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  1. Since no one wants to help me with the implementation of the LootScoreâ„¢ System, I've decided not to hold the final results up any longer. I may revisit the weighting of the start locations if I end up assigning loot values to everything, or find someone willing to help assign them.
  2. I am now recruiting up to two survivors skilled in the art of loot value appraisal to help me assign values to each piece of loot, allowing me to calculate the best starting location. Please apply via private message. Must have a Google account.
  3. The initial data report has been posted. Once I've had a closer look at the data, I'll answer more questions about it.
  4. I have news. A while back, mid-December, ChatNoir vowed to submit 12 responses for every profession. I commented in PM that that was a massive undertaking, and if she managed to do that, I would crown her the Queen of Loot. As you can see by the post above, she has fulfilled that vow. She is the reason that I can even give results for individual professions, and for that dedication, ChatNoir, I crown thee the Queen of Loot. May your vast knowledge of loot lead you to further greatness. We are also past the 250 mark, but I will skip that mark and instead go straight to a coronation special. Results will follow shortly.
  5. We've actually been sitting on at least 100 responses for a while now, but I completely forgot that 100 was a milestone. Since I have little reason to think the data changed significantly, I've decided to skip the 100 responses milestone. I'll release new results at 250 responses. I'm sure we'll get there, but I'd like to remind those that haven't decided to submit craptons of data that they should continue to test and submit new data.
  6. Results for 50 responses are now up. These results are by no means final, they can still change by quite a lot for a little while, so don't take them as statistical fact just yet. They're just up to give you a preview of what the data might look like.
  7. Thanks to the absolute god-like diligence of ChatNoir, whose submissions currently make up 48% of all submissions, we have reached our first milestone of 50 responses! *party_blower.mp3* Results will follow shortly.
  8. Seeing some great data here, really interesting stuff. I would like to remind contributors to vary up their professions, as currently a whopping 13 submissions out of 26 submissions containing professions are for Park Rangers. Now, this is probably due to our current MVC, ChatNoir, having submitted a total of 12 submissions, and (likely) all of them are Park Rangers. Thankfully, our second-most valuable contributor, Larnest, has decided they want to submit data for 11 different professions, covering several bases that weren't covered before. I would also like to remind contributors to vary your spawn locations, as Muldraugh is currently the majority of submissions, at a whopping 65.8%. Apparently, Muldraugh was a thriving metropolis before Event Zero, because everyone and their grandma wanted to live there. Two more reminders: First, if you spawn in a weird location that is currently not covered by the options listed, please provide, in the Other box, either a link to the location on the PZ Map, which can be found here, or provide the coordinates for the location, which can be found as "Coords" by clicking on the "Map Coordinates (on Level 0)" tab to the left, clicking "Lock Coords", and then clicking on the location on the map where you spawned. And finally, contributors that have already submitted at least one data point: Please consider submitting more. Not everyone enjoys science as much as you do, and would find the tasks required to be mind-numbingly tedious.
  9. We're having a few problems getting seen, and although I've managed to secure a mention in tomorrow's Thursdoid newsletter, I still highly recommend that anyone reading this spread this study to other fellow survivors. Remember, knowledge is a better thing to be infected with than zombiism. I also highly recommend that our current contributors continue to test and submit new data, as not all survivors are keen to sit down and run through the grocery list of items for SCIENCE! A few tests a day keep the zombies at bay...lying in a pool of zombie blood. (Real talk, though, don't feel coerced to submit at least one new test every day, that's an absurd request. Do feel coerced to submit at least one new test a week, though. Maybe a few while you're at it. I've got freshly-baked cookies for those that do continue to submit new data. It's amazing how you can still find common baking ingredients lying around in a zombie apocalypse.)
  10. We're currently at 12 responses right now, thanks to our six contributors. Our most valued contributor at this point in time is DedpaUrvor, with a total of 5 submissions, making up nearly half of all submissions. In second, we have dio, with 3 submissions, and we have a four-way tie for third consisting of Darthmoca1, TheLeonBM, amarxnthine, and sadpickle. Thank you, all six of you. I have added a new question to the survey: What profession is your character? This will allow me to determine what professions give your character what kinds of starting houses. It's unorthodox, but I will be leaving the current submissions as-is, rather than scrapping them or asking for professions to update them with. I feel that if this study takes off like the OG Causes of Death study did, I'll have more than enough data to sift through to make my conclusions. Plus, some of you have attached screenshots and have reported your professions anyways, so I can add those in after I export to spreadsheet.
  11. As some of you may know, I do statistical studies for this game. My first study, Causes of Death (Build 34), was extremely popular, ending with an astounding 298 responses. But there were a lot of design flaws, like how the Time Survived question was set up (this has since been fixed twice now). Two design flaws I particularly don't like are how players need to pay close attention in order to determine their own causes of death and answer other important questions like what moodles did you have. In order to make the lives of my volunteers (and well as my own life) less complicated, and for the purposes of FUN!, I suggest an autopsy report system. The system would be opt-in via button press on the death screen, and would display information about the character in question, as a sort of record of their lives. This would include things like: Name Age Previous profession Traits How long they survived after Event Zero (potentially in both y/m/d/h format and converted to hours, to make things even easier for me) What they were wearing How much they were carrying (in Zomboid Pounds) What they were carrying What they had equipped Their physical and mental state (i.e. their moodles) What injuries they had What (mundane) infections they had Whether they were infected with zombiism, for how long, and how far it progressed before death How the body was found, and what that suggests as to how they died (i.e. what the player was doing at the time of death) And finally, the Cause of Death Finding the Cause of Death won't be easy from a programming standpoint, but I'm certain that it can be done. Obviously, suicide can't be counted as a Cause of Death, and I'll need to adjust my next version of the survey accordingly (won't be too hard to do), but the rest of the death types will certainly be implementable, including chugging bleach. This report should also be saveable as a PDF, because why not? And finally, if this does get in, I would really like it if I were the doctor performing the autopsy, i.e. have the report signed by "Dr. Vakarian, Necroautomaton Biologist".
  12. I'm not despairing, I'm just done updating the form and invalidating Leon's submission. That's not fair to him, especially after I've invalidated both of his original submissions in the first version of this study.
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