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  1. Storing data outside of the function is fine. However, you will not have the most up to date information so make sure you don't use it for something that needs to have the most up to date information. Also, the code example you wrote there will only every get the body damage once. The reason for this is the `if not bd then`. This will only set it on the first pass then ignore setting the value for any other call of that function. This is assuming you don't have another section in the function that sets the value of bd.
  2. Leond

    Buyable Traits Mod

    With OZ More Meds you don't pick your blood type. It randomly assigns you one at the start of the game. If you manage not to have a blood type you die instantly.
  3. Leond

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Does the server use Convenient Bags per chance? I haven't played in a while but I seem to remember this causing an issue with items disappearing at times. I did some looking into it but that was about 6 months ago and I can't remember what I had found out. I'd have to look into it again to be sure. I think it had something to do with packing or unpacking into a container from a bag. I could be mistaken or this could be a completely different issue.
  4. Leond

    EasyAccess v1.4

    The fixing of the freezers not showing up is awesome! Most of the quick/easy access mods don't do that. I like to be able to only have some bags able to be accessed from the inventory so I will probably make some changes for my game but this mod has been added to my must have list =)
  5. Have you been able to host other games without using hamachi? Some ISPs disable external pinging of your router to prevent attacks. Check for a "WAN Ping Block" or something similar in your router settings. It is usually under the firewall settings. Sometimes your router will have that enabled by default and you have to disable it. Again this is enabled to help prevent against attacks but disables the ability to host game servers from your computer. Are you using the router from your ISP? If not what is the brand and model of your router? Also Zomboid using more than just the default port for hosting. you need to forward enough ports for the players you plan to have playing. so a 10 player server would have the ports 16261-16271.
  6. Leond

    Hydrocraft Mod

    You can carry the dollies at full weight. You just have to have them equipped before you load them.
  7. Leond

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I think the hand dollies make sense the way they are. Yes you can move a fridge with one, hence the high capacity, however you aren't going to be moving very fast while moving the fridge. I feel they would only have to change it if/when the devs make it so you actually can get injured from being over capacity. The only thing I would like to see is a good way to drop/pickup a hand dolly that already has stuff on it. That would make the fact that you have to use up both your hands not as bad because if you get into trouble you could easily just 'drop' the dolly deal with the problem and then 'pick it up' again.
  8. Leond

    Zed Bag Patch

    Francogp brought up a good point here. I am going to continue looking for a more generic way for it to work.
  9. Leond

    Zed Bag Patch

    Zed Bag Patch With the state this is in right now I am not posting a download link. However if you would like a workaround for your mod list let me know. I can make a custom workaround patch for you. This is a patch to allow multiple mods to create Quick Access Containers in the players inventory! I like to use both Quickbags, and US Military Gear but found out that it would only allow the mod that loaded last to have the quick access bags. This 'patch' is just a modified ISQuickAccessContainers.lua with the bags from both mods. Once I have had a chance to test it and make sure it doesn't cause any weird issues with the mods conflicting then I will look at posting a download link. Todo: Known Bugs Currently supported mods Under the hood (code snippet) Let me know what you think and if you know any other mods you would like added to this patch. NOTE: This is just a patch to get these mods working together. All credit for these mods goes to their respective creators and contributors. This is kind of my first dive into PZ modding so I would really like feedback so I can learn more.
  10. Okay so I got a basic version working. turns out you don't need the mod id just the item id Here is the snippet of code. ISQuickAccessContainers.lua start line 65 ... if item:getCategory() == "Container" and getSpecificPlayer(self.player):isEquipped(item) or item:getType() == "KeyRing" or item:getType() == "Pouch" or item:getType() == "Holster" or item:getType() == "KnifeCase" or item:getType() == "FirstAidKit" or item:getType() == "TacticalCase" or item:getType() == "ExtraBag" or item:getType() == "TacticalBelt" or item:getType() == "BananaBag" or item:getType() == "TacticalBeltHol" or item:getType() == "TacticalBeltKni" or item:getType() == "TacticalBeltHolKni" or item:getType() == "TacticalBeltKniKni" or item:getType() == "TacticalBeltHolHol" or item:getType() == "LegHolsterUCP" or item:getType() == "LegHolsterMulticam" or item:getType() == "KnifeHolsterMulticam" or item:getType() == "KnifeHolsterUCP" or item:getType() == "IOTVUCP" or item:getType() == "IOTVMulticam" or item:getType() == "PlateCarrierUCP" or item:getType() == "PlateCarrierMulticam" or item:getType() == "DumpPouchUCP" or item:getType() == "DumpPouchMulticam" then ... I would like to look at making it easier to import items into a bag patch. So that anyone who wants to add bags from their mod to this list just has to use a short code to import it into a table kind of like how necroforge does it. I however have no idea how to do that at the moment. I will, however, look into it. I would also like to make it so that the patch will try to load last because right now you have to make sure it loads after the other bag mods manually.
  11. I'll give it another go and see what I can do.
  12. Leond

    Hydrocraft Mod

    That is fair enough. I do like figuring out how everything works together.
  13. Leond

    Hydrocraft Mod

    If nobody else is on this I can start working on it. feel free to let me know what items you wish had a description to them on the wiki and I'll add them to the list. Personally I would like in game "guides" you could make that gives the description of the recipes in a book. something like this: recipe Study Battery Textbook { Notebook, Keep Pen, Keep HCBookbattery Result:HCNotesBattery, Time:40.0 } Then when you use the notebook it's makes a window with descriptions for the items you can make from that book. My group however has a library in our base so we could easily keep those guides organized not sure if this would be useful for other people especially if it's being added to the wiki
  14. Leond

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Would it be possible to make compost an over time action as well? Maybe something like the current recipe for making compost makes a "compost pile" item and then over time it becomes compost? Then you could make the composting bin into a storage container to hold the compost. This would be more realistic and help decrease the time standing around the composting bin "making compost"
  15. I did see that it was in the works and am really glad that they decided to do that! It would be nice to have options to use external servers for voip as well even when voip is first released into the game as I know they plan on releasing it in stages. regular voip --> Positional voip --> Radios (maybe not in that order) The code that mumble uses for making a plugin for a game is actually fairly easy so it might not be too hard to do it. I am going to be working on the code myself just really out of practice with coding so thought I would post it here so that someone who is more practiced with programming could take a crack at it.
  16. Wouldn't it be possible to make a compatibility patch between 2 (or more) mods that you want to use the quick access containers feature with? ISQuickAccessContainers.lua ... if item:getCategory() == "Container" and getSpecificPlayer(self.player):isEquipped(item) or item:getType() == "KeyRing" or item:getType() == "LegHolsterUCP" or item:getType() == "LegHolsterMulticam" or item:getType() == "KnifeHolsterMulticam" or item:getType() == "KnifeHolsterUCP" or item:getType() == "IOTVUCP" or item:getType() == "IOTVMulticam" or item:getType() == "PlateCarrierUCP" or item:getType() == "PlateCarrierMulticam" or item:getType() == "DumpPouchUCP" or item:getType() == "DumpPouchMulticam" then ... Right now the code just checks for the bags that were added by the mod that it comes with. I.E. USMG looks for it's bags and then adds them to the sidebar. Quickbags looks for it's bags and then adds them to the sidebar. However if both are present the one that loads last wins. If a compatibility patch where made couldn't it look for bags added by both USMG and Quickbags (possibly others as well) and add them to the inventory sidebar? I know right now USMG, Quickbags, and OZMeds use the ISQuickAccessContainers.lua script to add bags to the inventory sidebar. Not sure what else does though. I have been able to make a 'mod' that makes all bags accessible from the inventory. Really all I had to do was remove the and statement from the code that checks for bags ... if item:getCategory() == "Container" then ... however I would rather just have the ones that make sense to be quick bags. Would it be possible to have the script look for containers from specific mods? something like this(not exactly this. I tried it and it doesn't work): ... if item:getCategory() == "Container" and getSpecificPlayer(self.player):isEquipped(item) or item:getType() == "KeyRing" or item:getType() == "USMilitaryGear.LegHolsterUCP" or item:getType() == "USMilitaryGear.LegHolsterMulticam" or item:getType() == "USMilitaryGear.KnifeHolsterMulticam" or item:getType() == "USMilitaryGear.KnifeHolsterUCP" or item:getType() == "USMilitaryGear.IOTVUCP" or item:getType() == "USMilitaryGear.IOTVMulticam" or item:getType() == "USMilitaryGear.PlateCarrierUCP" or item:getType() == "USMilitaryGear.PlateCarrierMulticam" or item:getType() == "USMilitaryGear.DumpPouchUCP" or item:getType() == "USMilitaryGear.DumpPouchMulticam" then ... Then add the containers from the other mods you are using with their mod id?
  17. Would there be a way to limit the number of quick bags that give weight reduction? Like you have a belt and you can only attach like 1 knife holster and 1 gun holster to it or 2 gun holsters or 2 knife holsters etc. Also would it be possible to restrict the type of item that can go into a bag? Like make it so that knife holsters and gun holsters can only have weapons in them? Maybe eventually make it so that pistol holsters can only have pistols and knife holsters can only have knives. Biggest problem with that would be mods that add guns. They would probably have to make a compatibility patch or something for it... Just some ideas.
  18. Good day everyone! First off I want to say that I know this has been recommended in the past however please hear me out as I think it would be possible thanks to the work done by BigJK with PZTracker. I have been playing Project Zomboid on and off for a while and recently started playing with a group of friends. One thing we have always wanted in game is positional voice chat. This would help with immersion, roleplay, and overall gameplay. I wasn't even sure if this was possible to do until I saw PZTracker by BigJK My idea is to use a similar system of getting player position from the game and allowing Mumble (or another voice chat program) to read it and place the player appropriately. This could possibly be done using mumbles link plugin https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Link If done properly this could pull data from an application like BigJK uses for PZTracker and set the players position on mumble. I would also like to see if it would be possible to setup radios in a similar way. Check to see if player has a powered radio -> check frequency of radio -> whisper to all players who are also on the frequency This could be done using the Identity section of mumbles link plugin This could possibly be done for Ham radios / placed radios as well by setting the players identity if they are close enough to a radio but handheld radios would be easier. Let me know what you guys think! Is there any other ideas for voice you would like to see? Do you think you could help make this a reality?
  19. Yay! Also just want to say your code is really easy to read! One could say "Functional and elegant" Again great job! Did some quick looking and it might be a bit easier to do with mumble. https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Positional-Audio here is some info about the positional audio system in mumble. The very bottom of the page has a link to info about making plugins for it. I made a separate post to discuss the possibility of this as not to clutter your mods post
  20. This would be extremely handy! The nice thing about this mod though is it's actually fairly accurate. My girlfriend and I (more her than me) have been using our actual knowledge of medicine to figure out how to treat people.
  21. Just as a question here. Could you use a similar concept to make an extension for team speak that would provide location based voice? Grab player location --> Send player location to TS server --> Server checks distance to other players --> adjusts volume accordingly Awesome job! I like the idea of this because it makes sense that you would know your way around the town you live in.
  22. Okay I think I found something that will help. It looks like it is caused by an issue with how inventory is updated. I packed a bag outside of a container (from the ground) then moved it into the container and unpacked it on server restart the items were still packed in the bag I am able to replicate my results of this consistently It looks like the packing and unpacking of bags isn't saved to the server properly. A workaround for now would be to pack the bags and then move them out of the container and back in from the looks of it. for unpacking a workaround would be to unpack the bag on the ground or in your inventory and move the items into the container. Things I can confirm now are that Whether it was packed with or without tags doesn't matter (happens either way) if the bag is added by a mod or a vanilla item doesn't matter ( it happens with all bags I have tried) whether the items being packed are added by a mod or vanilla doesn't matter (edit) Also the items seem to disappear if you make changes to the container the bag is in (adding or removing an item) after packing the bag. I guess the server saves the changes made to the inventory of the container but not the inventory of the bag. (end edit) I will try this as well to be thorough however it isn't just with the bags that are added or modified by those mods.
  23. They are like duffel bags. I can also confirm that it happens with vanilla bags as well. My first test I used a school bag and just packed all the items in a container into it (no tags) It kept some items that were in it but most of them disappeared. All of the items it kept were vanilla items but not sure if some of the items it removed were vanilla or not. I will continue looking into it and keep reporting my findings
  24. I was thinking this as well. however it only happens with packed items. It might have to do with how another mod is interacting with Convenient bags. I am not that good at modding or diagnosing problems with mods but I will see if I can create a scenario where I can consistently replicate the issue I'll let you know. A couple things I will try and let you know the results are: if it affects only non-vanilla items if it affects boxes that are packed without tags if the mod's load order changes what items disappear if it is will all bags or just some (don't see why this would be the case but worth checking)
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