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  1. In the recent Mondoid RJ talked about the nutrition system and it's effects on the player, but they haven't got a good way of showing it to the player yet. How about cravings? The human body always tries to get sufficient amounts of all the stuff it needs and does that by manipulating us through desires. There was once an interesting experiment in which a person tried to survive like a shipwrecked survivor on the ocean. He ate nothing but fish. After one week he suddenly craved the eyes and the liver of the fish as his body tried to get the stuff he was lacking, so why not here too? These
  2. I am not sure how it is handled in the US, but in Austria you can reuse lids for like eternity.
  3. Also, remember, that with the inclusion of NPCs it will likely be much easier to find valuable tools, or at least people that own them. If it gets too easy to live on your own, I imagine it will be way too easy if you manage to get a functional group together once nonzombie NPCs are implemented in the game. This is , of course, speculation. NPCs won't make the game easier for you, but harder. Currently it's easy to have a safehouse or mulitple safehouses, because the only danger is zombies, but when there are others you have to rethink your defense and also food supply. You most likly have to
  4. What 30 jars? That's pathetic. Don't Americans store jam, pickles and all other kinds of preserved food in jars too? You can find pickles, which never go off, but they aren't in a jar, at least for the game they aren't. You should be able to find hundreds of jars of all kind on the whole map, not 30. I currently don't have any food shortage and would probably survive the first winter without problems. I don't like that farming is compressed and so easy to do. It makes all other methods of finding food largely obsolete, if it weren't for winter they would be pointless. I started my game
  5. Currently it is impossible to stockpile any of your produce for extended periods of time. Potatoes are currently the best with 28 days before going rotten and cabbage worst with going sour within 4 days. Most other produce is gone within a week. How am I supposed to build up any kind of meaningful stockpile for winter, in which I reckon farming becomes impossible. I know there is a way to store produce in jars, but after currently two months and lots of scavenging I have found ONE jar lid after I scavenged half of Muldraugh. I really shouldn't have to. Why can't I just grab an empty sandbag
  6. I wanted to post about this for a while now, so here it is. Farming currently is very easy, but at the same time tedious. What do I mean? First of all setting up the garden or the fields is very easy and has no real threshold. Just take your trowel and you basically got a field in 2 hours maximum ready to be sown. You take your seeds and sow them and then hope for rain. If you get rain you are set and most likely don't have to do much else. Plant growth is ridiculus for a game that writes "Realism" on its flag and you most likely don't have to water at all as it regularily rains, but even if
  7. So I noticed that while scavenging the warhouses for all sorts goodies that charcoal weighs the exact same amount and it doesn't matter at all how much use is left. For smaller items that may not be as noticable, but for the 8 weight sack of charcoal or a gas can it is a lot.
  8. The current building and barricading system heavily relies on you finding an axe and a saw. Without both of these items you are screwed in terms of barricading your house in any meaningful way, as you can't find planks in any meaningful amount and carrying them over from the warehouses and industrial buildings is risky, because of their bulk. The idea of IBMs is that these are construction materials, which don't fit in the "plank" category. You can either find them, or better and more useful, craft them by dismanteling with a hammer and saw. Smaller furniture (like chairs) through pulling th
  9. I already posted this suggestion a few weeks ago.
  10. But currently it feels like you are the point of interest for everything. I play PZ, because I like the game's feeling of unimportance. You aren't anyone special and you are trying to survive this terrible cataclysm. Yes, this world is harsh and tries to kill you, but it goes out of its way to kill you. Stuffing more and more zombies in the towns and sending hordes after your base does make it difficult to survive, but it doesn't make sense with the world you are trying to create here. If I wanted a perpetual horde mode, I'd play 7 days to die, not PZ. Some of my suggestions would be to make
  11. The difference between Metro Ranger mode and survival mode is huge. For one the Ranger mode in Metro was balanced for the game, survival doesn't feel like that. The thing is, survival mode isn't even supposed to be the hardest mode, it should most balanced mode, the way the game is supposed to be played. It currently doesn't feel like that. Survival mode currently suffers from repetition. There are a handful of ideal buildings in each town, which can serve as your base. All others are either too dangerous or too far away. You can say, that's the fun of the challenge, but I say it's unbalanced
  12. While I haven't died, it's apparent that survival mode feels unfairly difficult, at least with the current means of survival. Without cars you are pretty much forced into a small amount of locations, because zombie density starts of thick and then increases more and more around former populated areas. Adding to this is that the stealth system isn't implemented. Yes I can walk slower looking around myself, but that doesn't constitute a stealth system for me. Looting anything but the outskirts is suicidal, because of the density and the lack of a good stealth system in which you can really sne
  13. That would do the trick for now. The reason why I ask for a seperate UI element is, that you then could implement an armor system easily. You know the zombies proof armor, which you equip at your arms to prevent a bite from coming through. Or helmets and other chest armor.
  14. Time and time again, when I want to clear out my inventory I strip myself naked and also unequip my rucksack. Could you please make it so, that worn items don't show up in the inventory, because currently, if I for example have more than one pair of pants I have to open the stack and only select those I do not wear. Same with sweaters and backpacks. Couldn't you make a screen just for the armor and clothes you are wearing? All other zombie survival games manage that too.
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