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  1. dred

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Please, if you can, put the changelog on the first page so we don't need to dig through all the posts to find it. it's pain in the ass when on mobile. regards
  2. HI. Mods not downloading for me. Can't find them anywhere in game cat. or users/zomboid/... cat. In the Mods tab after running the game I have it all, when double click the green tick appear but when i click back(only button i have beside get mods one) and go to mods again all are disabled. EDIT: found the mods under E:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600 and manually copied to /zomboid/mods folder
  3. Hello. I was playing after the recent update and during gameplay i thought 'i put some charcoal to the fire' but...i couldn't. I'm asking why? I wish i could.
  4. dred

    Custom sets of tiles

    I have wondering about custom set of tiles i made for my buildings - if they stay assigned to the building when i export it or not? I have this doubt and i'm not sure that when i share my buildings on the forum, people using them will have missing tiles. Can someone confirm/deny this? Thanks in advance.
  5. I had once a kitchen fed with a propane from the tank and one tank was sufficient for three months.
  6. You rule.
  7. Partially fixed. I copied "Item_Cellar.png" to c:\...\project zomboid\media\textures and now i have the icon in building menu but the ghost tile isn't displayed and when i try to place it somewhere, the game is crashing.
  8. I am using this mod with b26 and all items in the building menu are displayed fine except the cellar - i don't have icon or phantom tile.
  9. I had this idea earlier and i tried to make those spikes, but i didn't have enough experience with lua and i gave it away. If anybody want to make this idea live here is the topic with some great hints: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/3296-i-want-to-make-wooden-spikes-trap-to-the-game-how-to-make-them-hurt-zombies/?hl=%2Bwooden+%2Bspikes
  10. dred

    Round garden

    Hello and greetings to all fans of Project Zomboid! I wanted to share with you a map that i've been working on lately. It's not a very big project, just a single cell, an idea i came up with for a last stand map. Because my set of tools wasn't working well(missing strings in blends.txt) i had to do all the blending by myself tile after tile. Also sets of tiles I chose from those that have adequate blends. Right now i am working on the buildings that i want to put on this map. Feel free to comment and give some possible ideas and thoughts, all feedback will be appreciated. Alright, enough tal
  11. I agree, i dont reset them for pleasure. I recon you go play singleplayer instead untill beta is over. I agree, there's no point in starting over every day.
  12. Another 'soft' reset...why you reset my character too? Every login i must start over, this is annoying.
  13. I know what it means. 30 minutes before reset I saw what the admin writes so I blame him. All here.
  14. I don't think there was a soft reset but a wipe out. I try to log in 5 min ago and what i see? - character creation screen! F***! WTF admin?
  15. Check this link http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7184-mods-updated-for-build-25/ there are new(updated) versions of some mods, Recycling Mod among others. Also You can remove the dependency on RMUtilities by deleting appropriate string in the mod.info file from Recycling mod.(i did it for myself because RMUtility was messing up my game)
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