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  1. Climbing individual components of stuff is the best example of implementation. Since you have stuff like patios and such, it should be possible to add special 'ledges' for players to attempt to jump up and climb up, based on your strength level. These are considered 'acrobatic' skills in the skill list maybe? Like climbing onto the top of a car.
  2. Custom animation for zombie grabs might be useful, and makes multiplayer and co-op a vital component. Take Dead Rising for instance, where you can get grabbed in various poses, and use a quick time event to break out, or is saved by an ally. This means zombies in large groups gets REALLY dangerous if you so much as get grabbed by one near a group. Of course grabbing potential must be low enough that players can shove a zombie away or evade the grab most of the time. It is only when they grab you from the back that the chances of them latching onto you is extremely high. Other than that, simply being surrounded would increase the chances of being latched onto by a zombie or two. By custom animation, means a interaction between a zombie and you sorta like the 'close up shove' animation when a zombie is close to you and you are 'pushing' them away... Except this time it's a CQC encounter and you must mash a button on screen to break out of it, which takes time and allows the horde to get closer. Currently in the game you simply slow down if you are being grabbed, and its hard to say how effective that is. Dying Light Game for the next gen PC and Consoles showed the importance of a close quarter zombie encounter. It's about being up close and personal with zombies baring their jaws and face. Being up close to a zombie would ramp up your panic and adrenaline, which may reduce accuracy, but increases your strength by a lot, but it only lasts in a short burst and the longer you take to break out, the weaker you will become over time as the adrenaline rush wares off...
  3. Preserving food by dehydrating them is possible with the use of ovens for making beef jerkies for instance. There are other techniques to preserving food, such as pickling process or fermenting them in sealed packaging. Being able to 'pickle' your own farm grown cucumbers makes them last a very long time and probably lets you create a sense of culture as you create emergency use food for use in a tough environment. The pickling process uses up the vinegar, or water+salt components so it isn't a renewable resource. What about having players being able to create alcohol to survive? In the 16th century, people didn't know about boiling water so they drank beer and alcoholics a lot. It's because of contaminated water source and the lack of knowledge about boiling water. So in this case, is it possible for people to distill and create their own alcohol in this game, having some pros and cons to drink them (helps you sleep, quenches thirst, gives happiness) though it leads to hangovers if you drink too much.
  4. Extreme realism can truly and greatly ruin the game by making it take longer processes or generally doing more boring stuff. Making it so you have to boil water every time just to drink it is a bit of a hassle, for gameplay sake. It only make sense to boil water that might be contaminated, like lake water or the likes. Plus there are these chemicals one could use to clean water to some extent, and make it drinkable... I'm pretty sure chlorine isn't one of them as it does make the water clean, but also dangerous to consume. There are these products sold in stores, mostly camping stores and the likes, that lets you put tablets into water source to 'purify' them somewhat. It makes more sense to add boiling water and this above product in as a item, AFTER the proper implementation of item quality levels. Meaning when you grab water from wells, you can 'check' it's water levels for contamination without inflicting harm to yourself.
  5. In any zombie situations, it's not like you can't sneak up on zombies and slit their spines from the back with a knife, or hack at the head with a sharp weapon. So why not tweaking the detection of zombies so they are less likely to detect behind them at a low chance of hearing whoever walks behind them? At the moment, zombies are like the 'end all, should be avoided' foes that players like them to represent... But all I see are dumb corpses that just outpace a regular human... If the human was stupid that is. 1 Kitchen knife to the spine is all you need to kill a zombie, the neck may have a bone, but it only guards mainly the frontal side of the body, and the spinal cord is on the backside, covered by muscles and tissues. A nicely sharpened kitchen knife can cut through the spine with no issue. The resulting slice, even if it doesn't cut the nerve endings, will severely damage the spine and due to you cutting the muscles to get to it, will collapse the head on it's spine and kill the zombie anyways or at least disable it from functioning. So a 'backstab' mechanic would be useful and can be used to critically kill a zombie in one strike, but less effective with smaller trash weapons like forks and butterknives. Heck, simply stabbing at the back of the neck with a kitchen knive will severely damage the spine, then yanking the knife out would tear the flesh along the blade. The red area would most likely be inside the skull, so the neck would be the purple area. EDIT: The bones of the spinal cord is there, and it's a tube, but since the spine is flexible, it means the a human has 31 'separate' bones with a tube in the middle, meaning it's possible to get a kitchen knife to stab between one. But the back of the neck is the weakest point as there can be no bones there.
  6. Kitchen Knives don't break, they bend. So in a way they become less and less effective on killing a enemy the more hits you land. But every hit would be deadly because it's a knife, and with a zombie apocalypse you got for the face with a knife... Or the spinal cord. We should enable some sort of backstab effect though because slicing a zombie's spine should have the same effect as shooting them in the head. See, slicing even the muscle of the spine would outright disable or kill the zombie, as the nerves connecting the spine takes damage due to the blood loss and muscle contraction. No muscles on the neck = the head collapses on itself, and damages the nerves, which are very sensitive. So in that case, a kitchen knife would last 10x longer due to 'smart' use of it in a stealthy way to dispatch zombies. But zombies tend to aggro you in a solo situation, so backstabbing only works in groups of 2 or more! Currently zombies engaging a target, re-aggro whoever is the closest so that might not work.
  7. Double Doors would be handy for warehouses and industrial areas, where they usually have to move large containers and stuff through them. Garage Doors should animate too! Maybe a animation where you can try to 'lift' up a garage door if it's unlocked.
  8. Just find a buckler or a small shield that's made of metal and has enough grips, handles, and straps on it. And use it to shield bash zombie faces. The strength of the bash is dependant on your arm strength though and it's not meant for crowd control, but as a additional means of melee against zombies or possibly bandits. Plus whacking zombies with a small rounded metal shield is more effective than punching one in the face, as there's a piece of metal between their jaws and your arm. The current game mechanics uses a single 'attack' variation, meaning ctrl click or right mouse button and left clicking. Meaning unlike skyrim, you have no actual means to 'alt fire' ingame to use the other item without 'switching' items. Unless they bind in a 'melee' key to use alongside the 'primary fire' function... Like how F key in fps can be flashlight or 'kicking' and shooting is left mouse button. Maybe you can use a 'shove' or melee function and bind it to X or C or something, so that when a 'shield' is equipped on the offhand you can bash with it as a mean to shove while doing damage (to the skull). Though shield bashing is exhausting for a good reason. Regarding refining and smelting. The thing about metals from the earth and in real life, is that they aren't exactly a chunk of metal. Ores are actually a collection of minerals or metals that has to be filtered out and all, hence the process of refining. So the best thing one could do is light a furnace or a chimney fire, or even a stove and attempt to melt or bend metals in existing metal wares, in order to reshape them into a weapon. A frying pan for instance... Cast Iron Pots and pans are impossible to bend and are super hot due to the heat required to bend them, but they are heavy and durable. But the stainless steel metals like forks and knives bend and melts easier under modest heat, meaning you can easily reshape them using some smart crafting techniques (rubberbands or duct tape + 4 forks = bundle of forks which is layed one by one, making them extremely unlikely to bend when stabbing)... Or you can warm up the forks and straighten them out, and then make spike traps with them (you will need a ton of forks and knives and such).
  9. Crowbars has two uses which can whittle it's durability down: You hit the zombie from a good distance, or you hit them from a bad distance. This is due to the hook digging into the zombie and piercing them. So from a closer distance, you end up hitting them with the blunt solid rod and can risk bending it. The same with the fire axe, you can cut with at the end of the reach on the swing, or it ends up coming short and you end up hitting them with the handle, but partially cutting them too. Every weapon has a certain effective distance, you can even crit a lot at that distance. For knives and the likes, it makes no sense you stab from close up and break your weapon before you kill it... You go for the head, not their torso...
  10. They can make it simple based on a prefix nature: Normal will be the prefix in the condition of items. Food can be prefixed with 'rotten' but a sword can't. A sword can be prefixed 'rusty' but a food can't. Prefixes would apply buffs or debuffs based on what they are...
  11. Grills are basically a more modern type of campfire. When I said putting wood or coal into the grill, the grill 'consumes' the item once you attempt to light it. But the consuming process takes time, so the item will turn red until it's completed and vanishes in the process. At that point the grill is 'on' and can be used to cook. When cooking on a grill you CANNOT cause a fire when you leave cooked food in it. It just turns to char. The reason why kitchen stoves sets on fire is because the heat builds up continuously until it couldn't handle it. But for a grill, it's using residual heat from the wood/coals, which you heated it up beforehand to high levels. But you could make it possible to turn planks into wood chips, and then cook wood chips in a campfire to turn it into wood coals. Of course, who puts hot coals in their backpacks? You can only pick up coals after it cools down, meaning the campfire needs to be put out and the coal's temperature needs to revert to normal.
  12. Zombies don't have super high sensitive hearing like bats.
  13. Fuel covered coals can be lit with lighter fuel and a lighter to start the process, but it takes times to build up to a burnable state to start cooking. You basically can toss coal and wood in there and light it with tools, then wait until the wood and coal is consumed. Wood and Coal could heat up in the grill until they disappear when fully 'cooked' and becomes a part of the grill as a timed heat source for cooking (for a few hours).
  14. Organs of animals can be cleaned with a water source and prepared if cooking skills are involved. Used mostly for stewing and making soup. In terms of early and mid game complexity on carving up animals, the best one could do is cutting and cleaning the carcass into a more cleaner and edible form to cook with. Like skinning the carcass, then deboning it to get the flesh. These takes lots of time and you don't want to take too long with a fresh carcass as it can then rot. It's best to have a icebox to contain the carcass and any pieces meat you carve up. A fish is the easiest form of animal byproduct to maintain, and its very easy to get, though it requires patience, and the knowledge to fish them. You can skin fish, debone them, and then get Boneless Fish. Skin, scale, and bone of fish can't be used though so those are thrown away.
  15. Memorization system is done in a game called haven and hearth, and its pvp survival much like dayz. Except people can kill you with a single punch. When you memorized someone their 'ID' appears in the friend list, and you can label them as you see fit and it'll pop up when they appear. You can also share the description and if you end up befriending one of them, your label gets overwritten.
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