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    This all looks GREAT. I admittedly have a bit of a tendency to carp about small stuff, but overall this looks fantastic. One of the things I'm definitely grateful for this year is all the dedicated folks at TIS. ; ) Can't wait to see what's coming next.
  2. Everyone's probably aware that the Sandbox options now permit setting several zombie characteristics (such as Speed and Strength) to Random. What I'm wondering is, for each item set to Random, is the chance for each of the specific settings that can result even, or is there a curve? Let's take Speed as an example; setting to Random means each zombie may be a shambler, fast shambler, or sprinter. Is there an even 1/3 chance for each category, or are the percentages skewed so that there will be (for example) fewer sprinters than shamblers / fast shamblers? Whatever the answer is for Speed, is it the same for all other randomizable characteristics? I'm not sure, and was wondering if anyone out there had insights.
  3. Minor thing, but it would be kinda nice if it was possible to paint over windows as a means of permanently covering them.
  4. My thought was that, rather than having the view zoom out further, your whole POV would just shift / move further in the direction that you were "zooming" toward, while keeping line of sight / fog of war based on your actual position. That should make it so that monitor resolution is irrelevant. : )
  5. It would be very cool if players could find binoculars that would allow them to zoom their vision much further, at the price of a much narrower field of vision while in use. Weapon scopes could function much the same way.
  6. Having looked them over, I have only one thing to say to the devs ... SHANK YOU VERY MUCH! ; ) Edit: Seriously, though, it all looks great, and some of these are especially nice from a realism perspective (fireplace poker and tire iron).
  7. With regard to the basements, there's probably a bit of an opportunity here to further enhance realism by including something that's noticeably absent right now -- utility and HVAC infrastructure (like furnaces, hot water heaters, etc.). That would be a nice touch, and realistic given that many homes and other structures have these utility areas in their basements.
  8. This all sounds awesome, but there is one thing I am *really* hoping ... The layout of the example basement shown in the video is very strange, in that it "sticks off" from the side of the main / above-ground house. So far as I know, in modern homes, basements generally have the exact same footprint as the above-ground house (or at least, the footprint is very similar, and the basement almost never extends out from under the main / ground floor of the house). I sincerely hope this is the default plan for basements, i.e., that they would generally be limited to the borders of the house. Otherwise they're going to feel very weird and immersion-breaking. Beyond that, in most multi-level houses, the basement stairs are typically located underneath the stairs going to the upper floor(s). This makes sense, as the space under the stairs going up is otherwise more or less wasted (which is pretty much the case with below-staircase areas in the current build). Not sure how feasible it is, but it would be really cool if the stairs down to basements in multi-level homes could generally be set up this way ...
  9. Definitely agree this should be part of the standard sandbox options. In the mean time, however, there is a mod called Random Zombies that does basically exactly what you're saying. It's great, and I never play without it now. I also use another mod, Random Rally Settings, that causes random fluctuation in how the zombies group up and move together. These two mods together inject a nice level of unpredictability.
  10. I always end up gravitating to the crowbar. Best all around balance of durability and damage, with the added benefit of not damaging zombie loot (like axes).
  11. I actually think this would add somewhat to the immersion of the game, since it does seem odd when a character has a bright red "queasy" moodle, but is walking around like it's no big deal. Makes sense to me that a character in that condition would at least occasionally vomit (and probably be slowed / vulnerable while doing so).
  12. Seconded. If it's good enough for those bitey bastards, it's good enough for us ...
  13. I like the idea, but the only question I have is whether such things were common (or were available at all) in the early 90s when the game takes place. I'm honestly not sure.
  14. I don't *think* so ... I think pretty much everything in the game has models showing the object as viewed from at least four angles. So, for example, if there was a refrigerator in view and you were looking straight at the front of it, switching view by 90 degrees would have you looking at it from the side; and rotating another 90 degrees would have you looking at the back of it. I'm not envisioning smooth rotation; more of a quick "fade out and fade back in" looking at the scene from another direction. You may be right that it would still be resource intensive (flipping everything in view by 90 degrees), but it at least seems more feasible than 3d modeling the entire world. EDIT: Added some quick diagrams below to roughly illustrate what the 90 degree incremental rotation I'm talking about would look like.
  15. Sheesh, for a minute I thought you were referring to IRL experiences ... "I nearly bled out from a gushing neck wound once, and it was a near thing, but using a whole box of band-aids, I SURVIVED ..." XD Edit: I've had characters bleed out, or come close, a few times. It's always a high-stress moment for me when I see the Health icon pinging back and forth when it's too dangerous for me to stop and check wounds. A neck laceration can bleed you out right quick, and if you don't have bandages ready to go it can get dicey fast.
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