch from 80 yards away. Their sense of smell is much better than their hearing. They'd be off. The only thing I could think of that might cause the dog's demise would be if it saw its owner, who'd turned, and instinctively ran over. Even then, I reckon it'd know something was wrong when the owner started acting erractically.Either that, or if a dog was trapped in a room with a zombie. Zombies don't need sleep.
  11. Back in the day at school, my brothers friend was pushed through a window. He got a gash from the centre of his hand right up to midway to his elbow. It was deep, really deep. He cut tendons and muscles, his arm was ruined. For a long time, he lost the feeling that part of his arm and also lost a lot of motor function in his hand. He still has problems today but it's got better over time. He was wearing a shirt, a school jumper and a coat when it happened. You could argue he was unprepared and didn't tuck in or do some other crazy dive you've seen on movies, but like Syfy said, real glass in real windows has no problem going through skin, or most clothes. It's harder, sharper and the long pieces around the edge of the point of impact are lethal. It ruins people's day basically.
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