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  1. I find the existing profession structure a little confining. It would be nice if there was at least the option in character creation to just straight up buy skill levels and individual associated traits with points, rather than arbitrary pre-selected sets. This would allow a LOT more flexibility and creativity. For example, if I wanted to create an out-of-shape retired big-city EMT who's got a lot of on-scene trauma aid experience, I could buy high-level First Aid skill, Desensitized, and Out of Shape. Or if I wanted to create an active-duty service member who has a maintenance specialty and hasn't seen much combat, I could get Aiming / Reloading 1 or 2, Fit, and an appropriate technical skill (Carpentry, Mechanic, or Metalworking). Another advantage to this approach is that you wouldn't have to strain to come up with professions that are appropriate for mid or late game starts; you could just buy skills and traits that are appropriate to that point in time.
  2. Helmets that only cover the skull and not the face / neck (such as hard hats) should not give 100% damage protection. Clearly a strike to the face or neck would not be affected by the helmet at all. Only a full-face helmet (such as a visored riot helmet or a motorcycle helmet) should give 100%. Even that is somewhat debatable, since a lucky hit could go under the helmet and hit the neck / jawline. I'd say even full-face helmets should provide only 90-95% protection.
  3. I look forward to a future update that adds moodles for Rickets and Scurvy EDIT: Maybe the Scurvy moodle could be wearing a little sailor hat
  4. Can't understand why granola bars are perishable in the game. May seem trivial, but this is a head-shaker for me every time I see it. Maybe my horizons just aren't broad enough, but pretty much every commercially-produced granola bar I've ever seen has a shelf-life of months at least (with some of the dry, individually-wrapped ones seeming to last almost indefinitely). They should either be made non-perishable or have their time before spoilage increased *significantly.* Should also be able to find them in boxes of, say, 8-20, instead of just singly.
  5. It seems some types of bag that players might use to carry gear, especially relatively fragile ones (like garbage bags and paper bags) should have a condition value that deteriorates over time as the player has it held / equipped (especially when the bags are kept full / nearly full). When condition drops to 0, the bag should be destroyed and its contents should move to the floor / ground at the character's location (maybe noisily).
  6. Right now, as I understand it, vitamins in the game don't serve a purpose other than to temporarily remedy fatigue. Think I read somewhere that malnutrition is or will be included in the food / hunger system. It seems to me vitamin supplements would be far more valuable to prevent malnutrition due to limited availability of food. I'm also kinda skeptical as to whether typical over the counter multivitamin supplements have any noticeable effect as a short-term stimulant.
  7. In light of this statement, consider my comment withdrawn.
  8. None of which changes the fact that you were an utter ass in the latter part of your post.
  9. What was the character's religious persuasion? ; )
  10. Seriously? It's not a bad suggestion, the idea conveyed is perfectly understandable, and for all you know OP might be a kid or someone for whom English is a second language. Getting snarky over his informal abbreviation just seems like gratuitous meanness.
  11. I like the idea, but wonder if it might not be better to make it affect how different things affect the character's happiness / unhappiness -- say, a food that normally makes someone happy inflicts a penalty instead if they hate it (or vice versa).
  12. I was still in the stage of the game where I was exploring the map around my planned safehouse area and gathering supplies. I was not particularly well-equipped or armed (my best weapon was a hammer at about 50% condition). I was checking things out to the north, following a small paved road. About 3:00 PM, I reached a point where the road hit the river and turned east. Along the river to the west was wooded shoreline, for as far as I could see. Though I was low on food and already “peckish,” I decided to go west along the shoreline, in hopes there would be something along the river I could explore or loot. I knew there was a road on the other side of those woods (though it was a rather far from the shore) – so I figured if it started getting dark, I could cut through the woods to the road and circle back to my safehouse. So I’m walking along the shore, and after going a ways, I notice that there are zombies in the woods. Like, a LOT of zombies. Looking back, I can see quite a few wandering out onto the previously-empty shoreline. So, I’m starting to some quick figuring in my head. Do I turn back now, fight my way through the few I can see, and backtrack along the road to home? Or do I stick with the original plan and keep going, hoping to find something worthwhile and/or reach a point where I can safely cut through the woods to the road? I decided to keep going (foolishly, in retrospect), and before I know it I am a LONG ways down the shoreline with nothing in sight up ahead and no way to backtrack before the sun goes down. The whole way, the woods have been heavily infested – I can see groups of them wandering among the trees. There are scattered zombies along the beach now, and I’ve had to shwack a few in order to keep going. To add insult to injury, I’m now quite hungry and have no food. As darkness starts to fall, I quietly take out the 2-3 zombies in the open that are closest to me, to get a little breathing space. I get as close to the water as I can, sit on the sand with my back to the water and face to the woods, and spend a cold hungry night with a hammer in my right hand and a flashlight (off) in my left – ready to quickly and (hopefully) quietly take out anything I hear coming close, or possibly at least have a semi-heroic last stand if a large group finds me. Thankfully, the night is uneventful, but I am now VERY hungry and “ridiculously tired” on top of that. I keep moving along the shoreline and after what seems like an eternity of creeping along next to a forest that looks PACKED with zeds, up ahead I see a paved road appear along the shoreline. I cut over to the road through a patchy area of trees and keep going – hoping that the road, at least, will lead me to a place where I can find food. But, no – I keep going for what feels like forever, and only find a few car wrecks and scattered zombies (which I try to avoid, as killing them in my starved / tired state has become a bit dicey). Finally, I reach a point where the road turns and continues north along the shore, BUT there is a tiny overgrown dirt road – a trail, maybe? – that leaves the road to the left / south. Do I keep following the road, figuring that it’ll take me to SOMETHING – a home, a rest stop, anything – or do I go down the trail, hoping that it’ll lead to a cabin or camp –and not just dead end in the middle of the woods? On the plus side, the woods now appear quiet / zombie-free ... I decide to take a chance on the dirt trail. After a longish walk through the woods, darkness is starting to fall again. It’s beginning to look like another hungry night out in the open when – miracle of miracles – I see a couple of rooftops through the trees: a small shed, and what looks like a large cabin or a lodge. I peep through one of the shed windows – no zombies, and a couple of wooden crates. The window is unlocked, and I crawl in. I am carrying a sheet, which I hang over one of the two shed windows, and I hunker down behind the crates, hoping I am not easily seen through the other. As darkness truly begins to set in, I look in the crates, hoping for something—anything—that will better my situation. I find … a newspaper; a trowel; and … a can of dog food. Fortunately I am carrying a can opener. I crack open that can and eat every scrap of that Alpo as though it were Wagyu-grade filet mignon, and settle in for a night’s sleep on the cold concrete floor of the shed. The next day, I looted the cabin for more supplies and was able to cut through the woods to road, and I did make it back to my safehouse. The events above, however, gave me some of the most tension I’ve experienced in this game, and though I’m not sure they’re terribly exciting to read, will always be some of the most memorable moments in this game for me.
  13. Honestly this skill / profession should be required in order to significantly repair guns, and even to attach most gun mods (anything beyond simple slings, etc.). Either that or a certain minimum Aiming skill ...
  14. Spot on ... however, one of the things I like about PZ is that in a lot of cases it doesn't follow that common path of making things easy that shouldn't be in order to give the player a break. I feel like this is one of those areas where the player realistically shouldn't be cut slack -- I'd personally like to see a specific profession or trait be required to make stone tools at all. Maybe it could be a sandbox option so people can still channel their inner Og the Caveman if they want ... EDIT: On further thought, unless I'm mistaken a lot of primitive stone tools were literally just the stone with no attached wooden handle ... that is, the user just held the stone with the pointy edge outward and used it to cut / chop / bash / whatever. That's why I'd like also like to see the ability to use plain branches and stones (chipped or otherwise) as weapons or tools without combination or modification. That's clearly something average folks could do.
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