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  1. Here is a bit more feedback. I think the very high requirement to be able to hotwire a car is all fine and dandy, because there are already plenty of vehicles available for both survival and 6 months after. If anything there are too many vehicles almost ready to go. Finding a battery is a pain in the ass and it should be that way for 6 months after, but I'd prefer to see more extreme vehicles conditions. By that I mean a decently charged battery, but all tires gone, or some doors ripped off. Another vehicle can still have some fuel, but the engine is beyond repair. Right now
  2. Maybe you want to add the text asking for feedback, which you have already posted on steam. Anyway, playing bog standard survival I spawned in Rosewood and filled up a whole fleet of vehicles with fuel and drove to a nearby farm. After commuting for a couple of days, I have more cars and fuel that I'll ever need and I am back to playing farmville. A broken muffler didn't impress me any. I can drive around the map, but I just don't know why I would do that at all. I know there won't be any airdrops, but there have to be reasons to move. There is no zombie horde approach
  3. I listened to a number of lectures on deep learning and neural nets. Now I wonder if any of that can be applied to PZ. Is it possible to let an AI learn this game? I know this game is indefinetely more complex than Go, but Alpha Go (that AI that beat Lee Sedong, the world champion) didn't win through brute computational power, but by learning on its own. My question is more wishful thinking than anything else, but for once in my life, I want to see some decent AI. The game feels real with the sheer amount of features and size of the gameworld and the zombies are like a force of nat
  4. Average Framerate Seen: easily 80 fps driving at 60 - 80 km/h through the countryside, in cities 60 - 80 fps driving at 30 - 60 km/h Lowest Framerate Seen: I managed to make it drop below 60 fps in Muldraugh after creating a horde How it felt: very smooth overall, although I've seen some hitches driving from Rosewood to Muldraugh at 80 km/h +. Walking and running around at 100 fps. All the framerates are at max zoom. Resolution: 1440pGraphics Card: GTX 1080tiProcessor: core i-7 7700kRAM: 16 GB Game settings: Survival
  5. I got two weeks off and haven't played PZ in ages. Is there anything in particular that needs testing?
  6. I'm hoping for some proper descriptions of any given situation instead of the generic texts we have so far. Here are some examples: - People can't go back to Muldraugh, but there isn't even an interview with some concerned parents who left their kids home with the grandparents. Nor is there an interview with a business owner whose going bankrupt. - The situation is unclear, but the media isn't speculating. Really?! I haven't seen conflicting reports either. - Whatever text there is, is lifeless and so short that it can't be anything but lifeless. There is lots of military, but there is h
  7. I said running through trees in a t-shirt. You can already wear a jumper and I don't think you should suffer scratches just because you are running through trees. Add to that wearing a t-shirt and being tired. The game is obviously far away from completion and the balancing will come later. I find it lackluster that already existing features are not really in use.
  8. As I understand it Romain Dron is working on a new feature and we'll be able to gather some plants in the woods and to craft some medicine. Anyway, as it is getting easier to treat your wounds, wounds should obviously more likely. Back then, when the medical system got more complicated, I fully expected to injure myself from chopping down trees, sawing and the like. But it never ever happened. Even though getting bitten by zombies should be the number one cause of your death, I think there is too much of a focus on it. Someone who has never crafted anything with his hands will obviously in
  9. This is more of a personal note in game development and communicating with the fans, instead of the usual heads up for Lemmy. In general I don’t care, if I buy a crappy game. Some years ago, I bought The Witcher 1 and 2 during a winter steam sale and both games are just shite. Although they are both well made, they are still shite. They are just as unappealing as a Tomb Raider game I bought during the last summer sale. After all, I have only spent a few euros and I can’t be upset, because it is like trying some new food. Even if the game development suffers, I still don’t care. I bought
  10. Will a higher difficulty level ever be a challenge? Here is what I mean to ask. Choosing 8 months in instead of Survival as a difficulty level the game becomes more of a grindfest. But the game still doesn't require you to think to survive. Beating up a battalion of 3 year olds is tedious and boring. Killing another sniper in a duell is a proper fight. Does the team view this as a problem and will it ever be adressed?
  11. I have a number of questions regarding the new map editor. Will people be able to add new ground textures, vegetation, new floors, walls and roofs, so we can create new biomes and cities? And equally important to me, how will we able to add layers like zombie density, rain probability and heat? Or is the editor on its own smart enough to distinguish the city centre from the outskirts and to adjust the zombie density accordingly? I am so looking forward to this. Unfortunately it takes a disciplined team with a clear idea and focus to create anything noteworthy. Years ago I made scenes for
  12. About the "You have one day challenge" Possible exploits: 1. The game doesn't save that zombies are banging on a door. Saving and loading therefore increases the longevity of your safe house. 2. The game keeps on adding more and more zombies close to you in your safe house. Saving and loading resets the zombie count to way lower numbers. 3. It seems that I can see the number of planks going down a door and I therefore know when the defences will be broken. It is also possible to see the glass of a window get broken, even though I am inside a flat and the window is in the hallway. Som
  13. I don't like the approach to this survey. Which difficulty level are we talking about? Is it Survival? If that is true, make sure you state that upfront. And then there is a huge difference between SP and MP. Finally there should be a spreadsheet with all the traits, so the likelihood of people going through the long list of traits is increased and the grading should be standardized. The grades could be very OP, OP, a little OP, balanced and vice versa. And then there is the category of plain useless traits. If a mod can create an excel spread sheet for the users to download, we can upload t
  14. Some feedback on the CDAA: I obviously like it for a change and I am glad that I can save and continue properly. The problem is, it is just too easy. I see how I can no longer kill many zombies effectively with fire or brute force and it creates a different kind of sneaky gameplay. Still, once I have tweezers I am fine, because the deep wound heals without suturing it and even though I have an infection I can't see how it has any impact on my gameplay. Here is what I did, which might help as a guide for those who just die. I have enough time in the burning house to take some curtains down,
  15. Great to see that the CDAA can be continued. I will surely test that once the update is out.
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