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  1. Weapon Wear and Tear

    I wouldn't complain about the lack of weapon durability so much as the lack of available increases to durability. why can't I take a propane torch. a metal sheet, and a baseball bat, and wrap metal bands around the bat by cutting the metal into strips, heating it till it bends, then using tongs or leather gloves to wrap it round the bat, before dunking it in water, which makes it contract around the bat, essentially making a crude mace. I do sword fighting as hobby. in it we use a wood called rattan. far as I know its like halfway between pine and bamboo. looks like a stick of pine, and feels like one, but is rather light, and after a few hundred blows, splits into fibers. and someone skilled with one can hurt someone in full metal body armour,. one of the older men who is one of the most skilled there used his heavy broadsword like sword and broke 2 of a guys ribs, through his chest-piece. and in order to stops those swords falling apart (and us from being filled with splinters) we wrap them in a plastic tape. so I could make a baseball bat better with just a roll or duck tape and 10 minutes. gimme some wire and pliers, i'll make it even better. gimme barbed wire, and your gonna have a bad day if your a zombie. the fact that the only option is to stick nails into it is baffling. I get its a stereotype, but it would realistically just make the bat way more likely to split apart, or to just get stuck in some zombies ribs. hell, take some bolt cutters, take it apart into it's 2 halfs, and you've got a way better weapon that a baseball bat filled with nails. or even strap that half to one side of the bat to make the most DIY halberd in history. they'll all break eventually sure. but our current options are meh bat, and downright terrible bat with nails. at least gimme something more to work with here.
  2. Simple vehicle accessories

    As an add on to that, maybe the ability to do a few things with already made items. like I could wrap my bull bar in barb wire to do more damage, strap/weld steel plates over unused windows, or put grates or grills made of steel bars over windows and the windscreen. maybe reducing my FOV for added protection. for more crazy DIY addons to cars, why not be able to strap axe's, knives and other sharp objects to my car. a car with 4 axe's added to the bulbar would really, really not be something you want hitting you at speed. maybe chariot up the wheels with steels plates, welded into an X, then welded onto the hubcaps, so as your going along you could give zombies a haircut, at knee height. like I enjoy how the modern mad max movies do their cars, so anything that's on a mad max car i'd be okay with. maybe strapping zombies corpses to the hood? (evil laugh)
  3. towing?

    not even that complicated. I simply want a way to move cars that doesn't involve, A: driving them B: ramming them with another car. I wouldn't mind if my character had to skull drag the burnt car along the road. as long as he can move them.
  4. towing?

    Real simple post. just want some method to tow vehicles, both trashed and active. this alongside the ability to push them would be nice. let people make missions out of the base to clear out highways and roads of vehicle wrecks, and to be able to take a chain with you to hook a car up to yours to drag it back home with you.
  5. Zombie AI

    i'd like to but I doubt it. I know html back to front, but the code that zomboid uses I'm unfamiliar with. and unfortunately real life leaves me with little time to learn a whole new programing language to change what could be a single line of code. although maybe if a modder see's this they might help. hell, if a dev see's this they might like it and add a zombies hate the light mode. never know.
  6. Zombie AI

    I agree, although i'd like to add to that. i'd like something from the book series the enemy (good read by the way) in which zombies are caused pain at day, so during the day they hide in buildings or anywhere outside the sun to avoid it, but during the night come out to hunt. this'd be cool cause you'd actively have to scout out houses to see if there nests during the day to loot them, but during the night would have to find shelter or hind as the zombie numbers swell massively. I think that'd be kinda cool
  7. 1.dunno if this is is possible but its a little detail that'd be kinda cool. If you smack a zombie in the head while facing a window, and the zombies killed, itd be cool to see it fall back and smash through the window. 2. it'd be kinda cool, although again dunno if it could be done, is if u plow ur car into a wall at high speeds u could fly out the windscreen and get knocked out, and then wake up later. (yeah I know cars aren't in build 38 but I dunno where else to put this so here it goes
  8. Psychopath triat

    ok then. that's interesting. although it may not be true sociopathy, our character would need to develop an emotional detachment of some kind id imagine, lest they fall apart emotionally. and I can only speak for myself here, but with my emotional detachment I can also detach myself completely from pain. it takes a fair amount of concentration, and only works on external damage, not just being sore, but I can completely disconnect myself from any pain. although the focus required gets more difficult the greater the pain. but it essentially means that, given time to focus, I have no real pain threshold that I know of. but that's just me. and I know how difficult boredom would be to cope with, but would that be enough to really balance it out. sure, it'd be expensive, but you can just pick some traits making strength and agility worse, then exercise to bring them up, and the you have a damn near untouchable character, immune to all those pesky traits that can reduce vision and accuracy in combat.
  9. Psychopath triat

    No problem. and to be fair, in terms of the game, I can imagine our character (if in single player at least) would either become a sociopath or sink slowly into depression and loneliness. also, thanks for making me aware of sociopathy as what I may have. I couldn't be sure to be honest, as while I remember the course of events that caused it, I can scarcely recall the time before when my emotions where at a normal level. also, being unsure of this, isn't a psychopath a person with muted emotional responses? wouldn't that mean an emotional response is capable, just dulled, and would not be a leading factor in that persons decision making process? I'm uncertain, and as you say you've talked to clinically diagnosed psychopaths I wont disagree, but I feel like an emotional connection on this level would be possible, just highly difficult to maintain, and would not sway the persons judgement as severely. my little take on things. but in terms of the game, I cant imagine a psychopath trait would have any negative downs sides if they are basing it on real life. it would simply make you nearly immune to fear, loneliness, with a muted sense of pain, and a heightened sense of boredom. maybe with some it would give them moral issues to deal with, but I can only speak for myself, and I can safely say, in a PZ scenario, I would simply be enjoying myself, sure, everything is dangerous and out to get you, but I can do anything, have whatever I want, and get to smash my way through mindless zombies to get it. id be strolling down streets killing zombies with numerous dangerous homemade weapons while laughing my arse off. I simply wouldn't see a downside. and to be fair, if your uncaring about all the people that died to get to that point, would there be one? anyway, I like the idea of the trait, but I feel that if its based on any real psychopath traits it would simply be too OP for PZ.
  10. Psychopath triat

    ok, I wish to interject myself into this discussion if I may. I am a psychopath. no I am not clinically diagnosed or anything. but I am intelligent and capable of analysing my internal functionality to such a degree where it seems to be the case. this, as well as my personality fitting square within the definition, minus one blemish I will address later. I have damn near zero emotional response to the suffering or happiness of people and animals. I'm simply of the mind that if It does not affect me then I could not care less. however, if I have understood this discussion correctly, I am within the category of high functioning psychopath. I have a moral code, and do not wish to cause harm without reason, and even have a sense of honour and duty. there is a difference between me and other people who do not have any psychopathic traits though. (from what I have observed). I am quiet willing to throw such things away for necessity and personal gain. without feeling bad or even troubled. I will try to play within the rules and win by the higher system, but I don't do this for any real wish for good or compassion for others. its simply the best way to achieve what I desire with the fewest negative consequences. if you want a simple definition of what I believe a psychopath is compared to a normal person, then here it is. if someone offered me everything I desired, then handed me a gun and said all I had to do was shoot someone in the head, then I would simply grab the gun and shoot them. and I believe most people would do the same. the difference is if it was your best friend you had to shoot. many would refuse, think, or find challenge in the dilemma. I would not change my response. I would shoot. I am a cold person, hidden beneath a veneer of normality in order to adapt to society. I understand I cannot make emotional connections. I simply don't care. they feel irrelevant to me in the grand scheme. this, to me is a psychopath. there is a single blemish on this record of my cold heartedness. as you have stated, a psychopath is someone who find difficulty in forming emotional connections. but such things are not impossible, or even rare. for me my one true emotional connection however, is the women I love. yes, even with my cold heartedness, I love someone. but the difference here is my difficulty within our relationship. she is a very emotional person, which puts as at odds regularly. and at the beginning of our relationship I came off as cold and uncaring, even though I had feelings, I had no means to express them. I have over come this with time, but it still proves a challenge. she is my only real connection with this world, and for all that's in it I would not loose her. now, simply to add a bit extra on the end here, I was not born a psychopath. I was a very emotional child, and was normal most of my early growth. but my mother is very antisocial, and I spent much of my early life cooped up in my room. I craved connections and friends, to the point of being driven to depression and anxiety. I was also plagued by nightmares, and was very scared and alone. but, instead of sinking into my loneliness and cocooning myself in it like many do, I instead embraced it. I accepted the idea of always being alone. and moved on. I battled my inner fears and, one after another, I won. i decided to no longer care about the world, or the people around me who left me in my little prison, and instead of hardening my heart, i destroyed it. i took enough of my emotion to portray humanity on the surface, and let the rest go. i burned my emotions. and only now, with the help of my girlfriend, am i able to use what little i have left. but I'm still cold, calculating, and heartless, with the only patch i didn't burn down left over for her. so, there you have it. my opinion on what it is to a psychopath, and an explanation of our differences, as well as how i was made as a man made psychopath.
  11. Vehicles act like one time sledgehammers

    wow. that's................... interesting. magic there but not there door.
  12. Story Submissions

    im not really that new. been on pz for 2 years, and on the forums for about one. I just don't post much. but I was just offering cause I love writing storys and the pz world could have some cool little storys in it.
  13. Story Submissions

    hey, would you guys ever let us submit suggestions for a story in pz. like maybe a single player story or just some small set pieces spread throughout the world. it'd be kinda cool to be able to add our own ideas for small stories to the world of pz, as well as making the world feel real and the people who died in it more alive to the player.