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  1. New and easier Version out! (Edited the "Setup Guide" section of the top post to fit to this version) New Features: Now adds a red dot to the map for better navigation Simplified injection process to one line of code Start parameter of Project Zomboid and settings of PZTracker can now be easily changed via a automatically generated config file New Setup Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4ycQgryxzw Download: v1.3
  2. So, I'm back! I fixed a little bug and uploaded a new version for everyone to try. From now on all the releases can be found and downloaded directly from the Github Repository. Just download the ZIP File of the most recent release. It will always contain everything you need for PZTracker. PZTracker Release Downloads
  3. That's an awesome Idea. I will definitly take a look into this when I'm back!
  4. Tada! First Release! So, I added a download link to the current version, wrote a little setup guide and made a little video about it. Unfortunately I won't be home from tomorrow on til next week. I can answer here but if this release contains any bugs or is broken for the majority of people I can't do much about it. This is the first release and only tested on my machine. So don't expect wonders and bugs are possible even though I never noticed any. I'm also a bit nervous. I'm not really used to releasing anything, so don't be to hard on me If there are any
  5. Glad to hear that. I will try to get a clean version out in a few days for everybody to try
  6. Is that a positive or a negative Holyshi*? XD
  7. Glad to hear that you and the others like the idea Is there a possibility to maybe integrate this into the map to get away from the manual "injecting" the code? Because it would just need a button that opens a connection to a local websocket and waits and responses to certain packages. The Javascript code is just 35 lines long. So nothing too huge and fancy Just leave me a pm when you are back (I'm also German)
  8. Hello Guys! Recently I'm playing PZ extensively with my Girlfriend and because I have 3 monitor's I always have the map (http://map.projectzomboid.com/) open on one of the other monitor's. One thing that annoyed me was that even in borderless window mode I had to click out of PZ to move the map to see everything I wanted. Finding the position of your player was also a bit annoying, so one night I sat down and started programming and PZTracker was the result. PZTracker connects the online map to the game. The map will follow your player position if you like and you can move around (arrow k
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