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  1. im not really that new. been on pz for 2 years, and on the forums for about one. I just don't post much. but I was just offering cause I love writing storys and the pz world could have some cool little storys in it.
  2. hey, would you guys ever let us submit suggestions for a story in pz. like maybe a single player story or just some small set pieces spread throughout the world. it'd be kinda cool to be able to add our own ideas for small stories to the world of pz, as well as making the world feel real and the people who died in it more alive to the player.
  3. hey, would you guys ever let us submit suggestions for a story in pz. like maybe a single player story or just some small set pieces spread throughout the world. it'd be kinda cool to be able to add our own ideas for small stories to the world of pz, as well as making the world feel real and the people who died in it more alive to the player.
  4. having stuff like that would be really cool. but it'd only have serious effect if u found that in a doctors office filled with blood and bodies. but stuff like this littered through the world would really bring the world to life
  5. not the compactor space. just kinda sitting on the edge on the back. but I'm sure you could just rip the button that operates the compactor out so you can use it a storage space. firetrucks would be cool too. although not as tough as other garbage trucks and other stuff, itd be damn useful to use the fire hose on zekes
  6. id like to see just more evidence of resistance against the horde. like currently we have a bunch of random gen survivor houses and stuff, which is cool. but id like to see places that would pose strategic value in the fight against the horde and have a chance for remnants of a fight to spawn there. like on main street there could be the remnants of a battle between cops and zekes. once cars are added in this could be even better done. there could be the remnants of overrun military barricades on the edge of the roads out of town. the remains of an assault of the police station. these could be cool places to grab some good firearms loot and ammo (maybe body armour if added) but are covered in zombies maybe even slightly tougher than regular after their battles. could be cool to see a few random gen fight scenes around the place to make it truly seem like a battle against the zekes properly took place here.
  7. honestly just a garbage truck would be use, tough as nails, lots of space inside, could get a couple friends hanging off the side or the back and wielding a few shotguns. sure its fuel mileage would suck, but what else am I gonna use it for. generators (ha).
  8. might not have been a bulldozer. could have been a bobcat with a scoop on the front. out where I used to live there where zippy little bobcats all over the place driving on actual roads, and a couple time I've seen them on the highway even. but a bobcat and a bulldozer are 2 very different vehicles though, but a bobcat with a scoop would still be quite useful in the apocalypse.
  9. I understand that the mad max cars would not be good. I was just saying they did work. but even I, a completely ignorant person when I comes to cars, know that I could use chains on the wheels for traction in zombie gore, I could put sections of fence over the windshield. this it the steel rod kind of fence by the way. not chain link. plus I could just bolt steel plate to the sides, and front of the car. as long as I know it weight limit and stay well within that I can keep adding crap. I'm not sure how I could armour the underside, but as I said, I'm useless when I comes to cars. but some bolts, tools, steel and a welding torch and I could give the car a slightly better survival rate. I don't need it to run like a supercar, i need it to survive multiple mid speed impacts with walking corpses. I'm sure i could do something. and that's without using the hours of spare time our survivor has to study mechanics.
  10. it'd be kinda cool if sewers only became enterable after the water turns off.
  11. what are you talking bout. if you google it, you'd see that every vehicle in the latest mad max not only worked, but was run ragged during the films making, with few break downs. and yes while this was done by teams of expert engineers and mechanics, I'm sure that your character in zomboid , with loads of free time at the point in the game where this becomes a factor, after the food and water and safety is taken care of. so youd have plenty of time to master mechanical skills. and of course where not looking for gorgeous cars that can move. where looking for tough bastards that are useful. so it may not end up pretty, and it may not be the best way to do it, but given a welding torch and half a mind, I'm sure the zomboid character could concoct some crazy car mods for the apocalypse
  12. I think it'd be kinda cool to be able to use a ute or semi trailer to do a lightning fast raid on a players base. but to balance it, you could do a couple things. make that type of car very hard to find, and make them very valuable. give the largest invintorys and the best fuel mileage and maybe the highest player capacity, and that way getting one is hard and super useful, but probably not worth the risk of losing unless your a hardcore player with loads of cars, or you desperately need something someone has. but server admins should have the ability the disable this as they see fit, like fire spread. and the injury risk has to be quite high as well, just to discourage reckless behaviour with them.
  13. Cars sound awesome, but with them coming we probably need some sort of change to the buildings. not anything removed at all. just we need a few ways to accommodate cars in our current bases. like we need a garage door we can put down, gates or something that allows our cars access. maybe something we can build that can help repair our cars. I dunno there's certainly other things that i cant think of that we could probably use in game.
  14. I just looked at the newest update post and I'm so happy. it looks awesome. but with the cars I have a suggestion for the cars. why not give the cars the same sort of health system as the people. yes it would be difficult to customize for each car, although maybe if cars have the same hitbox with different textures it could be easier. but like different sections of the car have different percentage chance of hits to each panel, and running over zombies has a chance of destroying the front of the car and damaging the undercarriage. of course damage to the panels would barely phase you, while hefty damage to the engine, undercarriage, and other nessicary components shuts the car down fast. but now that metalworking is a thing maybe you could later on add the ability to strap metal plating to the cars. adding the ability to take a great deal more damage to critical components.