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  1. This game never freezed at me, but now twice in 30 min:( no error, no message, just freeze and "stop working" 28-10-19_18-05-20_DebugLog.txt
  2. Hello! there is another thing what i "found". When i write an admin command in (ubuntu console) "startrain", the console says Rain Started, but its not... when i tried the thunder start command, the console gives the unknown command message:S
  3. ummm yea i have it, but i mean the standard planting, example potatoes, carrots etc:l
  4. Hello guys! in the new 40.30 patch, the gardening is not working.. there is no option to plant seeds:(
  5. Hello Guys! There is an invisible zombie bug with laggy sound. sorry but i need to set my accesslevel to admin with godmode because this bugged zombies still attacking:( This invisible zombie has "created" when u killing a lot of Z at the same time. here my video with sound:
  6. Sorry for my prev post, i didn't saw the topic name so just wrong click:P
  7. I don't see this new option in my server's ini file:S it seems the configfiles doesn't get updated or i dunno whats wrong with them. Previously i need to write the car expansion stuffs manualy i mean the cargasconsuming etc. Damned linux again..:D:D
  8. try to delete the full save folder, or reinstall the server. if u using lgsm too, i can handle my update problem with delete the password part at the branch, coz the force update command cry for "wrong pw" branch:"-beta iwillbackupmysave" ./'pzserver' force-update UPDATE: Now i can update with the force update command without the branch line in the cfg, so i leave that empty. (branch:"") it works at the new patch and don't need to wipe;)
  9. i used this line in my cfg, but doesn't works for me:S that was the reason why i ask here:D Dhraax's suggestion works now: ./steamcmd.sh +login anonymous +force_install_dir SERVERFILESDIR +app_update 380870 -beta iwillbackupmysave -betapassword iaccepttheconsequences validate +quit but i have another problem ffs:P i write another topic for that, so if u had any idea @Dr_Cox1911 pls help me:D (cpu usage)
  10. DONE! i write wrong foldername at the command line-.- :D:D Thank you very much dude!! :-* Thank you guys!
  11. damn i dont understand:S im just tried this and still the fckin 38.30:S current version: 2308099...
  12. whaaaaaat how the hack:D do u left the branch"" line empty?
  13. im using linux game servers (LGSM) scripts, i dont need to use steam cmd, this scrips handle it, but i have this cfg file where i can edit branches etc. i wrote the beta+pw but nothing happens:S now im gona reinstall the full server but thx the suggestion:)
  14. ohh thx u Again:P:P but now i realised my problem is more strange than i think... i just saw ive been removed from the vehicle test branch on my pc (steam) and i need to write the pw (workinprogress) and this branch available for me again.. yaay! but! i can join to my server (another pc with linux) only my admin char:o tried to create more but "your files doesnt match..." wtf?!:D i think i have the same files with my fresh generated admin char and fresh norm char...or not?? i have no idea:/
  15. there is a "cookingstove" u can heat with that, but u can't clean the chimney:D:P
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