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  1. Thanks for this, manual installation worked.
  2. It's still happening, atleast to me
  3. Any fix for this yet? None of the tips above have helped so far, would love to check out the new map area...
  4. I've had the zoom issue for as far as I can remember, last year I figured out that everytime I launch the game I have to turn off the zoom and then back on for it to work.
  5. If you can't zoom out at all try changing the zoom option to no and then back to yes, that works with me.
  6. 2 More questions from me: Will there be more spawning locations in the future? For example, if you take the cop profession and just starting up inside your house seems weird to me, I mean police officers are supposed to serve and protect, right? It'd be cool with the NPC's added someday that you could maybe start up in the police station's conference room while an emergency meeting is being held regarding the current situation, or something similar. The second shorter question; Will we be able to dig graves someday? Atleast when the NPC's are added, I want to make sure my dead companions may truly rest in peace.
  7. How will the NPC's react to the zombie apocalypse in the beginning of it? Will they act like players and just start looting houses and beating zombies to death with spoons? Or will they act more "normal" for example trying to get to a police station in hopes of the police force saving them? Listening to a radio / watching TV to figure out whats going on? Or just simply getting into their car and flooring it the hell out of major cities and areas infested with zombies? Etc...
  8. Mopo

    Spray Paint Mod v2.3a

    Oh hey, just wondering that does this mod work correctly with build 26?
  9. Rhinitis trait sounds brilliant, I hope it or something relative will someday make it to ingame.
  10. Oh hey, just was wondering that how do I remove the bedford falls? I'd really like to start my game in Muldraugh again..
  11. A quick question, where and what is the root folder? I couldnt find the HERE folder neither.
  12. Mopo


    Well... About everything, I do have somekind of an idea of how the program works thanks to the prison build video. It would be hard to state specific problems and questions because I have too many and half of them I have no idea how to pronounce in english.
  13. Mopo


    I'd want to start mapping with project zomboid tools or atleast try them but so far I haven't found much tutorials teaching about using the tools and about mapping in general. I watched the prison building vid but it didn't teach me much about using the tools. So im asking if anyone has come upon an tutorial video, an post, whatever will do. Thankz
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