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  1. @dred: i got b26 too now, so i will make the mod b26 ready in the next days, depending on how much has to be changed. @aznhavsarz: do the boxes only appear when you activate my mod? I.e., when you deactivate it, is the save game loading correctly? because basically i did not change anything with respect to loading/displaying objects.
  2. @b133d: yeah, some of the objects you listed are already on my todo-list, like more container objects (shelves etc.), different walls, doors, floors, fences, railings etc. @dred: thanks, will go through that thread when i start with spikes. however, i did not upgrade to b26 yet, so i can not help you with that issue. this mod is only tested for b25. but as you just dont see the textures i guess it has something to do with the way the textures are set in b25/26. will take a look at the b26 drip irrigation mod though and check what is different. if possible, i will change it for next version, but it has to be compatible with b25 for the moment. @monkey: i thought more about a "water ditch", which you could also use to make a fire ditch, like by adding some log and light them up
  3. HOTFIX 0.2.2 online! - added the suburbsdistribution file for the materials gasbottle, gasbottlebbq, tool set and steel pipe. so you are finally able to find those items and start crafting - added new custom texture for "cellar" @aznhavsarz: strange, i just loaded a save game i made with an early version of the mod and for me nothing gets screwed up. are you sure you use build 25? because if you use another version, it could be that the IsoThumpable.class file is not compatible (maybe some function names changed etc.). an indication that you might use an older version is that you dont find screws. i think they were first implemented in build 25. EDIT: i just checked original suburbsdistribution file, and as far as i see screws can only be found in tool stores (you will find boxes of screws in shelves and counters there). i will add more possibilities with the next version, thought they are more common. Maybe i just looted tool stores very early PS: could you please try to take a screen shot at day next time? @monkey: so far i did not take a look at the fighting system, and im not sure if world objects can do other than fire damage by default (i spent more time modding than gaming so far, so i dont know if there is any other type of damage objects can do). But i like the idea of spikes etc, although i dont think you need them anymore once you built a concrete/brick wall however, i will have a look at a possibility to implement spikes etc., but maybe not before version 0.3 or 0.4. also i thought about implementing a possibility to dig water ditches which you can either fill by hand ( ), by water supply system (as long as it runs), by rain, or by connecting ditches to another waterbody like a lake or a pond. water ditches would be able to keep zombies away from your area, though the water would not be drinkable. however, this is also something for v0.3 or 0.4 maybe.
  4. oh damn, just noticed i forgot to add the distribution file for the toolbox, gas bottle etc. unfortunatly i do not have time right now, but will upload a fixed version tomorrow.
  5. @b133d: of course, tell me whatever you like if the ideas are usable/desirable/realizable i will implement them sooner or later.
  6. hm, looks like i should have better followed my own rule to first check existing lua files/mods before posting... guess i found the solution in the drip irrigation mod
  7. i was just about to post you an idea on how to destroy walls etc., but i have no idea on how to check for admin. But i came across a function called isClient() in ISInventoryTransferAction.lua, maybe there is a similar function to check if isServer(). But i did not check what isClient() actually does, so this might also totally wrong what im posting
  8. The game resources are your best friend sejemus. When i started with lua coding/modding a few weeks ago, i did not read a single tutorial (at least until i had to know about available events, etc.). What i did was analyzing the lua files of the AddBuilding mod, and when i got a basic understanding of the files involved i started with my own mod, learning step by step what i needed. So here's what i would do in your case. First, as RoboMat has suggested too, look if there is a mod which has a similar function (e.g. adds an item using batteries). If there is one, analyse that mod. If there is no similar mod, then search the orignal lua file which handles the add/remove battery to flashlight. Most likely the important steps are done by java functions (you find most of them here: http://theindiestone.com/zomboidjavadocs/), but there will be a lua file which at least triggers the event. Look in files like ISContextMenu (or how they all are called), or use WinGrep to scan all lua files for keywords like "battery". Study that lua file, look what other files are involved etc. then start rebuilding that file by copy pasting the parts you need and modifying them so they do what you want them to do. Dont forget to give them different names so they dont override the original game files (if you dont need them to do so explicitly). EDIT: i helped you a little bit by scanning the lua files for "battery". here's the result, you might want to check those files mention below first. media\lua\client\BuildingObjects\ISUI\ISBuildMenu.lua media\lua\client\ISUI\ISWorldObjectContextMenu.lua media\lua\server\Items\SuburbsDistributions.lua media\lua\server\recipecode.lua media\lua\shared\Translate\EN\Tooltip_EN.txt media\lua\shared\Translate\Recipes_empty.txt
  9. @monkeydoGames: to read the .class file, you will have to decompile it first into a .java file (then its good readable ). To decompile, i used this freeware: http://jd.benow.ca/, it also gives you a good overview of the whole java architecture. what i changed is the following: original source code: public void setIsContainer(boolean pIsContainer) { this.isContainer = pIsContainer; if (pIsContainer) { this.container = new ItemContainer("crate", this.square, this, 6, 6); this.container.setExplored(true); } }modified source code: public void setIsContainer(boolean pIsContainer) { KahluaTable containerTable = this.table; this.isContainer = pIsContainer; String contname = containerTable.rawget("name").toString(); if (pIsContainer) { if (contname.equals("Cellar")) { this.container = new ItemContainer("preserve", this.square, this, 6, 6); this.container.setExplored(true); } else { this.container = new ItemContainer("crate", this.square, this, 6, 6); this.container.setExplored(true); } } }without the changes to the IsoThumpable.class, i would not have been able to create a container of the "type" preserve and i would have had to code a work around which would have been buggy as hell. EDIT: next version will have a modified function, where i do not compare the name of the object but add a new parameter to the KahluaTable called "preserve" or something like this... will make it easier to implement more objects with the same function... Edit2: @Adapt: atm i use 3 different categories for food preserving, each with different times DaysFresh and DaysTotallyRotten (check my post about this mod Effects/Functions -> Preserve -> see full list for all items implemented at the moment). The 3 categories are Vegetables (22 food items implemented so far, stats while in "Preserve" object: DaysFresh: 300, DaysTotallyRotten: 600)Prepared Foods/Meat (37 food items implemented so far, stats while in "Preserve" object: DaysFresh: 100, DaysTotallyRotten: 200)Cheese (1 food item implemented so far, stats while in "Preserve" object: DaysFresh: 1'000. DaysTotallyRotten: 2'000)I know some times seem very unrealistic (meat, or eg. soup stays 100 days fresh in the cellar), while others have a more realistic base (like vegetables). this will need a lot of rebalancing in the future. basically i could have set the times to 10k days, so items would always stay fresh in the cellar. but i wanted to keep it at least a little bit realistic. let me know what you guys think would be good parameter values so i can find a good balance on the long term. Pot-in-pot system was not implemented because of the lack of a usable texture.
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to add custom textures for world objects? For items you have the possibility to put the textures named like Item_Something.png into the mods texture folder. but for worldobjects it does not work, as the textures are set differently. i have seen that NakedSkin mod today which adds new character textures, but i have no idea how to do that for objects. Anyone has an idea? thanks a lot
  11. you still need also metal for some objects, however you do not need recycling mod anymore to get that resource (you are still able to recycle e.g. pots or knives to get metal or pieces of metal). yeah, a save fireplace might be something to do next, but first i think i will add some more objects to the mod, different walls etc. and also add more food items that can be preserved. and maybe then i will make this mod B26 SP and MP ready. however this has not my highest priority right now. if you notice any bugs or issues with the preserve function please let me know as i didnt test it for all items added.
  12. New version 0.2.1 uploaded! I added the object "Cellar", which allows you to store perishable food much longer than normally without rotting. Check the Changelog above for all details. Further, you do not need Recycling Mod anymore (yay).
  13. well, next version will be a standalone version, meaning you will not need the recycling mod anymore. so i do not plan to use further mods' resources, objects etc., as everyone who wants my mod would also needs the other mods, and there is no guarantee that they will be kept up-to-date by their authors etc. however i will implement new objects like forge, food preserving storage objects,etc. in future versions too. but to come back on baking clay bricks: you actually do not need to bake them, you can make clay bricks by simply drying them outdoor (winter might not be the best time though). but i will implement new features
  14. another great thing would be if mods would be allowed to use java too. so like for lua files, it would be great if modders could add .class files to the specific mod folders (e.g. zombie\iso\objects) which would override original game classes if named the same. else one would have to replace original game files if a mod needs to alter some classes.
  15. i would love if you could add something like this to your IsoThumpable. class: public IsoThumpable(IsoCell cell, IsoGridSquare gridSquare, String sprite, boolean north, KahluaTable table, String type)Where "String type" is the ItemContainer type. By default, all container created are of the "crate" type. Thus the following function would need a change too (instead of "crate", this.type or something like this). public void setIsContainer(boolean pIsContainer) { this.isContainer = pIsContainer; if (pIsContainer) { this.container = new ItemContainer("crate", this.square, this, 6, 6); this.container.setExplored(true); } }Thus it would be great if i could create a new container with an own type like self.javaObject = IsoThumpable.new(cell, self.sq, sprite, north, self, "New type");
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