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  1. I agree with the coolers, was just thinking about this today. Could make coolers placeable items like (fridges or microwaves) and turn them into low quality refrigerators. Only thing is the coolers must have an ice pack to function. No ice pack detected = no refrigeration bonus. Ice packs are nonconsumables and drain when taken out of a freezer or ice box. They only replenish when put back in a freezer or ice box. Obviously, "melted" ice packs do not give a refrigeration bonus. If the temperature detected <or= 32F or 0C, ice packs do not drain at all. Getting fancy with it, having two ice p
  2. To add onto this report, "pinning" any clothes inspect box does not properly collapse the box.
  3. Designing interiors would be difficult but instead: So an RV that uses a new context menu similar to vehicle menu, with an oven and mini fridge that is powered only by the generator, a water tank(upgradable),1-2 inside storage slots, 2-4 vehicle bays, 4 seats: driver/passenger seat(upgradable), left/right side couch(not upgradable)glovebox/radio(upgradable to HAM radio), sleeping is safe, only entrance is from the middle of passenger side and passenger side door. Ideally it'll work with the radial menu in place already, and a secondary larger/alternate RV version would have a washer/dryer stac
  4. Change the chancetofall to 5-20 instead of its current 30. Its a motorcycle helmet, its not coming off without good effort.
  5. In the video, the resolution would be half of the screen, 1678x1401. Nobody has really answered the question of "why" the game does this. If it can hold framerate at 120 FPS at 200% zoom, WHILE MOVING, then why wouldn't this want to be addressed so that it can maintain this framerate? Is there any reason for this game behavior? Just to add to this, When not moving at 200% zoom and the frame rate has dropped to 20-40 FPS, it STAYS there until I zoom in/zoom out. Whether Im moving or not.
  6. Another patch, another bug report. FPS can reach 120+FPS at 200% zoom for several seconds, if not minutes or hours if left alone. After walking around, perhaps loading in entities causes frame rate to drop to 20-40 FPS and stay there until zooming in and then zooming out. Frame rate then reaches 120+ FPS when zoomed in, and maintains 120+ FPS while zoomed out until it loads entities in again. Attached is video with FPS in lower left corner of the game screen, time on left side of screen. There was only one instance where zooming in/zooming out could not fix the frame rate issue and moving away
  7. > Notable Frame drops @ 0:05, 0:31, 1:17. Zooming in fixes the FPS drop. Noticed some errors in the logs, but some frame drops dont have any associated entries. Attached are logs and video with FPS in lower left corner and timestamp on left. ts13_Trim.mp4 20-01-20_01-24-18_DebugLog.txt 20-01-20_01-25-06_client chat Bob.txt 20-01-20_01-25-09_ZombieSpawn.txt
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