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  1. Since I can't seem to get a hold of the original mod developer (he goes by Jaffaar on Steam) and there's been some functionality lost between builds as well as since the last time it was updated, I went ahead and updated the code for build 34.28. There's still a bug or two I'm trying to workout, namely refining how the unequipped weight is processed, but it's to a point now where it's stable enough for people to try out. What it does: - Adds an inventory icon for the bag you have on your person so you can access it's contents without equipping it. - Restores functionality from previous builds where the weight reduction of the bag is successfully applied when the bag is unequipped (select QuickBags bags only). - Adds a couple new recipes, mainly to assist in progressing up the bag tree even when only able to find bags from the base game. - Disables "Equip Primary" and "Equip Secondary" from non-back-equippable bags (holsters, belts, knife cases, etc.). - Corrects distribution issues that were broken between builds (credit goes to AnimeCentral on the Project Zomboid Steam Workshop QuickBags page for the corrections!) What it DOESN'T do (for the time being): - Apply 100% of the bags weight reduction when the bag is unequipped (it applies between 60% and 90%) Known Issues: - Item weight fluctuates when switching between bags/containers and eventually reaches an "equilibrium". This is related to how the weight reduction is applied when the bag is unequipped and will be resolved once the weight reduction is applied 100%. Let me know if you run into any issues not listed above or for any feedback! QuickBags.rar
  2. I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to modding, but it sounds to me like the error you're having is related to the fact that wooden crates are now movable (pickup/place).
  3. Ectheo

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Found a small bug: the recipe for Fill Barrel with Pumpkin Mash says it requires Apple Mash, not Pumpkin Mash.
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