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  1. So very glad to hear it -- and appreciate you addressing it so quickly!
  2. For the most part this all sounds great. However ... I can't say I am super excited about a crafting system that, at its roots, relies on a resource / harvesting system that is (at least I think) seriously unrealistic. Easily harvestable iron ore deposits just lying around 1993 Kentucky seems ... unlikely, in a word. Seems to confirm some of my fears about the game morphing into "Minecraft with zombies." I know the game is to some extent inspired by Minecraft, but what sets PZ apart to me is its substantial commitment to realism. That said, I will be perfectly fine going that direction as long as some provision is made for those who don't want unrealistic resource harvesting options available. If such deposits can be made vanishingly rare or non-existent in sandbox settings, that's fine. However, I'd want to see some viable alternatives then -- such as a robust system for salvaging / scrapping existing metal from cars, furniture, etc. -- and maybe, late game, the possibility of interaction with NPC traders who can import rare / valuable items (like scrap metal) from off-map. Overall, I like everything I'm seeing -- that's the only thing that gives me pause.
  3. I've been jonesing so hard for my hit of Thursdoid and you frickin' DELIVERED. This all looks *really* good. Only thing I'd note is that I'm really hoping that each basement generally stays within the dimensions of the house it's under -- will feel really weird otherwise. Oh, and it'd be a missed opportunity for some immersion / realism if most of the basements didn't at least have a tile or two devoted to, say, a furnace and/or hot water heater -- which would have been in pretty much any but the most primitive of homes in 1993 Kentucky. The cleaning bit also has me re-adding "paper towels" on my wish list for Zombie Santa ... Edit: Everything in this Thursdoid is outstanding, but for some reason I'm really fired up about the look and feel of the looted homes and shops. For me personally, anything that adds this sort of to immersion / realism in the game is just *chef's kiss* ...
  4. I would LOVE to see a mod that makes stones, chipped stones, tree branches, and sturdy sticks into usable (but crappy) blunt weapons. I mean, if I can potentially kill a zombie by poking it in the eye with a pencil, why can't I crack open its noggin with a nice, fist-sized rock? If anyone out there has the time and the skill, it would be much appreciated ...
  5. My character has, for no apparent reason, begun automatically pouring out any water container in his main inventory (bottles, kettles, etc). This doesn't happen with containers in bags or packs he is carrying -- just main inventory. As soon as I put a container with any water in main inventory, out it pours. Same if he fills something from a water source -- he fills it up, and immediately empties it. I suspect a mod is the issue, but I use a ton of them. This is a bit odd, though, since I've been playing with the same mods for a long time, and haven't recently added any. I am hoping someone here has had the same issue and can help me figure out what mod(s) are the issue, without having to resort to a bunch of trial-and-error. This is one of my best playthroughs so far so I am hoping I can fix this. Thanks in advance to anyone with info or suggestions!
  6. Maybe there could be multiple server options, like: (1) Fast forward is available, but only to server admins; or (2) Fast forward is available, but only the lowest FF setting currently in use by any player applies (makes it so teams can FF if they ALL choose to, and it stops if any of them stop it); or As an aside, it might also be nice if there was on option to simply make skill books and magazines instantly consumable (i.e., set read time to 0). Maybe that option already exists -- not sure.
  7. This post gave me one of those, "Hey . . . that's right, why didn't I think of that," moments of clarity . . .
  8. Guess it's not quite big enough. Still, subways are a great idea for inclusion in custom maps -- I do hope we see more of them.
  9. I do like that idea! Does Louisville even have a subway system though? A quick look online seemed to indicate that the only subways in Louisville KY are the kind that serve sandwiches . . .
  10. • Version is latest as of 10 SEP 2023 (v. 41.78.16, I think). • Singleplayer. • Dedicated (I guess, since single-player (?)). • Mods used, but none that alter the map or should otherwise cause something like this, AFAIK. Replicating in a new game would be a huge pain, so, love y'all, but sorry -- I just don't have the time. • Old save. See line above -- replicating in a new save would be a colossal pain. Should be pretty simple to check the characteristics of the "second floor" level of the affected building, I think. • Reproduction steps: 1. At west (upper left) end of warehouse shown in attached image (coordinates in screenshot), build an interior staircase to second level (i.e., to create a new second floor inside the warehouse). 2. From staircase, build new second floor eastward (toward the lower right). 3. Only the first 1/5 or so (maybe 5 or 6 tiles in) of the new upper floor appears to be considered "indoor" -- any further east, and the second floor is apparently considered "outdoor" (indicated by change in ambient sound, rain splatter and pooling on those squares when it rains, etc.). The new second floor is still very much under the roof, and there are no skylights, etc, so it seems this shouldn't be the case.
  11. Sandbox game, all default -- only exception is annotated maps, which are set to Extremely Rare (to decrease the chance of duplicates). I plead GUILTY to modding in the first degree! Yes, I use a TON of mods . . . so admittedly that could be it. Super mega awesome, as always. And, uhh, if y'all are going to be tinkering with the loot spawning system anyway ...
  12. Currently, visibility in fog seems to be handled as though the character has the same perspective as the player -- that is, looking down from above. The result is that things far away from the character are no more obscured than things that are close to the character. IRL, the farther away an object is in a foggy environment, the more fog you have to see through -- such that things quickly become completely invisible as they move farther away, while things that are close are obscured very little, or not at all. I'd like to see the fog system change to reflect this.
  13. Everyone's probably seen what I call the "agricultural warehouses" on the map -- long, narrow buildings with two garage doors on one end that contain a huge number of crates containing sacks of fruit / veg -- and usually a set of metal shelves and a couple of metal counters / cupboards (one with a sink). Maybe I'm just super unlucky, but when I search these places the metal cupboards are ALWAYS completely empty. I find stuff in similar cupboards in other locations, but there is NEVER anything in them in these warehouses. (The *shelves* usually have some loot, but the cupboards -- nothing, ever.) This has happened enough for me that it feels like an error in the loot system somewhere . . .
  14. The only one that repeatedly jumps out at me is "hand torch" in place of "flashlight." The former will very much out you as a non-local in the US. I mean, if you're going to call your flashlight a hand torch you might as well go all the way and start calling your boots "Wellies." Relevant quote provided free of charge: Edit: Added sweet Blackadder quote.
  15. Yup ... I usually make them one notch more rare, rather than eliminating them entirely. I just find that the more "real" the game feels to me, the better, and this was something that jumped out at me as feeling weird / wrong.
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