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  1. So build 32.5 3 survival months in i just woke up from a loot run no zombie in the area. Goto bed wake up tend to the farm go to look around the base and i see this. Safe house is located here: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?#0.7858100018330376,0.1418222274795575,114.47545997288273 Its a great place as the zombies cannot enter at all and it has a trailer in it. The area has been pretty dead. Well it was untell today any way. Its not a huge deal i can kill them though the chain link fence but damn
  2. Very nice mod. Keep up the great work
  3. I agree for the most part. And really i should be placing this in the suggestion topics but a fix like the poster bellow me said could be put in. Snip........ But... it's not that out of the question. A single molotov isn't going to destroy a whole horde of 50+ zeds. Think about it for a second, where the bottle goes there is going to be a major epicenter of zeds who are fully engulfed in flames, these zombies are going to die pretty fast. But the other zombies who are outside of the epicenter are going to get splash damage and some fire on them, but nothing to the degree of the center of the moli. So those zombies will have some fire on them, maybe on their chest, arm and legs, but their bodies won't be engufled in flames and they can easily survive if their head isn't burning. So while it takes too long for the epicenter zombies to die, realistically those outside of the main splash zone are going to either take longer to die, or survive out right with burning/burnt flesh. Something like this would be a lot better give zombies hit by fire a location where the fire started. So say they walk over a camp fire the feet are on fire it has a 50/05 chance to kill or wound the zombie(make it a crawler). If it would kill the zombie it would take say 5 hours to burn to death. Then do a upper body hit where the zombie has 75% chance to die if the zombie lives it becomes blind deaf and unable to smell. If a death is rolled it would take 2 hours to kill. Then a head hit would be a 100% kill. 30 min burn time for death. Just use the code for hit detection in multiplayer? Boom you have a better burning mechanic with the vast majority of zombies dieing from the fire but some that live. Also the smell of all that burnt meat would bring even more zombies to the buffet. I have made mods but really i have zero idea on how hard this would be to put in the game. Just a idea.
  4. With the new zombie count i have had to turn to other means to kill zombies other then melee or guns. For the 1st time i have started to use fire traps. It works but i have 1 issue with burning zombies. Why dose it take 5 in game hours for a zombie to die? If they are indeed a flaming ball that have flesh and cloth falling off them to start fires or are burning so hot that it starts fires. I would have to wager that at most 30 mins of in game time would pass before the brain would boil eyes pop, eardrums rupture, and the nose fall off. If they survived they would be a smoldering shell of a zombie unable to detect anything.
  5. Loving survival now Day 1 load up 2 zombies on my window run to kitchen grab first weapon i find a butter knife. So i let them in and kill them. run back and loo though the cabinets find 2 spoons and a fork. about that time i hear zombies knocking on my door. so i run though my window circle around 5 zombies right outside my door. I spoon them to death. unlock my door and go upstairs find a baseball bat a Normal hiking bag and move out to try and clear around my house. 59 zombies later i fall into bed and pass out. Total kills: 67 Day 2 Grab a bite to eat and a drink run over to the shed next door find some nails glue and a hammer fix up my bat and decide to go clear out Cortmans. Run into 3 hordes of about 37 total. kill them off and clear the glass from a window and hop in. kill 3 zombies in the house clear out the medical supplies and run back to my safe house. Run into about 15 more zombies on the way back. Grab a bite hit the bed asleep. Total kills: 122 Day 3 While i was sleeping a gunshot goes off and when i awake i hear banging on my door........ i quickly turn my broken bat into a spiked bat climb out my 2nd story sheet roped window out the back. Sneak to the front to find 12 zombies. Kill them fix up my bat with the last 5 nails. and decide to clear out the whole neighborhood. 41 kills later im weaponless used everything i had including the left over fork. Ran off what was left following me and went home. Closed the game to report my findings. Total kills 175 my starting house is located here. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.4040497435615841,0.2337547371568502,492.2235242952022 like 20 secs from Cortmans. Don't get me wrong im a vet i can take it. But i think things might need to be looked at 175 kills in the first 2 and a half days is crazy. And its not like i went looking for trouble i was just clearing around my area and trying to loot. .
  6. Love the new zombie numbers it makes Survival hard again. Take that with a grain of salt from a player with 600+ hours of gameplay so of course i think its at a good level..But if you want to lower the numbers thats cool to. I can always sandbox to make the numbers larger. I do think the gap between beginner mode and survival is a bit to much. The way i look at progression in the game is start in Beginner then move to survival and lastly sand box to make it even harder. Right now you have to go beginner then sandbox for a few games to slowly turn up the settings then to Survival and lastly back to sandbox to go beyond. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I wonder how many of us killed Kate..... (I say us because I did...) Mathas Way back in the day. I smothered her so many times. I would have rather overdosed her on the pain killers.
  8. Just a few Problems i have with the balance of the new Profession and traits system. If i want to take say a park ranger i have to take 2 low impact bad traits or one huge bad trait for a +100% to 2 nearly worthless skills(foraging, Trapping) and a 75% bonus to carpentry. But if i take Carpenter i get a 125% bonus to Carpentry and have 2 points to spend on a positive trait. So a carpenter can take the xp to carpentry and the Outdoors man trait While a Park ranger would have to take 6 points of bad skills to get the same trait. One way to balance the classes would be lower the xp bonus not making people buy bad traits(or get rewarded for taking a class other then unemployed). Other then the balance between Professions(or skills if you look at it that way) Im loving the new system.
  9. Item code item Axe { MaxRange = 1.5, WeaponSprite = Fireaxe, MinAngle = 0.2, Type = Weapon, MinimumSwingTime = 3.0, KnockBackOnNoDeath = TRUE, SwingAmountBeforeImpact = 0.002, Categories = Axe, ConditionLowerChanceOneIn = 30, Weight = 3, SplatNumber = 1, PushBackMod = 0.3, MaxDamage = 2.5, SubCategory = Swinging, ConditionMax = 15, MaxHitCount = 2, There is no way you are hitting 5 zombies at once unless you change the maxhitcount and if that is the case of course the axe is over powered because you changed it. i could make a spoon op as well by changing its damage, durability and maxhitcount. Melee weapons are about as balanced as they can get with out nerfing then to decorations. But anyway loving the new build as always. You guys are the best.
  10. And why would you like to make it easy for player to max out all of his skills? If it's going to take you a while to acquire a skill point, you're more likely to think twice before spending it on something that doesn't require upgrading. That also increases replay-ability as you are more likely to try again with different skills in mind (not only starting, but gained as well). I didn't ask for it to be easier to max out all skills. that should be next to imposable to do. If you look at my post again i was asking for them not to make it more difficult witch adding another skill will do. I have moved to sandbox with insane setting to make the game harder very rare loot with all aspects of zombies maxed but movement speed. This change will not affect me because i can adapt. Its for others that are playing lasting a month and having more skills with the same amount of points will make it even more difficult for them. And why would you like to make it easy for player to max out all of his skills? If it's going to take you a while to acquire a skill point, you're more likely to think twice before spending it on something that doesn't require upgrading. That also increases replay-ability as you are more likely to try again with different skills in mind (not only starting, but gained as well).Not only that, it's quite easy to gain excess skill points atm. Max out carpentry and you'll have close to a dozen sitting there qith nothing to use them on. i am talking early game not late game by the time you have maxed out carpentry you have had spent a month finding the books and chopping trees gathering nails. I am talking 1st week when you are struggling to get that 3rd or 4th point to put into a skill. when you have 2 or 3 skills that need to be raised. Anyway a 4% decrease to the point curb is very moderate and will help newer people by not making the game harder then it is. Just a suggestion is all
  11. Well, I made some research on the Internet to do this, so it should be right... Well, according to the Internet... WE NEED A DOCTOR ! @Shivster : Sorry, not sure I follow (blame my French brain), you say that you want something like : first level you win like 5 xp for catching a fish, but at lvl 4 you need like 20 xp ? So currently we have 11 skills with fishing added we will have 12 skills. So you are going from 55 skill points to max to 60. To earn your first skill point takes 125xp 2nd 250 3rd 375. So what i was asking is will that be adjusted as each point becomes more important the more skills you add to the game. what i was suggesting was say a 5 point at the start drop so 120 1st skill point 240 2nd skill point and 360 for 3rd. This makes getting points a little more easy and balances for the extra skills.
  12. I love the idea! It would be very cool to run into someone you know and have a hard time killing them or just be unable to do so. I think this kind of stuff will be added in Story mode When they re release it. For survival i don't think they will put this kind of stuff in but for story mode i could see a modder doing this and would love to play that Story. Like you find you mom freshly turned coming at you and just be unable to bring your self to kill her even knowing she is gone. It
  13. I agree the breaking of the spine at the base of the skull would render a zombie immobile. It would still be able to bite and see that is all. But a kitten knife is not a good weapon to do this attack with as they bend. The upcoming combat knife, or a Axe would do the trick. If the kitten knife hit the bone most likely it would glance off and just cut the flesh.Remember the space between the average human vertebrae is only about the with of a blade and would be a very hard shot to make without a immobilized victim. All that said i have no issue with that attack as its usefulness will be very limited. Its not like you will be able to take a horde out with it. The second that zombie hits the ground you will draw attention as all zombies in a horde face different directions. LOL i just noticed i used kitten knife damn you old forums!!
  14. I for one always start in west point and move away after supplies are gone. But i hope they give Muldraugh at least a little lake. So here is my question about fishing. As you are giving us another skill will you adjust how much xp it takes to gain a skill point? In the late game its not a big deal to have 2 or 10 points laying around to pop into a skill as it come up but the the early game this could cripple someone. Just a few percent in the progressing xp curve would do wonders. If fishing like farming is for late game then this really isn't needed i guess just a thought. Or another fix could be skill books since i haven't seen it mentioned i don't know if its planed.
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